My Landlord Rantings!

 My Saturday Story :

While I was happy with my weekend beginnings yesterday,  after a tiring week of solving jigsaw puzzles  of office works ( currently working with java in office ! I haven’t worked with it before and it is consuming all reserves of my patience !!) so Saturday morning started with a call from Landlord telling me we need to renew the contract! ‘ Half awake, half asleep, I was startled! ‘why ? ‘ .He said ‘ I need to increase the rent as now you are living with your husband and earlier it was just one person! ‘  I was shocked, but more than shocked ,I  felt cheated as he didn’t say anything while signing the contract and nothing like this is written in my contract!  I am paying for my water,heating,electricity and common building charges separately so whatever will increase in consumption lies on me to pay not him. My contract is for 3 years and if I leave in first year , I have to pay 3 months of rent  extra so he openly asked me to leave the apartment if  I am not willing to accept the new contract.

so while I was fasting today for Ashura , 10th of Muharram, it was unlikely to not meet a Yazid!


My thoughts all day :

I hung the phone telling him how disappointed I am with his behavior and I will think about it and tell him.I kept thinking  about his age between 70-75 years and  being owner of this building having at least 9-10 apartments, and many more such buildings! Being a rich man doesn’t end his greed ! How I remembered the saying

Money doesn’t make you rich! Some people are so poor that only thing they have is money! 

No manners, no values ,no morals. He is trying to take advantage of situation that I am not local from this country,do not know law and cannot leave the apartment as I shifted in March.Being  a HSP (highly sensitive person ) my thoughts couldn’t go away to other things  all day and still can’t believe how people even at this age can be so like this ! I called few of my friends to take their advice and their  wonderful advice was to COOL DOWN  ( so true friends 😀 )


I have decided to cool down and talk to him face to face tomorrow that it is not right what he is asking and it is not legally allowed to increase rent on my being married without telling me before signing the contract and he cannot threaten me to  leave the apartment, lets see what he says tomorrow !


After all life is not that grey and blue! and we should face problems in the face than to get sad, depressed and running away from them.

will keep you updated! 

67 thoughts on “My Landlord Rantings!

  1. That’s just saddening, it’s hard to imagine that there are still people like him out there who think they can do what they like, just because the house is theirs, but then again there’s nothing new anymore, so just keep your cool, say a prayer and I believe that it’s all going to be alright dear.

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  2. Well, for starters… His greed has no bounds 🙄🙄 How does you being married, affect the contract, when you’ve already signed it for 3 years.

    Do tell him that these are your “Home Rights”, you and your husband have all the rights to enjoy the property as far as I know. I’m assuming that the agreement is on your name.

    As long as you’re regular with payments there isn’t much Mr.Groucho can do. 👍🏻

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  3. Also, does your agreement have a clause which states that, ” during the period of your tenure as a tenant, the landlord may not increase the rent?”

    If this clause is there, then he can’t increase your rent for the period & as you have home rights, he can’t order you to evict it either..

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear that, my sister!
    Hope you’ll solve this problem well. You’ve taken good steps so far, to decide to face your problem gently. I believe in you, my sister!
    You can face it, n I admire your beautiful manner and your thoughts. Truly! I say it according the fact! You go, sis! 😍

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  5. That is terrible Sana. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope he understands his fault when you talk to him.
    And if he doesn’t, I’d suggest change the apartment at the end of the first year because sometimes the peace of mind is more important (assuming of course, apartment hunting is not too much of a hassle).

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  6. Good luck with your attempts to solve this. Where I live, his demands would be illegal I believe. I wonder if you can get legal advice somewhere? Once again good luck – this sort of thing can be so stressful.

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  7. Awww Sana that is horrible. I know how mean landlords can be. Got my own fair share except I was lucky that my parents had to deal with them and not me but the headache and tension they offer, I can feel the pain.
    I hope you are able to talk sense into him and it works out well for you in sha Allah

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    1. Thank you my Dear friend for the link, I was talking ,discussing and reading all this info the whole weekend! He postponed the meeting for a week, so let’s wait till he calls back!I feel much better after reading and knowing exact tenant situation here, he cannot legally do it n cannot even threaten me like this.

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  8. juliahmadhijabista

    Unfortunately,I have failed anything on your situation using English links. Probably, you could find something in French spoken links, some forums maybe, some “ask question to a lawyer” etc.

