Writer’s Quote Wednesday- Rumi


Another wonderful quote from Rumi(A.S) that  I want to share with you , I loved it absolutely when I read it for the first time, It is from the Book ‘Essential Rumi’ .

If we look at our lives today , What is it? For me, it is 5 days of doing some similar work and 2 days doing something which could not be done in those 5 days, then waiting for the weekend  ,And  my life goes on  between the ’ week’ and ‘weekends’.

We are all stuck! Stuck in the circle, called routine! and there is no other way to live without this circle as well.

This routine has given us many things like getting worried for small little things about our work, home and elsewhere and building up stress  .We  manage to release some of it during weekends and get prepared for another week like a brave soldier. We crave for vacations and holidays , and dread to go back to our routine regardless it is a Sunday night or night before the end of  vacation  !

Coming back to the Quote, our minds are like empty pots, we are completely in power to choose what we fill it up with, most often we stuff it with too much worrying !  and we are so focussed  while worrying that we hardly see the other good things  in life. Worrying is nothing but a prison that confines us to think ,to see beyond , although the door is wide open.

Let’s empty our brains of worry and trust in Allah our creator, He  is enough for all our problems,we cannot achieve anything by worrying . What we can do is be proactive and manage our lives better. Do the things that need to be done and wait and be patient.  Be thankful to what we have, and fill our minds with good thoughts, gratitude and love for each other.

( In response to  Writers Quote Wednesday on Silver Threadings)

25 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday- Rumi

  1. Loubnanya

    Brilliant sister! As always, I love the way you transform your deep thoughts into words 🙂
    And as always, Rumi’s quote is perfect.. Indeed, how much time do we loose worrying about things that will never happen!
    May Allah be help us focussing on good things ❤️

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      1. Loubnanya

        Thank you sister, I’m honoured to share my poems with you alhamdoulillah.
        Wow your sentence about Rumi was so poetic! Yes, I know I see poetry everywhere !
        Have a wonderful day my lovely Sana, under Allah’s protection..

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  2. Thanks for sharing the quote and elaborating on it because I couldn’t quite catch the gist of second part of the quote.
    One friendly suggestion I would like to give is that PBUH only should be used with the Prophet (PBUH). You can use Rahmatullahi Alaih (RA) in short for Rumi. Because not even other prophets of Allah were given the PBUH but rather Alai-his-salam (A.S). And Allah knows best.

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