Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


This is my  yet another attempt to understand the mystic words by a great soul,Rumi(A.S), but today I feel it is  more  a futile effort! I have read this quote many times to understand what he really means by it! and I am still sure I don’t get it 100% ,but I will not give up!!

Pour in your ideas what you feel after reading this quote and it might help me to understand it better !

 and this is what I feel for it  until now: 

By this quote I feel Rumi is asking us to be more warm in our hearts for others and for ourselves.Our hearts have become cold and hard like ice! We no longer feel the things as greatly as we did in our childhood.Those small little joys of life are no more joyful when we used to admire the beauty in the soap bubbles and wonder at our paper boats in the ripples of rain water! We miss our selfless self and great time called childhood.

Why don’t we let go of our pride for the things we would just leave here before our final departure ! We are all travelers in this world with limited provisions,the security will not allow anything to take with us except few! so before we board our final flight, Why can’t we let go of that extra baggage of false ego which stops us from so many good things in life and afterlife too.

Let us forgive someone today  and ask forgiveness from someone, melt that ego and ‘wash off this false self from yourself’ ,

Be true as your soul  deeply long for it to be, be good as you wish someone to be to you!

Let it all wash away that put burden on our souls and make our hearts heavy! Let the love flow and feelings flow out !  Let it keep us moving and  this moving should be more in our minds and hearts .

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My Landlord Rantings!

 My Saturday Story :

While I was happy with my weekend beginnings yesterday,  after a tiring week of solving jigsaw puzzles  of office works ( currently working with java in office ! I haven’t worked with it before and it is consuming all reserves of my patience !!) so Saturday morning started with a call from Landlord telling me we need to renew the contract! ‘ Half awake, half asleep, I was startled! ‘why ? ‘ .He said ‘ I need to increase the rent as now you are living with your husband and earlier it was just one person! ‘  I was shocked, but more than shocked ,I  felt cheated as he didn’t say anything while signing the contract and nothing like this is written in my contract!  I am paying for my water,heating,electricity and common building charges separately so whatever will increase in consumption lies on me to pay not him. My contract is for 3 years and if I leave in first year , I have to pay 3 months of rent  extra so he openly asked me to leave the apartment if  I am not willing to accept the new contract.

so while I was fasting today for Ashura , 10th of Muharram, it was unlikely to not meet a Yazid!


My thoughts all day :

I hung the phone telling him how disappointed I am with his behavior and I will think about it and tell him.I kept thinking  about his age between 70-75 years and  being owner of this building having at least 9-10 apartments, and many more such buildings! Being a rich man doesn’t end his greed ! How I remembered the saying

Money doesn’t make you rich! Some people are so poor that only thing they have is money! 

No manners, no values ,no morals. He is trying to take advantage of situation that I am not local from this country,do not know law and cannot leave the apartment as I shifted in March.Being  a HSP (highly sensitive person ) my thoughts couldn’t go away to other things  all day and still can’t believe how people even at this age can be so like this ! I called few of my friends to take their advice and their  wonderful advice was to COOL DOWN  ( so true friends 😀 )


I have decided to cool down and talk to him face to face tomorrow that it is not right what he is asking and it is not legally allowed to increase rent on my being married without telling me before signing the contract and he cannot threaten me to  leave the apartment, lets see what he says tomorrow !


After all life is not that grey and blue! and we should face problems in the face than to get sad, depressed and running away from them.

will keep you updated! 

Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Marilyn Monroe


Loved this Quote from Marilyn Monroe,so sharing with you all .

We have distractions  around us  everywhere,from things that we like, people  we admire , what everyone else is up to and how creative the world is going on internet ! All these distractions everyday drive us crazy! We often feel  a certain pressure in our minds, to follow the crowd,although nobody asked us to, they just showed us what they are doing ! We keep trying so many things ,only  to discover later that No, it is not my thing! We can never do it all,We can never have it all.

