Book Review: Sinan and Leyla


Sinan and Leyla is a love story of two different people falling in love through arranged Marriage.  When Destiny has decided for them ,who are they to deny it !

Each chapter is interesting than the rest, it is funny and emotional at the same time. You might end up crying in few pages and later find yourself smiling in next pages.The people of SouthEast Asian origin and Indian Subcontinent can relate to it quite much because arranged marriages are quite a normal thing there. In Fact the life of people rotates around weddings only, from finding a guy/groom for their children, fixing their marriage, then making the arrangements of weddings and later the look after of the newly wed couple and then worrying them to start a family asap. It is all very normal in our families and which is why reading this book becomes our stories too.It highlights very well the problem of single mothers and kids raised without father, and the hypocrisy of male domination in our society. Towards the end Sinan and Leyla becomes so known to you that parting from them at end of book makes you sad.

This is the debut Novel of the Author and I wish him much success ! The story is much gripping and definitely deserves a reading.

MY rating for the book: 5 stars

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Book Review – Us By David Nicholls

David Nicholls is without a doubt a great writer , his narrative style is easy , funny and full of wit.The whole book is moving to and forth between flashback and current time and how the author switches  smoothly without getting his readers lost  is worth appreciating . I really like how the titles of each chapter were selected and explained  in course of the chapter. The protagonist of the story is Douglas Petersen, a middle aged English Biochemist who is on verge of a divorce and is doing his best to save his marriage  on a family trip to Europe probably the last one together .Douglas is a simple introvert guy whose main aim is to provide a comfortable life to his wife and son for which  he works really hard . The pressures of life and work  has left him  a dull and boring person  who soon gets disconnected  from his  family. Mr Peterson is also not on very good terms with his teenage son Albie and  wants to reconnect with him . There are so many hopes and so much to do on this trip .

I  will not kill the suspense of the book by telling you much of the story , you really should read to find out what happened; if he was able to save his marriage or not  :-) but whatever will happen , you will definitely enjoy the reading. It is emotional, sensitive and a lot funny. I think people who work in technical stuff could relate to his humor and personality while the artistic guys can easily see themselves in his family members, the story of about two opposites falling in love and then falling apart .There is so much for the travel geeks as well  in this book since author has done quite justice in describing well the cities visited on their tour to Europe, you won’t be left disappointed.

My ratings for the book- 4 Stars ( * * * * )547073e992c97

Latest Travel Diary-Tipaza (Algeria)

During the family time for Eid last week, we managed to steal some time to satisfy our travel buds. The latest travel destination was Tipaza a town mostly known for Ancient Roman  Remains 70 kms  west of  the Capital Algiers. It is also an Archaeological site  under UNESCO world Heritage and  one of very few remains of Roman  and Punic Civilization dated back to 6th Century BC. The historic limestones against the Mediterranean Sea bearing the witness to once thriving port City then called Tipasa .

There were signs and display board citing different buildings  once standing there  and now just the ruins . One of them was a Temple , where one could see an elevated floor with few stones erected . The amphitheatre was much in shape, you can see the rooms from where the gladiators and animals must be coming out .The floors and wall markings showed the living rooms and housing once upon a time. The underground drainage system was one of astonishing things where the big drains were ending into the sea.

You can read more about it  here.



The newspapers few weeks back were flooded with New York Ramp walk pictures and story of Reshma Qureshi ,an acid attack survivor from India .Her journey from an acid attack victim to being a survivor ,an activist and now being model to walk the ramp in New York is inspiring, incredible and heart breaking. Her pictures will make you cry and her smile will bring back your smile. There are thousands of Reshma in India who have undergone such pain and horror in their lives and she is a representation of them all.


Through my blog I want to congratulate Reshma Qureshi for her determination and spirit and as well the the NGO ‘Make love not Scars’ who are helping these wonderful women to create an awareness to ban the unregulated sale of acid and their efforts to integrate the Acid Attack Survivors back in the society .

