Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Rabia Basri

I am sharing the quote from Rabia al Basri, She was a muslim saint known for her great devotion and piety, has high regard among sufi scholars and  considered among first female sufi saints. Her life is narrated by another contemporary saint and poet ‘Farid al-Din Attar’ in his teachings and writings and that is how the world knows about her.

Birth Name:Hazrat Rabia al-Adawiyya al-Qaysiyya
Born in: between 95 and 99 Hijri. In Basra, Iraq.

Her life is an inspiration because she managed to achieve what she wanted  to in her life i.e Nearness to Allah without having any formal education or following any great master in her early life .Her story motivates me through her determination with which she sought her goal ,her focus on reaching her destination and not for a second her attention wavered  . She never gave up in the world where being saint was only a man’s thing then, not that she aimed to become a saint but it was a part of her journey and she didn’t hesitate for a while of doing something which was unusual for a women .

You can read more about her on  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabia_Basri


Her above thought is so strong and empowering that we are bound to think that  Are our problems , really  ‘problems’ or they just exist in our minds ?

Have we created mental barriers that stop us to see beyond that barricade?

What if there is no problem and it was just our perspective to look at things ? and when we adjusted our perspective the problem has suddenly disappeared!!

Are we knocking on an open door and complaining  that nobody  is opening and coming to our help ?

Isn’t time to check if we really need help and if we are doing something about our problems ?

We do not have to panic or worry too much for our problems because they blind our minds and we lose the ability to  think what can we do and what needs to be done in right time! and even if we do panic , we shouldn’t make it longer to revive , We need to overcome it quickly by having courage to see the open doors and keep moving in this journey called life .

Another of her quote that will inspire you :


(In response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday  at http://silverthreading.com/2015/11/04/writers-quote-wednesday-george-orwell/)

29 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Rabia Basri

  1. History and religion have been unkind to the female saints and thinkers. Even when they are mentioned, very few people tell us of the thoughts and ideas of such thinkers. Usually the discourse stays limited to the sacrifices and the devotion to the Almighty.

    This just highlights how good this post is as it takes us past the accepted knowledge, into the realm of philosophy.
    Thank you Sana.

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    1. Thank you Ershad for always appreciating my efforts.Yes you are right,there are not mentioned as much they should be but atleast we had some nice scholars at that time who mentioned about her life and some of her thoughts so we can know a bit about her.

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  3. M.Rohit Mehta

    I came to know the existence of Rabia Basri and her thoughts suddenly through Osho ‘s talks . I was amazed by her poetry and how broad her Love towards God and the times she lived. Probably she was the first in the whole history who taught Salvation through LOVE.


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