There is no harm in trying and knowing things but sometimes too much time is wasted in being trying to be some else that someone really important gets ignored ,and that really important person is You ‘your self’.

You need to be truly accepting yourself without the urge of having what others have, a very simple example :Somebody’s blue eyes might look good on her but you should be happy with your brown or black ones, this is Allah’s gift to you, Are you not happy with what he gave you ? Another example , tan skin in India is still not liked by people, girls are rushing for whitening creams although most of the country has brown skin, shorter girls yearning to be taller to an extent that they do not feel confident without heels! I am not asking you to go out without makeup or heels 🙂 No, but someday  if you have, do not be shy or conscious!  Girls are generally more sensitive about their appearance and their behavior is governed  by the attitude of people and beauty conscious society . We need to have a strong  inner defence system to reject all what is coming negative from people.We need to embrace ourselves truly and respect ourselves for who we are!

I think my focus is always on self learning and knowing inner self ,I always feel that I have limited time on this earth and wasting it on  trying to be someone else is injustice and denial to my own being.I would rather spent on knowing myself,improving myself and being myself.

I may sound selfish with too much me and myself ,but believe me knowing yourself helps the world much more than being ignorant .If I am working on myself ,I would  perhaps become a better person who is more sensible and sensitive to need of people around ,I might make some contribution to the world .

People only respect a person who respect himself ,who is free from the need to impress anyone but himself.Be in your own need,love yourself ,create yourself and BE YOUR SELF.

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Featured on Muslimah Bloggers

This is a quick post to share with you my small weekend surprise.

Last month I sent an email to Muslimah Bloggers to be associated with them . I got their reply that  I can do it online via their link, I did it but then there was no mail or  notification , If I am added or not ,neither could I find my blog on their list .

So today, I got a notification on my FB page that one of my post is  featured on Muslimah Bloggers, in their 5 favorite Finds Article and it was a nice weekend surprise, so Adding the badge  and link below:

Featured Five Favourite Findshttp://muslimahbloggers.com/general/five-favourite-finds-161015-2/

Thank you for reading! You can check their site as well for many interesting reads of bloggers worldwide,  I came to know about them, when  sorayashenemckenzie of Pink Whispers shared her post about being on Muslimah Bloggers! so thank you Soraya for this 🙂


Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Malcolm X

For Wednesday Ritual Quotation , I chose this quote from Malcolm X, inspired from his autobiography that I started reading a month back but didn’t finish it yet, I am more busy in blogging these days and reading posts from WordPress Reader than  my own  list.

Malcolm X was a strong leader with a great vision,unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to write many books but what he left is worth reading! It somehow gives me that strength that I am looking for,his words are empowering which compels for  the need of self-respect and most essential ,everyone’s right to freedom! . He lived for it and died for it.

Most of his quotes are about freedom and equality , I really like this one as it showed his empathetic side and greater understanding for human nature!


We should not be in  a hurry to blame others or categorize people into good or bad just because they are  doing things differently than us or they don’t  do what we do , or  think like we think .We do not know the ground realities what has shaped their behavior and  personality.People do change with time even if they are doing something wrong today, they might correct it tomorrow. Some learn things faster and others take time to understand and implement  in their lives ,but the fact is everyone is on a learning process .What we were few years before, We are not the same person anymore.Allah has guided us ,to be wiser and a better human being( from example of people around me, I see them learning and evolving or at least making an effort ),

If I form an opinion about a person that he/she is bad based on their thoughts/actions today ,  I am forming a barrier between me and them. I am restricting myself  to  love or be kind to them as I do for others who agree with my thought. Of-course, I do not wish evil for them but somehow in a deeper sense of being an equal in  creation I am violating my basic principle of treating  others well., or if I am being nice to them on outside ,do not like to make people feel bad, my heart is still not with my behavior.It is our perception  about them which stop us from being good to them,inside out.

So don’t give in to the urge of categorizing people in your mind, be kind to everyone and be nice , it is part of being you ! You might meet them tomorrow as better people or not,Allah knows.Do not make your behavior a reflection of theirs, because it is your OWN precious possession that you will carry forever.

