My New Blog for food !!

For my sister Loubnanya🙂

She actually made me think of doing the recipe posts! Well,  I didn’t think of putting my  recipes on this blog, I had in my mind to make another blog for food in future as I am always procrastinating things,well you gave me a nice push, so this weekend we ( me n my husband) finally managed to create our blog.

right now,it just has one recipe that I cooked on weekend, I hope we will put more recipes soon so you can  have options to choose ,:-)

fromworldskitchen  is the name of my new blog.

So if you are foodies and like to cook , do follow my new blog. Your feedbacks are awaited , even for  something that you didn’t like, it can help us improve things.


2 thoughts on “My New Blog for food !!

  1. Loubnanya

    YaaaaY congratulations! Such a great news! I’m so glad you made this decision.
    I will be a fervent follower of your other blog insha’Allah!
    You don’t know how it makes me happy to know an indian cooker because I will trust your recipes and I know you will give me advices 🙂
    Okay, my Tilda rice bag is ready to try your recipes!!

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