One Lovely Blog Award

Thank You   from LUMOS & LEMONS and  Star of Persia for choosing me for this award, it really feels great to be appreciated and special for all these nominations I am getting ,It is not even a month that I started my blog. Your support on my blog and reading my posts, is encouraging enough to keep me going! Thank you once again!

7 facts about Myself :

  1. I have studied Engineering in IT and a Masters in International Business, Being an Engineer has helped me to earn my bread and butter and live respectably in society, though there is always uprising heaviness in my heart that has wandered me to try new things, like the Masters in Spain,and now this blogging stuff! ,so far have enjoyed doing it all.
  2. I come from middle class household from a small town in India and I take pride in being a small town girl , as a matter of fact, most of India live in small towns and villages , there is still such a big urban divide between people from metros and rest of the country.
  3. I am a rebel by nature, something which doesn’t confirm to my heart  ,it is hard for me to accept or do! I do not live by norms of society,not anymore I would say,  but by norms of my Allah and His prophet .
  4. I love to cook food and travel to places, so in future if you see some posts about some  new recipe I tried or pictures of some new places I explored, don’t be surprised.
  5. I love cartoons, animated movies , Minions are my favorite these days.
  6. I love to shop,be it anything, clothes,food,home decor etc etc , I still don’t know how  I can  manage to get a list of things that I need very week apart from grocery and house utilities?? I always need to buy something !!
  7. I used to write poems as a child to express myself, When I grew up I realized how funny they were on scales of poetry,one could hardly call it a poem!so I stopped after that self realization ! 😛

so these were 7 facts about me, hope you have enjoyed it!! ( pardon me if not, I am boring most of the times, I know ,lol )

my lovelies : accidentallyinked ,,  farheen siddiqui( khamosh dhadkanen ) , revels1, FatmawatyLoubnanya

So, rules:

  • Thank the nominator and link them.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Add 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know via a comment.

41 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Hello, thanks for the follow, appreciate it..
    I am sorry you had to see the “low” comments first and the “low” post also 😀 But Ershad was a bit like that.. and I got into the mood.. and as for the post.. we…eell… bad days, that is all 🙂

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      1. Ah, I see.. (In Bollywood there are so many Rampurs that you wouldn’t believe it.. but yes, I know where this is hehe)…

        Wonderful meeting you here.. and I am so proud of you.. well done.. Your CM used to be my batchmate in SJCE Mysore 🙂 Was a very nice, innocent fellow then.. don’t know how he is now.. not too good, I suppose..

        And, you won’t believe this.. we.. er.. have a language problem at home.. too many languages within our own family.. so we decided to speak in Hindi at home with our daughter.. guess what? it is uncanny, but she speaks like she is from your place.. haha.. trust me, it is very strange, none of us speak that language and we don’t even know how she picked it up.. or from where.. just naturally like that.. Strangest thing I have ever seen.. even the accent.. 🙂

        (And I do know lots of people from around that place actually.. but all living in Bombay.. so nice meeting you here.. my “amma” in Bombay is from over there as well)..


      2. Well, I am more happy to read your comment ,wonderful meeting you here.I keep my nose away from Politics so no comments for Mr CM, I hope he still remains good but may be too much pressure from papa dear …hehehe it’s nice to know about the uncanny hindi accent of your daughter we have more urdu mixed with more aaps than tum or tu, may be she is an old rampuri soul.. ( am happy someone knows Rampur mera wala ,normally they all know sholay or rampur ka laxman wala )

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      3. 😀 Yes… no politics for sure.. especially now, in these times.. 🙂

        Haan, woh to hai.. especially since Ghalib and Daagh were in your area 😀 and hey, Rampuris are famous.. or er.. used to be famous.. even had a collection of them 🙂 (Nahi, now stop thinking I am some gunda daaku)…
        You know why it would be even more surprising? because I happen to be a Madraasi hahaha..

        Yes, she could be.. very strict with her usage too.. if her dad makes a mistake, she will correct me sternly.. especially genders.. “Seekhi jaati hai, daddu, seekha nahin”… and we just shut up, completely speechless.. and she is just five haha..

        But, it was my lifelong dream to learn the Urdu script.. some day.. may be … 🙂 Nice meeting you here..

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      4. hehe ,they were famous for Nawabs and now for all wrong reasons 😉 , but we have our own mughlai style cuisine which is just amazing,I am now more curious about your daughter,she already sounds so cute and I have pictures running in my mind of a cute lil girl, May Allah keep her healthy and happy! Urdu is easy atleast to speak than write 😀 , Nice meeting you here ..