There are lot of NGOs in India and subcontinent working to help such victims by giving them counselling and medical aid. They are doing commendable jobs to connect these isolated  women  to social media  and normalize their lives. One of the issue they have raised is to regulate the sale of these acids in normal drug stores and grocery stores .The local  people use it as a cheap replacement for toilet cleaners. Although the ban has been announced by Supreme Court of India but still acid is sold publicly in some parts of countries where these incidents are more common.An ongoing activism and regulation is required to bring this law under full implementation. The major cause is average Indian’s ignorance  to root cause of this ban,  they need to be educated about the gravity of acid attacks and one of the reason behind them is its easy and cheap availability . These acts not only ruin somebody’s face but their complete life and lives of people connected with them. A trauma of lifetime can be completely avoided if people will stop buying it  and the illegal sale will eventually decline.

The end of acid sale will meanwhile help to reduce such incidents but real root cause needs to be handled at core level of homeschooling/parenting and moral educating the children. We need to invest more into educating our boys teaching them to respect women and telling them women are not mere objects to be enslaved but an equal to them in creation and they are in no way better than a female except based on their actions . I would count this offence more on terms of gender inequality as a residue of damaged  male ego  going down the level  to disfigure and destroy identity  of opposite sex permanently . The questions :How can you ignore me, How dare you reject me ; perceiving themselves as higher beings  are ending up in crime against women. No doubt such perverts are mentally ill but that the little idea which ended up being a big crime in their minds is given from society. The social values that a male child is favored upon female or male is better and a female should be submissive have added fuel to it, all these have to go and replaced by better values to  respect women and giving them equal status and  freedom to select or reject their partners as men would like to  keep for themselves,  so we no more  have acid attack victims in 21st century.

Looking for a better world and hoping for better future.



And the Debate about Burkini Ban continues #burkiniban

I am waking up everyday to see my newsfeed full of articles and news about the French Burkini Ban. No wonder any news get amplified ample times by our Social Media before it reaching us as a breaking news. The ban was initially in Nice and now it has spread to  15 french cities .France is a big country and for now it is only 15 cities who banned it but this ban is expected to follow in further cities too and which is alarming.

Is Burkini really that important to be banned? At the end it is just a costume that some women chose to wear while they go swimming.Neither the number of those women is high nor is their anything  in that attire that a part of population should feel threatened from it.Burkini looks similar to a wetsuit that a surfer wears but a wetsuit is not problem but Burkini is. May be because it is majorly worn by Muslim women who thinks covering up is part of their religious obligation which could be an issue for the French Government to digest on scales of their version of secularity .


The above picture is depiction of recent stripping of Burkini Clad woman on a Nice beach versus the police in a Gulf country asking a woman to cover up. Aren’t they both the same in a way that you force a woman to cover or uncover ? Stripping a woman on a beach because her full covering is not acceptable to the people around , is ridiculous and shameful. You could just ask her to leave instead of asking her to take off  her clothes ?  Does it anyway sound like freedom or advocacy of women’s rights ? Is a woman not free to choose her clothes?  Should the government  tell their women what to wear?

The Burkini Ban is nothing but a policy to further divide people on basis of their choice  to wear clothes , another try to make a us vs them social divide. In a time where terrorism has struck high and governments of all countries should work to combat  terrorism  and Islamophobia , you are adding fuel to the fire with this Burkini Ban, you are justifying a part of population obsessed with Islamophobia that yes, you are right ! You need to be scared of women wearing a Burkini on a beach or swimming pool. In the name of secularism ,it is just oppression and curbing of basic human rights. I am sure there must be women out there who are not muslim and they do not like to show their skin too, covering up  is not only just muslim thing or cultural thing it is about individual rights and choices, how is anyone to decide if his/her choice is better than mine or vice versa.To each one his life, his choices. Let others live how they want to , not how you want them to,  based on your idea of living life .

Why it is alright to accept some old age clothing in name of fashion for example those gladiator shoes but if you see a woman wearing an abaya or head scarf, she looks to you from caves ? Because this is what Media has always portrayed , A woman letting go of her scarf as a sign of freedom ? I personally feel wearing a scarf was a sign of freedom for me, I chose to free myself from others  idea of how should I look, from those pressure of looking beautiful and acceptance in society and that competition of looking most beautiful in a party , I have broken free  from all such pressures and anxieties. Isn’t that freedom ? Yes , it is for me and it might not be for you, so please  everyone whenever the judgemental thoughts come to your mind , stop it right there and then , don’t let them play in your mind and disturb your inner peace.

Wish you all much Peace !