Pre -Wedding Nerves ,Anxiety ?? Read on !!

Few days or weeks  before the wedding every girl is nervous , anxious , over emotional  or in other words  ‘getting cold feet‘  . The idea of spending your entire life with someone,  thoughts about uncertainty of future life, upcoming responsibilities etc makes you super nervous  even though you have known your future husband for a long time or not, doesn’t matter .

The most important thing in a marriage is being with the right person , rest everything comes later!!, good times ,bad times, relatives, in laws, etc,

If he is a righteous  person , he will stand by your side through everything.

Would like to share some of my  thoughts coming from my experience to calm you down and  be more sure  that you are going to hold  the  right hands .

You are with the right person if :

  • He respect your parents and get along with them well, whether it is an arrange marriage or not, you can always find out if he cares for your parents or not . Being a girl you cannot be happy if your husband doesn’t respect you parents .
  • Do you feel comfortable around him or talking to him? Are you able to share your feelings and speak your heart out ? Is he genuinely interested in  your feelings and gives you advice.
  • You feel more confident and content after talking to him.
  • He generally doesn’t make you wait , as he is more excited to see  or call you .
  • He is generally polite to other people .If he is polite to others, he can never be rude to you, it is not in his nature.
  • Surprise you with small little things that you love or  you never told him specifically  like your favorite chocolate or you favorite coffee, or a favorite flavor ,something you were talking about for long . It just shows how much he cares for you and your liking.
  • He tries to be friend with your friends 🙂 so you can all hang out together later !
  • You never feel tied up or stressed  because of the relationship , your heart is at peace for the choice you have made or your parents made for you (  an arranged marriages)
  • Last but not the least, He gives you ‘Your time’ to be alone or go out with
    your friends or do something that you like, not bothering you with phone calls or restricting you to go out with your friends or family.

Well, I think it’s enough to know that you are with right person so go ahead enjoy your time! and don’t forget to thank Allah for sending the right guy for you.

P.S: I tried to take into account also the arranged marriages in India  where you have courtship period to know your future husband .

7 thoughts on “Pre -Wedding Nerves ,Anxiety ?? Read on !!

  1. It is completely normal to feel this way, but judging by this post you know he is the right person for you. And when you hear him utter the words that binds you in marriage, all doubts will ebb away and you will feel so much peace in your heart – this was my experience at least! May you have a loving marriage and a wonderful life together Insha-Allah!

    Nihaad – the little blog of STUFF

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