Something Beautiful

Does this lake know
How beautiful it is ?
These trees, grass
The dirt road and
dried leaves
All of them
making this
beautiful scene!
Do they know
their bigger
Or they too are
in self doubt!

Are we too
like them?
But together
a part of
beautiful .
And someone
out there
Admiring it too
like we do
to these views!

Simple things in life

When you look back in life ! Good times , Bad times or worse you will only remember the little things that made you smile and happy.

From the most difficult time of my life , I can only remember sipping coffee with my best friend , pouring my heart out to her, our shopping sessions, walks and drives . I remember how my family, cousins and friends reached out for me, heard me out, comforted me and made me’s surprisingly annoying that I don’t remember much from the things I was crying over then, those hurtful things that hurt so much in the past.Those painful sleepless nights .

I might have grown over them or thanks to my doggy memory but I am still grateful for all those wonderful memories I cherish now which I thought then was a bad time and my rough phase then.

So whenever you think it’s all bad, there is nothing good happening, remember there will always be something good happening , those teeny weeny simple things in life which you will look back and cherish forever.

Learning on long walks

Little discoveries and learning on my evening walks.
I was walking through these trees for almost every day of summers and amazed at these spiky balls hanging from the trees but I didn’t bother much and walked past.

Being an Indian I know different plants and trees from my habitat  I can know by look  papaya,  guava , mangoes,  mahogany,  eucalyptus,  neem and peepal  but trees here in Europe are different and I am still learning and discovering. Like this one I figured out is a Chestnut tree , the same beautiful roasted yummy warm nuts that I buy in winters from street vendors in Christmas markets.That’ s how they grow as fruit and that’s where they grow .

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7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

Day 7 of #7daysofkindness  from #wellbeingseptemberseries

So For the final day of this kindness week the mantra is

  Be Kind to thy neighbours !

Today we pruned our grapevines and plucked the grapes . We collected almost 10 kilos and  What better way  to honour this beautiful organic local produce other than sharing with our neighbours.
And yes we do saw some happy and surprised faces today.

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7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

Day 6 of #7daysofkindness  from #wellbeingseptemberseries .
I would say be kind to the environment and eat more green.
You will improve your health and the health of environment too. Both of them deserve more kindness. I strongly believe  vegans, vegetarians, meateaters  can all meet halfway at the green paths.
So I am choosing few meatless days of the week to do my bit.

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7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

Day 5 of #7daysofkindness  from #wellbeingseptemberseries !  For that I would say

Be Kind to your soul.

I don’t know how many of you believe in soul but I definitely do ! That’s the only consistent part of me rest keeps changing. Most of the daily things I do are just for keeping up this body going- eating, sleeping ,working , watching tv but the one driving this body from inside is  often ignored and neglected .
Just peeling off another layer from self love which includes taking care of our physical , emotional and mental well being !  I just added  spiritual well being too to the definition.
There are so many things that we can do to make our soul  happy and calm : prayers,  meditation,  doing  charity , saying kind words , caring for others and connecting with nature and so many other things that hold meaning to your inner being.

Long walks into the green pathways just calms me down no matter  how much anxiety I do have with this Covid-19 pandemic ongoing in the world.
So which one did you choose  today  to be kind to your soul ?

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7 days of Kindness #wellbeingseptemberseries

Day 4rth of #7daysofkindness and #wellbeingseptemberseries ! To be honest it takes an effort to be focusing only  on kindness. It’s not that easy ! Many of us have a notion of being kind person but if we just quantify our kind actions during the day we will be surprised to see how few there are . No wonder  It’s a well thought program to activate an aspect of Mindful living.

So for today I decided to call my grandmother . I  am guilty of not calling her often ,call it laziness procrastination or forgetfulness and the joy in her voice was  priceless ♥️.
The elderly people in our society definitely deserve more kindness from the young people. They are getting older ,  weaker and more sensitive and probably waiting to be reached out , called out  and in need of sharing their stories,  concerns and a bundle of duas ! so do reach out to your nearest elderly person if you haven’t lately.

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