Are you Over Sensitive ? Do you Over think ?

  • Do you often cry while watching those melodramas on TV or  any heartbreaking movies? and actually feel that pain and grief  for many days.
  • Too pic1sensitive for your eyes,skin, ?
  • Sensitive to light and sound , crowd overwhelms you?
  • Often feel anxiety and get worried over small little things,?
  • Get hurt by others easily with their words , even sometimes with their looks  or faces they make? Don’t like jokes /mean humor where people make fun of someone or a situation?
  • Over analyze everything ? Sense the vibes ?
  • Take too much time in making decisions ?
  • Often nervous or feel depressed easily ?
  • Feel alone and left out and at same time need your time alone when always surrounded with people ?

Did I just described you completely ,

How do I know so much about you ? Well, It is no magic, these are basic signs or symptoms of HSP(Highly sensitive people) /SPS(Sensory Processing Sensitivity ) as the psychologists have termed it,( you can google the terms to know more )  good news is ,  It is not a disorder or a problem , this is the just the way you are , to be technically  more correct we are(well I just described  myself above) , born naturally, innately so don’t be shy or feel awkward when some one tells you next time :you are too sensitive or chill yar ! just joking ! You are over reacting!

Why I am writing this post : We often do not know ourselves completely or the reason behind our behavior, Sometimes we are trying to control our certain reactions but if we don’t know why things affect us, how can we fix it ? We need to be at peace with ourselves first and accept the way we are!

What is special about sensitive people :

Being a highly sensitive person ,you have a your own perspective to see the world, which is often different from the rest , you are looking for depth in life and in your relationships , you are too sensible and caring for needs of others ,which in itself makes you a special person .

The happiness of others pleases you and their pain affect you in same way as it has happened to you, it helps you to feel what others feel and you use your imagination to walk in their shoes.It helps you to keep grounded and be kind .

You look for real content in life since superficial things do not attract you, and are working constantly to make your life more meaningful,  There is a quest of knowledge and peace that makes you stronger in your will power and to face the problems. People often tell you  that you are a strong person but in reality only you know how much you cry  , People often look up to you for solutions and advice.

Isn’t it a lot of good things already ! Already feeling good ? That’s what I wanted to do,  make you feel good about yourself! You need to work on your strengths and reduce the impact of weaknesses!

How can you minimize the impact:

  • There will always be things affecting you , you will be hurt by incidents or people around you  , but you need to learn to bounce back quickly.
  • Stay positive , surround yourself with positive people and cut down those negative thoughts.
  • Keep praying  as it keeps you connected to Allah . He puts that strength in our hearts and refill our energy reservoirs, ask for His guidance and strength .
  • Do not keep everything to yourself when you feel hurt or low, talk to Allah in sujood , talk to people who are equally sensitive like you, I am sure we all have  those few special friends which match our emotional and sensitivity quotient.

P.S : I do not always  write about Hijab, I only write what is on my mind , so stop being judgmental 😉

15 thoughts on “Are you Over Sensitive ? Do you Over think ?

  1. with courage great a war i wage
    Gainst evils of the present age:
    I do not bear a fighter’s name’
    To chieftainship I lay no claim.

    I am not conscious “bout this fact
    If it is verse or other tact:
    ALLAH has bestowed on me science long
    His praise, reflection, charm and song.

    The flood of light that makes its show
    On true and faithful Muslim’s brow:
    With grandeur same is quite replete
    That fills being’s soul and make complete

    You do not call it unbelief,
    No less it is than disbelief:
    That truthful man may get content
    With today, for change shoe no intent.

    Don’t grieve, for millennium and aeons more
    Still lie ahead for man in store:
    The ever spinning heaven blue
    Is not devoid of planets new.

    Sir dr. Allama Muhammad iqbal
    Shayer el mashriq
    (Poet of the east)

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  2. Loubnanya

    Thank you sister for sharing this post, it makes me feel better about myself when i see that îm not the only person to cry for anything or to never forget a hurtful word.
    Actually i was always like that and my father is also over sensitive but since our family was always making fun of us, i thought iT was a big weakness that i have to make disappear ! But NO, now i know that it’s a treasure from Allah, a special faculty to feel things and to be altruist alhamdoulillah.
    May Allah bless you my sister.
    Wa salam.

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    1. 🙂 Yes we are among the 15% so its not so common ,but not extinct as well to not find similar people like us, happy to find you here and looking forward to share more experiences!! Be happy that Allah made us sensitive enough to not not hurt people with words or actions! 🙂

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    1. Loubnanya

      Haha you are right, turkish series are the sadest i have ever seen. It’s nit just dramatic, it’s OVER dramatic! The feelings are so exagerated.. But i actually love it 🙂 and so do a lot of my arabic community because we are like that, we love to exagerate everything, specially feelings 😉

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