Stereotyping Muslim Woman

The girls in small towns( Okay big towns as well, I am a small towner, I always think with that frame of mind 🙂 )  have grown up with the idea of a free woman as being portrayed on media.Now after becoming that free woman which includes   having a job , monthly paychecks  and our independence too and as we go up the ladder of our lives ,we are discovering our roots, our essentials and things that we need to do as muslim women, many girls are now choosing Hijab as their choice.

There is always a misconception about muslim women regarding their freedom, The women of world is one side, and the muslim women on other side. They are seen as backward,’oppressed’ and uneducated. People around you are surprised to see you working or studying whether you wear a Hijab or not?, they  sometimes ask questions as if you are coming from a cave just because you are muslim.

We are living in society where people are educated, working, they have their opinions about life and world. They even voice their support and express solidarity with beliefs they do not conform with but the perception about women in Hijab is still not changing .

I wish to live in a world where they actually believe in what they say, about women equality ,respect of choice and decision.

Well right now I think I live in a world where even women look down upon another women whether it is for her beauty,skin color or something on her head 😉

23 thoughts on “Stereotyping Muslim Woman

  1. I know right? Even after all that women have rights thing, women still aren’t free truly. Be it because of their own kind or the powerlust men have. Women should finally realise what their freedom actually is!

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    1. Assalam-o-Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu! You are right in saying that we aren’t free truly. It’s maybe because we want to take up responsibilities we aren’t made to fulfill. This is how we overburden ourselves.

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  2. I so agree with the cave theory because when I went shopping with mum one time and I asked the sales person something and she just stared back. I felt uncomfortable and she apologised saying that she never thought I had spoken English in the perfect Australian accent. She asked where I learnt English from and I had to tell her English is my first language lol.

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  3. Loubnanya

    So true. I think it is up to us to make them see that we are actually free and happy with our hijab. Those who won’t understand that and who won’t respect us are simply racits! So they don’t deserve our respect. I hate racists! I really do.
    Anyway, I don’t mind about what they think anymore, I’m more concerned about fraternity between muslim sisters. It is so nice to meet sisters from all over the world.
    May Allah bless you all.

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    1. yeah, well if we are hating them, aren’t we doing the same like others?? We shouldn’t hate anyone for anything, Some people could be racist for lack of awareness , or their bad experience with some muslims, We need to be doing good always to change the perception of people by our good behavior that’s what our prophet and Sahabas were doing. and your are right ,we should be busy loving our family and sisters n bother in faith, no time for hatred !!

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  4. Loubnanya

    Yes to being kind with every human being, but no to let racists insulting us. We are not less than womans if we wear the hijab. I don’t say we should insult them back, I only say we must respond smartly. I, personnaly love and respect every human being as long as they are not racists. Then, my respect for them is gone because I can’t accept that someone hate another one for who he is (for his skin, religion or wathever.)
    To be clear, I respect people that don’t like islam, it is their right to like or not a religion, but I don’t respect people who hate muslim people and who insult us.
    May Allah guide us.

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  5. sherinsk

    Hello madam,
    I am a christian and i am from south know here with many gods i am little confused who is the real one 🙂
    Anyways talking about the hijab,i believe it is said in your religion women should wear that right?i had muslim friends in college.There is nothing wrong about it.The only thing i had in mind is i saw children wearing them and going to school.Let children be children right?

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    1. Hello Sherin, thanks for sharing your views 🙂 . Well Women should start wearing her Hijab since she reach her puberty, before that it is not mandatory, it depends from family to family ,how they are managing . First thing if we see something as bad,may be somewhere deep down you still think it is not good? You might have accepted it as someone’s choice but may be you don’t like it . For us ;it is something good, earlier is better, I regret now all the years when I wasn’t wearing it.If I would have started it as a small child, it would have been part of my personality, I don’t have to be conscious about it, or face people’s reaction,woaah what is it now ? What are you upto, If all my friends have seen me this way growing up, there would have been better acceptance. , so for me there is nothing bad in it if small girls are wearing it, it is a life coaching, part of basic adab and education we get at home.Of Course when we grow up it our own choice what we want to do, nothing should be forced.

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  6. sherinsk

    Well that thought came from an argument between me and my friend.He said if muslim women wear such clothes to preserve them from bad thoughts being generated inside a man if he see them,then sometimes exposing eyes only can produce romance or whatever.You took in the right spirit.Thanks 🙂

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  7. juliahmadhijabista

    Khansana1000, you’re a wonderful example of breaking stereotypes about Muslim women because you’re clever, educated, and free-thinking Muslim woman, who believe in Allah and wear hijab ❤️

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  8. Shaaz

    CAVE MAN- Typical title that is given to Muslim Men. If we don’t conform to their way of life they will isolate us and brand us as extremist and cave man with some kinda backwardness. Now coming to stereotype of Muslim Women, let me say this clearly, what Muslim women wear, is none of their business. If it scares them or makes them feel uncomfortable then I suggest them to look the other way, look down or look up, but let them know that a Muslim don’t dress to please their lustful eyes. The disbelievers are insignificant to us, and we Muslims think they should keep your backwards opinions to themselves. Yes it is backwards to be intolerant of the beliefs of others. It is backwards to think that the European way of life is superior to the way of life of others.Muslim women doesn’t need liberation from the West.I think they really need to look at themselves and liberate women from being on page 3. This is truly oppressive to view women as sexual objects and is offensive to most women of all faiths and no faith. If they were people of dignity and honour they would stop belittling other religions and start a nationwide campaign against pornography and the exploitation of women in advertisements.

    For more check my blog post :

    People can contact me also at :

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