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Where is your curiosity leading you ?

Well ,Had not been Newton curious enough we would never  have known why apple falls downwards and not upwards, Curiosity is a great thing, it has led us  to reason,to know and eventually to grow.

I see curious people everywhere , meet them every now and then, offline and online.

No no, my post is not about differently curious people like Newton but generally curious people around us, who are always curious to know what is happening in others life , What are rest of the people  doing ? Spying around more than intelligent services.


Some very normal questions in India –

If you are unmarried , so when are you getting married ??

If you are married, when are you giving us good news for the baby?

If you are student, when will you get your results ? Your marks?

That was the  funny part, but problem arises when you start asking  intimidating questions which has nothing to do with you .

for example:

You know that someone is looking for a job, why  ask him about his job every time you see him ?

You know she never talks about her husband or in laws, why to ask her about them You never know what she is hiding behind her silence.

If someone shared  his wedding pictures, to tell  him/her

‘I thought you were already married ‘or

‘ I think I saw your wedding pictures  before as well,’

until he/she tells(actually yells at)  you ,‘Yes I got divorced and am married again,’

‘Oh I am sorry,’  

No,  he/she doesn’t need your sorry, You already did your job of hurting that person.Just be more kind, empathetic and sensitive.You never have to be sorry then.

Sending messages to someone you never talked in years just to know something about him/her that you heard from someone aka confirming the rumors??

Asking questions  starting with ”If you don’t mind ?? or ending up with a hehehe..”   If you think he/she  will mind,Why to ask? and It is not funny even with a ‘hehehe’ !

Why to become so insensitive  just to feed your curiosity?

( Disclaimer : It is not for anyone specific.Many of us do get curious and might end up  hurting others unintentionally , For everyone who reads it, It is ‘you’ asking your inner self and not  Me as writer 😀 !)

We are all guilty of doing it sometimes to feed our curiosities, Just think for a while, before asking a personal question to someone .

Could it hurt some one?  if  Yes! better not ask it.

Do I need this information, What do I have to do with this information about him/her ? If your answer is nothing , better not ask it.

Dealing with Failures

The pain of failure is always more than the happiness of success!


We all have failed in our lives sometimes  and we have succeeded in many things, but the thing that keeps aching in our hearts is the failure ,that one thing we couldn’t achieve ! ,

The joy of achieving  is momentarily and the pain of losing  is stronger ,it has more impact and  stays longer.It could be  one of the reasons why most of us get depressed so easily and prefer to remain sad  than being happy!

But we all know,  all good things will  not happen everyday , each day will not be a perfect day , we can plan things ,work hard , spend our money for it  but nothing can ensure the success of our plans .

So what do we do when we fail or our plans fail apart from feeling angry,sad or even giving up ??

First ,We need to calm down and think what is bothering us ,

  • Our efforts gone wasted ?
  • Our money involved?
  • Low Self esteem?feeling low ?
  • Feeling ‘shame’ to tell it to people around?
  • Pressure from family or society ?

We need to know what is bothering us so we can find a solution ,

The effort and time are lost , well we have always learnt something while trying, Something which has added to our knowledge and experience  is never a loss.We know it now,what could  have been done extra to get it ,so  try again with more efforts and a better approach  to give your best shot.

Money is wasted, we could have done something else with it, it was our hard earned money, well what if the things were succeeded, would we have thought it this way? No, we always have to take into account the risk factor,should  be prepared for it, the best blessing is we are alive today and we  can earn it again!  We don’t have to waste our days (which are in fact portions of life) to mourn over it.Life in itself is more precious than to be wasted being sad about these failures.

Feeling low or unworthy: When we fail,we all feel low or unworthy of ourselves, we feel less fortunate  than others and less capable .We need to know we are all  similar but not same, our capabilities ,strengths ,weaknesses,they all vary and so do our interests.Comparing  yourself to someone who could do  some ‘x’ thing so easily or perfectly is not right, it could be his strong point and your weak point, We can always overcome our weaknesses by our efforts and will power to do the things.

