Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


This is my  yet another attempt to understand the mystic words by a great soul,Rumi(A.S), but today I feel it is  more  a futile effort! I have read this quote many times to understand what he really means by it! and I am still sure I don’t get it 100% ,but I will not give up!!

Pour in your ideas what you feel after reading this quote and it might help me to understand it better !

 and this is what I feel for it  until now: 

By this quote I feel Rumi is asking us to be more warm in our hearts for others and for ourselves.Our hearts have become cold and hard like ice! We no longer feel the things as greatly as we did in our childhood.Those small little joys of life are no more joyful when we used to admire the beauty in the soap bubbles and wonder at our paper boats in the ripples of rain water! We miss our selfless self and great time called childhood.

Why don’t we let go of our pride for the things we would just leave here before our final departure ! We are all travelers in this world with limited provisions,the security will not allow anything to take with us except few! so before we board our final flight, Why can’t we let go of that extra baggage of false ego which stops us from so many good things in life and afterlife too.

Let us forgive someone today  and ask forgiveness from someone, melt that ego and ‘wash off this false self from yourself’ ,

Be true as your soul  deeply long for it to be, be good as you wish someone to be to you!

Let it all wash away that put burden on our souls and make our hearts heavy! Let the love flow and feelings flow out !  Let it keep us moving and  this moving should be more in our minds and hearts .

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51 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi

  1. Loubnanya

    I was waiting for your quote 😉

    Rumi ❤️ what a good choice!

    I agree that we can never understand completely his quotes… But here, you explained it very beautifully! Actually when I read it (maybe 10times hahah) I didn’t understand he half of what you understood! Bravo! I love the way you let go your feelings in front of a quote. Your kindness & your spirituality shine & enlighten me 🙂

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    1. I went through many Writers but none of their quotes could bargain for Rumi’s Quote, so I will be sticking to him 😉 mostly,
      yes me too I have read it how many times I don’t know ab I am still not sure if this is what he meant,but I think I am getting close .hahaha. Thank you for your support my Lovely sister, and your kind words, if I can share some of my thoughts which could find a place in your mind and heart, i am happy with it. 🙂 we all learn from each other’s thoughts.

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      1. Loubnanya

        Alhamdoulillah all of your words touch my soul because you are so sweet & honest.
        Maybe one day you shall write a book explaining Rumi’s quotes & I shall be the first to buy it! Hahaa

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  2. First of all, this is a brilliant quote. Thank you for sharing. Before reading your interpretation, I took some time to think about it. What struck my mind is that it talks about losing the “self.” The self in this case means that part of our soul that searches for materialistic pleasures. I don’t know.

    Anyway, then I read your interpretation and it makes much more sense.
    Thanks again, Sana. I always look forward to your quote posts.

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    1. Thank you Ershad for your analysis ,It helps me to put more pieces of this jigsaw together ,I think my understanding is more for first part to let go our ego, losing our materialistic self will bring us closer to Allah, like melting ice becomes the flowing stream and merges with ocean, similarly our ultimate destination is to be with Allah .Indeed Rumi talks about those parts of soul that looks for materialistic pleasure,in his writings,! as called ‘nafs’ as well.Makes more sense now with your thoughts! 🙂 thanks

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      1. yes I did, and m sure others as well, you are such a sweet charmer MashaAllah.Study well n make us proud again, just keep your time for wordpress like after lunch or dinner to check, so you dont overdo it ,n dont have FOMO ,hahaha

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      2. Aww thanks Sana. You are such a sweet charmer too!! Charmed me with your comment haha.
        I will in sha Allah. Keep me in your prayers and I shall try not to eat heaps for lunch because I shall need excuses to read all posts 😉
        That’s my biggest fear tbh. FOMO!! Like I am studying here and y’all are partying at WP with your posts 😦 hahaha

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      3. Thank you Aaliyah! I think I am addicted to it now 😀 😀 so while cooking I am always taking pictures , it is actually funny to see me in real and on tuesday night I am searching for quotes like zombie on my laptop ! but I really enjoying sharing my recipes and quotes with you all !

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  3. Oh, I love Rumi quotes too. I think this one talks about cleansing yourself from your own ego, or id. It is the act of starting over (changing images: snow to melted snow) that leads us on a more purposeful journey in life. Thank you so much for sharing such great wisdom. ❤

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    1. Thank you Colleen for reading and sharing your views! I feel the same for this quote to cleanse our self from ego! With everyone’s view ,it gets more clearer in my head and impact would stay a lil bit longer ,Thank u so much for your explanation 🙂

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