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  9. juliahmadhijabista

    And finally: just be quiet when you’re talking to him. Maybe, it’s been a kind of misunderstanding. Ask him what the problem is for him that your husband is with you. Maybe, some nasty neighbours complained.

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  10. juliahmadhijabista

    If you finally understand the law is on his side, and he can legally do what he wants, just ask for some favour. Sign an extra agreement that you agree to renew the contract after a year, etc. Then, at least,you’ll have time to prepare financially and psychologically. Love you, sister, and keep cool. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. 😀 I am actually smiling for all the love and concern you have for me! Thank you for all the love my lovely sister! I did check my contract,there is nothing specified if it is for one person or two, by law as well he cannot increase rent without mutual agreement.He is nastly himself,neighbours are cool, I have to inform him about my marriage if my husband lives with me,so i did that but he was abroad that time, now he is back, so he started thinking ways of covering holiday expenditure 😉 When I came to see this flat, he increased 100 euro immediately since I told him I liked it, saying it was mistake on website by agency and later I asked him if tmrw I get married what about rent, he told me it will be same you get need to inform me !! so that statement from an oldman annoyed me much on saturday that he is such a crook at this age!but I am cool now , there is another old man at work who is bothering me ,need to take care of him now,as for the week. 😀

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  11. Oh so this was the post you were talking about.
    I am sorry plus angry at that man for this.It seems unfair.
    But like Mama says maybe there is something better that Allah has for you.
    In sha Allah I hope you solve this problem.
    Sigh.It is so true when youre done solving one problem the other one is just waiting outside the door. :/
    Khair Alhamdulillah ala kulle haal.
    Do tell me what he says.May All SWT change his mind and he becomes better.Haha XD Ameen!

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      1. yes my dear sister! I am well here, was bit worried on saturday, for now, my landlord postponed meeting so will see when he calls back! Life goes on and so do the problems! one after the other, it takes sometime to absorb the shock and carry on with saying Alhamdulillah for everything! May Allah makes things easy for all of us.

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  12. السلام عليكم
    Sorry personal question,
    If you’re married, why is the landlord calling you? To increase your rent? Because your husband is living with you? I’m confused lol, shouldn’t your husband be housing you? In Islam this is his responsibility.

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    1. Walekum as salaam Brother, lol, you are confused indeed because I didn’t put all details, we decided to live in Belgium after Marriage as he was in spain before , and I was working and living here already, so he shifted here in the same house I was living before and contract is in my name.

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      1. Tayyib, may Allah make things easy for you and I read through the comments, seems you have a sister who knows the legal system well ما شاء الله may Allah reward her and reward you for your patience. اللَّهُم آمين

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      2. Yes indeed, I took advice from her and asked some locals as well, so now we are feeling more confident to handle the situation when our landlord comes next time with his illegal demands ! Jazakallah khair Brother for sparing your thought and for your prayers too!

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  13. Fateema Abdallah

    I never heard such a thing that a rent is based on the number of people living in the apartment. That is strange. I loved the quote saying wherever you go, your problem will follow. That is so true sis.

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    1. It is only possible on mutual agreement,he cancelled meeting on sunday, let’s see when he calls back! it was my mistake to take his flat! He was showing some alarming signals in beginning when I came to see this flat, but I thought he is too old and a bit crazy because of his age ! 😦

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      1. Loubnanya

        Okay I understand sister! Hope you & your husband will find the solution insha’Allah! I know you’re highly sensitive like me so I guess you are very affected by this “betrayal” but don’t be sad, this man doesn’t deserve your sadness. You have your family supporting you & you have us here, we all know you’re an extraordinary person & the one trying to take advantage over your kindness cannot be a good person. Let us know what happens next!
        May Allah bless you ❤️❤️

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      2. yes my sister you know how i felt the whole day , I cannot control the sensitivity I have, it is from Allah and it does affect us, but we are trying to be positive and thinking of solution what could be done! Barakallah feeki ukhti azeeza!

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  14. I feel your pain sister! I hate when landlords do that. I went on holiday and when I came back, the landlord increased our rent by 100 dollars more every month ($1200) more to our rent by year end 😖
    How did yours work out in the end?

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  15. I hope everything worked out well for you in the end. You are so right, there are people in this world who take advantage of other people’s situation- they are the worse. I admire the way you dealt with the whole situation, Much more power to you! 🙂

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