Where is your curiosity leading you ?

Well ,Had not been Newton curious enough we would never  have known why apple falls downwards and not upwards, Curiosity is a great thing, it has led us  to reason,to know and eventually to grow.

I see curious people everywhere , meet them every now and then, offline and online.

No no, my post is not about differently curious people like Newton but generally curious people around us, who are always curious to know what is happening in others life , What are rest of the people  doing ? Spying around more than intelligent services.


Some very normal questions in India –

If you are unmarried , so when are you getting married ??

If you are married, when are you giving us good news for the baby?

If you are student, when will you get your results ? Your marks?

That was the  funny part, but problem arises when you start asking  intimidating questions which has nothing to do with you .

for example:

You know that someone is looking for a job, why  ask him about his job every time you see him ?

You know she never talks about her husband or in laws, why to ask her about them You never know what she is hiding behind her silence.

If someone shared  his wedding pictures, to tell  him/her

‘I thought you were already married ‘or

‘ I think I saw your wedding pictures  before as well,’

until he/she tells(actually yells at)  you ,‘Yes I got divorced and am married again,’

‘Oh I am sorry,’  

No,  he/she doesn’t need your sorry, You already did your job of hurting that person.Just be more kind, empathetic and sensitive.You never have to be sorry then.

Sending messages to someone you never talked in years just to know something about him/her that you heard from someone aka confirming the rumors??

Asking questions  starting with ”If you don’t mind ?? or ending up with a hehehe..”   If you think he/she  will mind,Why to ask? and It is not funny even with a ‘hehehe’ !

Why to become so insensitive  just to feed your curiosity?

( Disclaimer : It is not for anyone specific.Many of us do get curious and might end up  hurting others unintentionally , For everyone who reads it, It is ‘you’ asking your inner self and not  Me as writer 😀 !)

We are all guilty of doing it sometimes to feed our curiosities, Just think for a while, before asking a personal question to someone .

Could it hurt some one?  if  Yes! better not ask it.

Do I need this information, What do I have to do with this information about him/her ? If your answer is nothing , better not ask it.

34 thoughts on “Where is your curiosity leading you ?

      1. hahaha,no really, they behave like police, watching everyone and telling them what is wrong , Imagine if we are judged by these people! ?? they will send us all to Hell ! Allah is supreme and merciful and is most forgiving, !

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  1. Good post. Another reminder of the need for empathy. Loved the part about ending with hehehe. Seriously, not cool.

    Oh, I have a question though. Is it insensitive to ask a person with really prominent nasal hair (I mean, the kind Tarzan can swing from):
    “Dude, how do you grow your hair?”

    Ugh, sorry for that stupid joke, Sana. I don’t know what gets into me sometimes. I can be super insensitive at times.

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      1. 😀 Hehe. Oh I wish I could ask such questions face to face. Sigh. I try to be empathetic (or at least pretend when I see long nasal hair) 😛
        I think it’s the Arabic one. My parents speak such atrocious Hindi that I doubt they ever had any encounters with Urdu.

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      2. Oh, I do know that part. I used to get teased when I was in school. Poetic indeed. Irshad Irshad 😀
        I have not been to a Mushaira unfortunately till now. I intend to though, someday. I have seen a few on TV and YouTube.

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  2. Actually white people do it most often when confronted with a brown monkey 🙂
    Sometimes they ask a question and then answer it themselves.. “Where are you from? India”
    or they tell you the answer first and then ask the question : “You are from India. Aren’t you?”

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    1. For me it is opposite, they are surprised to know I am from India, They were guessing me as spanish when I was not wearing Hijab and now I am guessed as Moroccan .
      ”Where are you from ??”
      ”India?? O , You don’t look like ?? which part”

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  3. Aaaah I love this Sana just because you hit the nail right on the head. I am currently having to answer the marriage and whether you have found a boy questions, my older brother is being asked when he will get a job (as if its not frustrating that he has to pass millions of medical exams and interviews), and my younger brother (who is a software engineer) keeps getting asked to fix people’s hardware problems and it drives him insane to tell them he is a “SOFTWARE” engineer not a computer technician. Really, these people!!

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  4. Deen Student

    People who tend to be so curios often end up getting nothing beneficial in this world. For the last thing that they want to do before sleep is to see which couple broke up.. Which person got what degree and where is anyone spending their vacation.. Its hilarious however, they themselves arent willing to share their secrets/or even daily life events.
    Loved the post- Spot on!

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  5. Loubnanya

    I agree, curiosity may be a bad thing if it only mean to satisfy our curiosity but curiosity is more often something good I think, since it helps us understand & knowing better others. So I guess it depends on our intention 😉
    Nice post, I like your ideas sister !
    May Allah bless you.

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