Easy Dinner Idea- Vol au Vent with red sauce

Some Easy dinner ideas if you are looking for!

From World's Kitchen

As it is friday today, We were  thinking for some interesting recipe to cook but an easy one! so the idea of Mr.Husband was truly respected ..Vol au Vent  for Dinner tonight  ,we ate it along with Gratin .


Preparation time: 10 minutes                     Cooking time: 25 minutes

What you need for this : 

Packet of Vol au Vent from Carrefour or any super market.

Some cheese ( I used grated cheese mixture , one used for pasta)

for Sauce you need ,

One tablespoon of oil for cooking.

Green Peas (small ones) -50 gms

Mushrooms chopped ( I used canned ones)- 100 gm

Carrots ,chopped-1 medium

Concentrate tomato can – One tablespoon full

Onion chopped- one small

Ginger shredded- a little( one small teaspoon)

Garlic crushed -3 cloves


Cumin powder  (  1/2 teaspoon)

Turmeric powder ( 1/2 teaspoon)


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17 thoughts on “Easy Dinner Idea- Vol au Vent with red sauce

  1. Oooh that picture is making me drool lol. And how I miss Carrefour. While at Dubai,my family and I loved going Carrefour. It was like a family thing lol.Dad and mum used to do their shopping. I used to rush to my favourite place : the books section and read books while my brothers would go to the tech section to look at games. My parents after completing their shopping would know where we would be and come and huddle us up. Sorry I know nothing to do with your delightful vol au vent but the memories came flooding in.

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    1. hehe, the cover is made of same stuff like aloo patty cover, it is empty from inside, we fill it up with whatever filling we like, so thats what I did with them 😀 and yes they were tasty and light for dinner, but the other one is called ‘Gratin’ ,baked patty made of cheese and potatoes topped up with andalusian sauce.

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      1. Oh, Vol au Vent.
        Waiter: Sir, what do you want?
        Me: Vol au Vent
        Waiter: Sir, kiska vent?
        Me: Vol au Vent, jaahil, Vol au Vent. Chal pakode leke aa.

        Sorry, got carried away. Thanks for explaining and being patient with me. 😀

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  2. fixoffiction

    I just had to leave this comment because the coincidence is uncanny that I am browsing your blog while eating asnack of Vol au vents and I just happen to come across this post. I swear this is so freaky.

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