The Mean Gene!

As I have start to move a bit further on scale of my age( and Weight too 😉  ) , the behavior/habits I have laughed  about my grandmother and father , those traits have started to surface in my behavior too ,  two of the things I have started doing which accredit to these culprit genes :

My father and my grandmother(his mother), always call the person they are talking to with the name of person who is not present  there at that moment! We always have to correct them, My father sometimes  calls me Nadira which is the name of his youngest sister and when he is with her, He often calls her Sana (my name) .It is the same with my grandmother, she always calls me with name of my cousin who is not present there 🙂 It is funny and irritating at same time! Well I did the same thing to one of my colleague during lunch time this week, twice and he reminded me , it’s not his name 😀 I  felt the attack of those mean genes first time! Gosh Not ME !!

The second behavior: my father is always talking of something he felt bad about or been angry about for long time .Everyday  you talk to him, he will repeat it to you and you always have to remind him,” forget it Daddy, it’s over!!”  but he remains  so emotional and angry about it for days until something worse happens and he talks about the later one then. I am doing the same thing from past one week, every time at dinner table I discuss the same thing   I was angry about  ,to my husband and he tells me the same thing, “Forget about it dear!! You don’t have to take everything to your heart!! ”

I told him, don’t worry it’s not me, it’s the Mean Genes once again !!

Though miles apart, how we behave like our parents or grandparents , it’s incredible!! How we sit like them, walk like them, make same faces!! Its simply amazing!

I could only remember  the meaning of  a verse of Quran ‘ To which of the favors of your Lord, Will you deny’ , and my heart replies  ‘None my King ,none!! ‘

19 thoughts on “The Mean Gene!

  1. Fauzia

    Lol! I use to experence this almost everyday,,”this name swaping thing” in my working place(school).. Because i get confuse among students, i just remember few names..which are always on my finger tips and they come automatically no matter what that person owns that name or not..! Nowadays, i become a fun element in my school among students and collegues that this girl is suffering from STML(short term memory loss) “Ghazini” (Aamir khan’s flick)disease.. Gosh.. Is that mean i m aging.. ??? noooooo… Lol..

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  2. I think most of us have experienced this. Runs in my family too. My mother and aunt’s always called their children with their siblings name’s most of the times and we were attuned to it. Also at times I find myself at loss of correct name, I would call everyone’s name before finally addressing the person, this is something I would joke about when my elders did and now i am experiencing it myself. 😉

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  3. Loubnanya

    Salam alaykum sister,
    Intressting post! It’s so disturbing to notice that the more we grow up, the more we act like our parents (family) subhan’Allah. Specially when we have kids. The ironic thing is that we often say: “i don’t want to make those mistakes that my parents made, for example, i don’t want to yell at my children” but then you find yourself acting exactly the same way than your parents did with you.
    (Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.)
    Wa salam 🙂

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    1. Salam sister, thanks for your time to read my post and give your opinion, indeed we are so much like our parents, its not easy to raise kids,we are all humans and make mistakes! Dont worry about English, most important thing is to communicate and I completely understand your point so your English is fine 🙂

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  4. I don’t like being called by another person’s name or being treated like my name is not important enough to be remembered or said correctly. Yesterday a girl did that and I called her out on it and told her to never text me again. If you can’t bother learning how to say my name or remember it then I won’t bother to get to know you. Learning how to make people feel appreciated and valued is very important.

    Thanks for sharing- being unappreciated by others is something that we all experience. The lesson is in learning our worth and also being around people who treat us that way.

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  5. OMG I can so relate to you! I don’t know why I never saw this post before I think there’s something up with my reading pane :/
    But that is in my family too! My mum takes everyone’s name before she comes to the right one and my grandmother does the same and although we make fun of them I’m afraid of that happening to me 😂
    And then she expects us to know what to do when she says “wahan say vo utha lo” and we’re like mama kahan say kya uthana hai?

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