Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Rumi


Inspired by Writer’s Quote Wednesday from Silver Threading (link at bottom of post) , to write inspiring posts based on your favorite quotations .

One of my favorite writer, poet is Rumi( A.S) who was also a sufi saint .His writings are truly inspiring,They still hold true  for anyone who  is reading them  and you can connect with him instantly .His works are still valid  although he lived in 13th  century.

Sometimes  Rumi  leave you in mystery with his words  and you feel lost ,the more you try to understand,you end up in more confusion, so you just leave it there and move on in your life As life is full of unpredictable series of events,you  then come across some incidents which make you realize what he was saying  and the meaning behind those mysterious words.Well I can write on and on about him, no wonder students do their research on his work.

One of the quotations that actually helped me change and focus on myself, is the one above .We all want to change the world, we all have ideas about what others should do, what is wrong with them and the world , but we never look at our own selves!  What is wrong with us ? What can I do about it? What should I change in myself that can benefit us both, me and the world? If everyone starts to change himself/herself ,Will not the world be a better place to live ?

I started my journey with many questions that keep outpouring and I am seeking their answers :

What is inside of me ? Am I just this flesh and bones or something more ? What is locked inside that speaks to me , sometimes in evil tones,sometimes in tones of Heaven, ?

What is it that makes me happy when I say happy from inside? What is it when I say you touched my soul , when physically you didn’t !

How do words influence us ? How can you say few words and just calm me down! How much  deep is the depth  of words and love,

What is it when I say my soul sister, what connection do I feel with you?

What strength is it in love that keeps us going through all times?

How does the hatred burns me from inside although nobody can touch it,

Where have we  met before ,though I am meeting you first time , but I know I have known you for so long ,or may be always.

and so on 🙂

Well you see what Rumi did to me through his few words, something was already burning inside , he just confirmed it.  Hope to share more of my reflections on his work and of other great writers/leaders who inspired me to ‘My Journey with Hijab’

(The Event is hosted every wednesday by Silver Threading ,you can check latest post  


Btw I found about it through post of my blogger sister Ameena k.g you can check her blog  ,She has nice poetry. , https://randomsbyarandom.wordpress.com/ )

25 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Rumi

  1. yes 🙂 that’s the beauty of his poems , everyone has his own interpretations! but they all lead to similar meanings , to be open to world ,at least some people will embrace you 🙂 ,give your hand if you want to be held by someone, ask if you need help.

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  2. Loubnanya

    Wow I just love Rumi’s thoughts. These are so deep! Exactly as you said, his words stay here in our head, until a day we understand the meaning and it is always a wonderful inner experience. I have a simple yet powerful quote always ringing in my head ” what you seek is seeking you”.
    Anyway, The quote you choose represents well his work for he invites us to introspection, to meditate on ourselves in order to become better and closer to Allah.
    Thank you for this beautiful post, sister!

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    1. Yes the other one, is my favorite too! and I believe in it now, what we are searching for or whom we are searching in our lives, they are also searching for us, and Allah make us meet them ,He has planned it so beautifully. I will be doing this quote thing every wednesday so may be will choose it as well some day InshaAllah. Jazakalla khair my sister for reading!

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  3. We can’t change the world without changing ourselves. I don’t know how your posts skipped me, but now I get to binge on them 😄. Rumi’s words are classic and thank you for the shoutout ❤❤. I love your blog.

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