Losing is a shame in most of the societies , we are shy to tell people that we failed or we couldn’t do it, Winning is a parameter of evaluating the respect to be given to us .People surrounding us add more to the grief by constantly asking about it. There are some,who even lost their confidence and  never bounced back ,well we do not have to be one of them. Losing is not shame, it is a symbol of being courageous to have tried what you wanted to do , you are not a winner today but tomorrow you can be !

We as muslims are always hopeful for the mercy of Allah, Everything is possible for Allah(‘Kun fayakun’ as it is said in Quran, He says Be and it is)  but He also  asks you to make an effort for it.The door is open , we need to make an effort to look out.Success or failure everything comes from Him as test or as gift  or as a rescue we never know.He knows Best.

So next time if you fail, don’t lose hope neither should you feel low,

Think about what is troubling you , and act upon it.

if you want to take another chance ,go for it.

You thought you gave your best , and there are no more chances to take!  then let it go, Some things are not meant to be . Leave them there, trust Allah and move ahead.Some better things must be waiting  for you on your way Insha Allah.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday- Rumi


Another wonderful quote from Rumi(A.S) that  I want to share with you , I loved it absolutely when I read it for the first time, It is from the Book ‘Essential Rumi’ .

If we look at our lives today , What is it? For me, it is 5 days of doing some similar work and 2 days doing something which could not be done in those 5 days, then waiting for the weekend  ,And  my life goes on  between the ’ week’ and ‘weekends’.

We are all stuck! Stuck in the circle, called routine! and there is no other way to live without this circle as well.

This routine has given us many things like getting worried for small little things about our work, home and elsewhere and building up stress  .We  manage to release some of it during weekends and get prepared for another week like a brave soldier. We crave for vacations and holidays , and dread to go back to our routine regardless it is a Sunday night or night before the end of  vacation  !

Coming back to the Quote, our minds are like empty pots, we are completely in power to choose what we fill it up with, most often we stuff it with too much worrying !  and we are so focussed  while worrying that we hardly see the other good things  in life. Worrying is nothing but a prison that confines us to think ,to see beyond , although the door is wide open.

Let’s empty our brains of worry and trust in Allah our creator, He  is enough for all our problems,we cannot achieve anything by worrying . What we can do is be proactive and manage our lives better. Do the things that need to be done and wait and be patient.  Be thankful to what we have, and fill our minds with good thoughts, gratitude and love for each other.

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Barcelona Memories :My Night Walks

IMG-20141119-WA0007Barcelona is one of the most amazing cities I have been to, I fell in love with the city just after seeing the pictures so much that I decided to do my Masters from Spain. LOL but true!   I am still  very much in love with the city and I think will always be, but now I have many reasons , I have met my husband there, some great friends and own now some lovely memories.

 There are memories associated with all corners of city  especially the streets  walked daily, cafeteria near our school and  those restaurants where we ate like crazy after our continuous lectures from 9am -2 pm !

I have a bag full of memories so to put them all in one post is not possible 😦 as I am looking to my old pictures now , but that could be another reason to post something again 😀

 I love to walk especially at night when most of the city sleeps except few night owls , the silence of  city and sound of water along the port always made me nostalgic.   My walk  was always the same streets from home to port and back , as if  sea beckons me everyday ,whispers to me through all those splashing waves ,I always feel that sea side  connection so strong.It was my daily destressing therapy , looking at the water, thinking about life  and musing then until we meet again tomorrow or day after!

Some of my favorite pictures from my Barcelona Memories Bag :
IMG-20141119-WA0006 IMG-20141119-WA0005 IMG-20141119-WA0002 (2) IMG-20141119-WA0000 (2) IMG-20141112-WA0017 (2) IMG-20141110-WA0020 IMG-20141101-WA0013 IMG-20141225-WA0010