Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Malcolm X

For Wednesday Ritual Quotation , I chose this quote from Malcolm X, inspired from his autobiography that I started reading a month back but didn’t finish it yet, I am more busy in blogging these days and reading posts from WordPress Reader than  my own  list.

Malcolm X was a strong leader with a great vision,unfortunately he didn’t live long enough to write many books but what he left is worth reading! It somehow gives me that strength that I am looking for,his words are empowering which compels for  the need of self-respect and most essential ,everyone’s right to freedom! . He lived for it and died for it.

Most of his quotes are about freedom and equality , I really like this one as it showed his empathetic side and greater understanding for human nature!


We should not be in  a hurry to blame others or categorize people into good or bad just because they are  doing things differently than us or they don’t  do what we do , or  think like we think .We do not know the ground realities what has shaped their behavior and  personality.People do change with time even if they are doing something wrong today, they might correct it tomorrow. Some learn things faster and others take time to understand and implement  in their lives ,but the fact is everyone is on a learning process .What we were few years before, We are not the same person anymore.Allah has guided us ,to be wiser and a better human being( from example of people around me, I see them learning and evolving or at least making an effort ),

If I form an opinion about a person that he/she is bad based on their thoughts/actions today ,  I am forming a barrier between me and them. I am restricting myself  to  love or be kind to them as I do for others who agree with my thought. Of-course, I do not wish evil for them but somehow in a deeper sense of being an equal in  creation I am violating my basic principle of treating  others well., or if I am being nice to them on outside ,do not like to make people feel bad, my heart is still not with my behavior.It is our perception  about them which stop us from being good to them,inside out.

So don’t give in to the urge of categorizing people in your mind, be kind to everyone and be nice , it is part of being you ! You might meet them tomorrow as better people or not,Allah knows.Do not make your behavior a reflection of theirs, because it is your OWN precious possession that you will carry forever.

(In response to Writers Quote Wednesday event held every Wednesday on Silver Threading, Link->)

17 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Malcolm X

    1. Thank you Ameena 🙂 yes, we can always work on ourselves to become better person!Conclusions, Judgement, are only limiting our abilities to see forward!Thank you for reading and empathizing my dear sister .


  1. This quote reminds me of the book Pride and Prejudice. What you said is so true. Once we have formed a negative impression of someone, it clouds our decision making towards that person. Only political correctness and social propriety keeps us from not behaving rudely. And it is such a wrong thing.

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  2. Once again Sara, thanks for the post. The quote is beautiful and the way you explained it in detail is amazing and opens up the eye and heart even more. To inculcate such qualities of contentment and non-judgement, will be to become a step closer to Prophet’s character.

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    1. Thank you so much Aaliyah, for reading it and understanding my thoughts like I wrote it 🙂 Indeed this should be our everyday thought to try to follow our prophet in his behavior and not only being limited to reading the texts of Quran and doing Salah.May Allah guide us and give us the strength to be righteous as He want us to be.Jazaki kallakhair.


  3. Deen Student

    Very well written! Its true that one’s behaviour might alter when faced with any person who taunts or disagree but yet again the wise is the one who doesn’t react spontaneously at them.
    Brilliantly explained, jazaakAllah for sharing!

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  4. Loubnanya

    Agree 100%! Yet, it’s one thing to agree, and it’s another thing to behave this way, not judging people. As you said, we should try our best to not judge someone on his bad deeds, we don’t know what he went trough and what Allah has written for him. Maybe he is pious than us, maybe we have a lot of things to learn from him. Sadly, some people in our community think that they are better that some others and don’t show them respect. I think it’s important to respect every human (as long as they respect us) & to open our heart to them so that we can learn from them. And I think that is exactly the values that you transmit through your writings dear Sana, that is why I love your blog so much 😉
    Much love my sweet sister! May Allah protect you.
    Please keep writing!

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