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      5. Thank you 🙂
        Yes, if you drop by my blog you can see her photos too..
        I like Mughlai khaana.. my wife tends more towards Hyderabadi, which is no different actually, but a little more spicy and a lot less refined (ouch, she will probably kill me for that)..

        Inshallah, some day for sure.. will learn 🙂
        Allah hafiz, take care..

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  2. This is the first time I’m seeing this type of award oh and it looks lovely. ❤
    I like FOOD! *.* Hmm waiting for your recipes. XD

    OMG even I love animated movies! 😀 It feels good to know there are other people who like them. My siblings have seen the MINIONS,I yet haven't. 😛

    You know what I too have poems which are so-not-poem like. XD I still write though.
    Id suggest you should re start writing poems.

    TYSM for nominated me lovely human. ❤

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  3. You’re in the IT industry? That’s so cool! Computer need 😀 haha joking.
    Animated movies are awesome 🙂 have you seen toy story and ice age and Madagascar?
    Great to know you better! And I love exploring around too 🙂


  4. Loubnanya

    Salam Alaykum my sweet sister,
    NICEEE post, it’s a pleasure to learn those things about you. (Not boring at all, the proof is i want to comment everything haha)
    First I admire you for being a engineer, congratulations sister, you must have study really hard. Can you keep your hijab at work in belgium?
    2) i hope you will invite me to India someday haha it’s my dream to go there, i love everything about your culture, specially spicy food, mehendi and sarees! Do I watch too many Bolywood movies? Haha anyway, can’t wait to read your recipes 😉
    Haha what you wrote about poems is so funny! It’s normal sister, i think all of us laugh when seeing poems that we wrote as a child are not really poems. It means we always had imagination, doesn’t mean we are not able to write poetry. As an adult, we are rich of vocabulary and experiences so we definitly write better. We should never stop writing poetry. So i will be waiting for your next poem insha’Allah.
    May Allah protect you my lovely sister ❤️

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    1. Waslm my Sister, thanks for comment, yes I can keep my hijab at work, I see all women in Hijab going to work normally or studying, there is no problem. Yes first you can come to belgium to see me, its closer then we can surely go to India , didn’t write any poem for many years now, will ofcourse share with all ,if i wrote any.yes , you are right. Allah protect u as well, have a nice Eid !! take care!

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      1. Loubnanya

        Salam sister,
        First of all, aid moubarak, hope you envoyed it with your family.
        You are so lucky you can keep your hijab at work alhamdoulillah, i thought that it was forbidden in belgium as it is in France.
        Yes insha’Allah,and you can also come to France (although I know it’s not very attractive for us muslims with islamophobia in the air..) and i invite you to Morocco Also if you’re intressed 😉
        Ps: i posted my lovely blog award, again thank you for nominated me.
        May Allah bless you my sweet sister.

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      2. Eid Mubarak to u as well my sister! I hope you enjoyed it well with your family. I live in Brussels which is not very far from Paris, I want to visit Paris but lets see when can we visit and I would love to see Morocco too. . I will check your award now, I am happy that you did it, 😛 excited to read it.


      3. Loubnanya

        You are welcome when you want my sister 😉 Paris is waiting for you haha
        In Brussels people speak english and french? At work and in the supermarket for example, you must speak french or everyone understand english?
        Sorry for all my questions but I’m really curious about culture issues. And i didn’t even begin to ask you all I’d like to know about India haha


      4. hehehe, no problem ! Brussels in quite International so by speaking only English ,you can survive as well, French is also spoken in Brussels and in french regions like Namur ,Huy etc Then there are Dutch regions where they speak dutch ..but by speaking english and lil bit French , I am managing to survive, though I am planning to take my french lessons from next year InshaAllah 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Loubnanya

        Thank you dear sister for taking the time to explain me. It is really intressting. If you need any help in french, don’t hesitate to ask me insha’Allah 😉

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  5. Another engineer? Yay 😀 (I don’t why I did that. We tend to be uncool)
    And Minions? Haha, I need to watch that soon. Loved them in the Despicable Me movies.
    P.S. Meri amma bhi Rampur ki hai. Although it’s an Assam wala Rampur 😀

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    1. yes me too! but then as I said good enough for regrets .Alhamdolillah..minions are everyone’s fav these days, I watched those movies twice because of them..Nice to know about your mom.. chalo rampur to common hai .Never been that side..n Thanks for your comment! Take Care. Eid Mubaraq in adv…

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  7. Congrats for your award, sister!
    I like Minions too, I’ve ever read from local media in Indonesia that its play director has Indonesian blood, he’s the son of a famous Indonesian novelist NH.Dini.
    You’re an engineer, aren’t you? Have you posted something that relevant with your job? 😊
    Nice to read about yourself! Xoxo

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