Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Marilyn Monroe


Loved this Quote from Marilyn Monroe,so sharing with you all .

We have distractions  around us  everywhere,from things that we like, people  we admire , what everyone else is up to and how creative the world is going on internet ! All these distractions everyday drive us crazy! We often feel  a certain pressure in our minds, to follow the crowd,although nobody asked us to, they just showed us what they are doing ! We keep trying so many things ,only  to discover later that No, it is not my thing! We can never do it all,We can never have it all.

There is no harm in trying and knowing things but sometimes too much time is wasted in being trying to be some else that someone really important gets ignored ,and that really important person is You ‘your self’.

You need to be truly accepting yourself without the urge of having what others have, a very simple example :Somebody’s blue eyes might look good on her but you should be happy with your brown or black ones, this is Allah’s gift to you, Are you not happy with what he gave you ? Another example , tan skin in India is still not liked by people, girls are rushing for whitening creams although most of the country has brown skin, shorter girls yearning to be taller to an extent that they do not feel confident without heels! I am not asking you to go out without makeup or heels 🙂 No, but someday  if you have, do not be shy or conscious!  Girls are generally more sensitive about their appearance and their behavior is governed  by the attitude of people and beauty conscious society . We need to have a strong  inner defence system to reject all what is coming negative from people.We need to embrace ourselves truly and respect ourselves for who we are!

I think my focus is always on self learning and knowing inner self ,I always feel that I have limited time on this earth and wasting it on  trying to be someone else is injustice and denial to my own being.I would rather spent on knowing myself,improving myself and being myself.

I may sound selfish with too much me and myself ,but believe me knowing yourself helps the world much more than being ignorant .If I am working on myself ,I would  perhaps become a better person who is more sensible and sensitive to need of people around ,I might make some contribution to the world .

People only respect a person who respect himself ,who is free from the need to impress anyone but himself.Be in your own need,love yourself ,create yourself and BE YOUR SELF.

(In response to Writers Quote Wednesday http://silverthreading.com/2015/10/21/writers-quote-wednesday-the-winds-of-change-rumi/


51 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Marilyn Monroe

  1. Most people just post a quote and leave it at that, expecting the reader to find interpretations on his own; which is not a bad thing, I might add. However, I like how you dissect a saying and sprinkle it with personal insights and anecdotes.
    Good post as always. Oh and the skin whitening creams lol.

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    1. Thank you Ershad ! The quotes are nothing new, everyone has read them once twice for sure, to understand them and apply it in life is another, I try to make a little effort by dissecting them so the readers can remember them for long time! for the whitening creams ,it is funny advertising,but aren’t they telling the dirty face of society, we are not ready to accept ourselves How can somebody else will!

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      1. Yes, I can understand what you mean.
        As for the skin whitening thing, I’ve been saying for a long time now that we Indians are the actual racists. If some gora insults us for our skin colour, we’ll shout immediately “Oh racism,” whereas we have been perpetuating the same thing for ages.
        Just goes to show the hypocritical nature of our society.
        And that can change only when we accept ourselves for what we are, like you said.

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      2. Yes indeed, I agree to your thought of us being racist and hypocrites! we are indeed the big ones, it all happens in our families too,not going too far, the thing is the wrong thoughts and practices have become so much part of us that until we change our thoughts today , then only we can stop this racism being inherited in future generations,I am forgetting about the old generation ,it is impossible to change their thoughts.:D:D imagine telling this to my Dadi 😀 she brought all gori bahus for her sons!:D I will surely get 2-3 flying slipper missiles from air.

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      3. Yes. The quintessential Gori bahu haha. They should make a lame serial with that name. But in all seriousness, it is the us and the next generations who has to bear the responsibility of bringing about this change. I pray that Allah ta’ala gives us the strength to do that.

        That flying slipper image though hahaha

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      1. Ladies please welcome…Master Chef XD Inky! 🙄
        Like I mentioned I would cook something.Well,today was the day.I was in charge of dinner. 😛
        I tried this recipe https://fromworldskitchen.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/chili-chicken-chinese-style/ <-Chilli Chicken!
        It turned out well! 😀 Alhamdulillah we really enjoyed.
        Here is a pic like I said I would show you.

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  2. Loubnanya

    Deep thought, as usual 🙂
    Thank you, it is very helpful..
    You are NOT selfish, you are DEEP. Introspection is the best way to know ourselves alhamdoulillah.
    Much love ❤️

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  3. Beautiful post Sana. I am guilty of the heels one. I recently started wearing to practice walking in them and now I hate wearing flats because everyone else here in Aus are natural giants 😦 But you are right. We should be happy the way we are alhumdulillah.
    I love the quote btw. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you my dear for reading and sharing your honest views! Some years back I was doing same,when i was in Germany people were so tall everywhere that I feel like a minion with them, I was wearing heels constantly that I couldn’t walk in flat anymore, I was stumbling everywhere , that was the alarming situation , I stopped wearing heels for an year completely ,after that now I am into occasional wearing or very small heels.

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  4. sherinsk

    mene socha aap mujhse naraz he aur guzze me hein.Thanks for all the likes and yes you are very correct.Trying to be someone else is a waste of time even though i tried it many times without any success 🙂

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    1. no, I am not naraaz, I honestly told you instead of feeling bad, thanks for reading my post , and your insight.We should value ourselves and improve ourselves ! We all do try to be like someone else in our lives, but sooner we understand the truth , it is better for us.:-)


  5. Aww, this is a wonderful quote. There really is no love without self love first. All around me, I see the use of bleaching cream skyrocket and it really is sad to see we don’t feel beautiful enough.


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