Hijab :My Choice

When you go to new city , how curious you are about everything, noticing every little details of place, taking pictures of everything, I feel the same as a new Hijabi , noticing behavior of everyone around me ,reactions of people,their thoughts, their concerns.  Outsiders do not matter to me ,but yes ,my family and friends surely matters,

After a conversation with a close friend about my Hijab today ,her concern  was over my not so attractive look which hides my beautiful hair, Why did I do this, Did someone asked me to do it , what was the need for it, if it’s temporary  ? Her concern was so genuine, like always ,her selfless care and concern has always kept a special place in my heart, where ever we are ,we have always been connected by our hearts.

I told her that  it is absolutely my choice and I like it, I didn’t give her much reasoning and she never asked for it but that made me think of something about us ,all of us,something so deeply set in our subconsciousness.We have all become so materialistic in all these years that we never realize it,it has become a part of us,of our lives,we find pleasures in looking good so much,that some of us will not even dare to step outside without makeup! what for??

To impress others, if yes what will we get out of it?

To be accepted by others? Will some else’s idea of how you should look matter to us, I think in that case I have rejected their idea of how should I look ?  Are we not enforcing society upon us to tell us how we should dress up to be more acceptable, to be more liked  just because of our looks and not our capabilities , is it right ?

Why beauty  now a days is all about show off? We are all Hippocrates, saying beauty is skin deep, but do we actually believe in it?

Glamour has taken so much place in our lives, that for true beauty of  a person,his  heart , his soul,nobody cares!  How a person think, how nice he/she is,  his behavior, his nature , intelligence and intellect, all  have been shadowed by this idea  of glamour!  Men are rejecting women because they want to marry  tall women, skinny, or  fair women , if not  then definitely she should be rich enough  It is also true vice versa, I know best of the people I have met in my life, well-educated ,intellectual, though not glamorous enough, and not yet married!! Why , may be they didn’t jump into this race of glamour, they just love being simple souls. For them, I would say they will definitely find a person who will admire their true beauty.

Isn’t it the time to check our parameters to judge a person’s beauty ? We need to stop somewhere, and think!! Not everyone can run in this race ,they have other races in life to win for,to die for!

Hijab is my first step to loosen my neck from this grip of materialism, and a step forward to focus more and reflect on my inside,.

16 thoughts on “Hijab :My Choice

  1. Nupur

    Hey Sana,
    Its totally your choice what to wear, how to look. I read all your blogs and kind of understand your feelings and making your own choice taking you closer to your god.
    Being a Hindu and that too not much religious, I cannot understand how being dressed in a particular attire or fasting or eating only a particular type of food will make the god happy but what I understand is that if that makes oneself peaceful, one must do it.
    True that we live our lives now-a-days more on other people’s perceptions rather than our own feelings. I am happy for the fact that you are doing whatever makes you happy.
    You were beautiful the way you used to dress before and you are beautiful now also because it isn’t the dress or the face Sana is, Sana is a beautiful soul inside.

    — Nupur

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    1. Hi Nupur, Thanks for investing your time to read my blog 🙂 a big Hug to you and for your thoughtful review, indeed agreed with you that it is my own choice, n nobody should tell me anything, but it doesn’t happen, in spite of knowing everything , our behavior sometimes doesn’t reflect it, true for many people around us, I didnt expect you to understand everything completely, infact your understanding has surprised me, I wrote it more for muslim girls who are planning to wear it in future ,so it is easy for them to be mentally prepared!

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    Hi Sana….How have you been… I generally come across your profile on FB but its almost a decade we have spoken…

    Read your blog… Nice thought indeed… All I wanted to connect is… be which ever religion it is.. The ultimate goal is always to beautify your soul not the body.

    Where are you these days? Let’s hope to catch up soon. Luv.

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      1. What if the dress, plays a part in purifying and strengthening the soul? For surely, that which is pleasing to Allah (God) is an act of worship, worship is what purifies and strengthens the soul…thus, the women who dress as their Lord and His Messenger have commanded are fulfilling an act of worship.


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