While the world is recovering from news of  Paris Attacks , We in Brussels are on  terror alert of highest level from past 3 days and it is extended to Monday as well. The city looks deserted , military deployed on all major locations, empty streets and  police patrolling everywhere ,even while writing this post I can hear sirens from my room within double glazed glass windows.

I can sense the fear even in the wind when I went outside for a quick walk this evening. People are going out  only for urgent things, the school and colleges are closed and offices have allowed home working for tomorrow. I am not a stay home person on weekends especially if I am told not to go out ,makes it even more difficult.

Blogging does helps and gets me away from the constant thoughts but then I go back to news update  every 10 minutes, it is a constant switching between this strange feeling of sadness ,boredom,  fear and a vacuum created by absence of happiness, I don’t know  how to put it exactly into words, a weird mix of  feelings and then moving my  windows  tab to  wordpress,  I start to read posts from my lovely blogger friends which actually made me feel better and normal again for some time. I have started  taking refuge in my writings when things get too much on my head,  I hope and pray that things get normal soon here and everywhere in the world.  The thought keeps coming to my head that  how long can we actually live in this fear, and how much can we be inside ?

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      1. That is wonderful to hear. I’ve just checked the news and I’m relieved that some suspects were rounded up. I hope the authorities will catch that guy soon, so you guys can get some sleep. My prayers will remain with you until this scourge is put down for good. Let’s hope our world leaders won’t rest until they do. xo

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  1. Maestro

    Stay safe Sana! May Allah protect you and your family. Distract yourself with reading and wordpress and all. Plus talk to a friend. It helps 🙂 i wish i could do something for you

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  2. Assalamu alaikum sana. Yesterday only I was talking about you to mother, about your recipes and all. I had some doubt in one of your recipe so was telling her, I will ask sana. My mother was like “will she answer it”. I said yes. See how much we feel connected with the blog. After reading the situation in your part, I’m feeling scared. May Allah make things easy for all of us and take us out from such crisis.

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    1. Dear farheen, Sorry for replying you so late, somehow your comment was missed out 😦 I read it now, and yes we are connected by our hearts Thanks for your dua and same my salaam to your mum.Things are getting better now Alhamdolillaj but we still have Alert 4.

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  3. It’s sad to read about all the gloom surrounding the world right now. Hope things get better soon. Reading your description made me recall some of the bandhs we have over here. Life stops all of a sudden and the streets become desolate.

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  4. My thoughts are with you. I hope they can catch the perpetrators soon and everyone can gain a sense of safety back. I hope to visit Belgium in the spring, first stop being Brussels. And I must admit family and friends have recently been trying to persuade me to do otherwise. My mind has not changed, Belgium is a wonderful little country and I still wish to see it and enjoy it. I hope I get that chance!

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  5. Assalamualikum (:
    I hope you are doing fine and in your house. 😛

    Sigh.In one way or another we are all in some difficult situation that makes us take a turn into this narrow lane of melancholy.However,we must always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.In sha Allah things will get better on this planet.
    It’s good to know that reading helps you.Oh and there is always one more thing you can try,Master Chef Sana 😀 experiment new recipes.I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy some hot pakoras with some hari chutney! Yum.
    Keep yourself updated,take care and don’t go out for a walk unless it is safe… or else..
    *dramatic music …dan dan danan daa*
    I am gonna phone your mother. XD

    Take a WP tour to get your mind of things.
    Bye bye!

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  6. Muslim minorities are the first victims of terrorism throughout the world.

    The longer the War On Terror continues the larger the threat of terrorism has become, would think they’d realise something’s not working

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  7. Oh I pray for you! I sincerely hope things get better because it’s like every where now something seems to happen and so disturbs the semi peaceful conditions 😦 I hope you stay fine though, and I hope writing helps you, because it’s a good place for refuge too 🙂

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  8. Let’s remember that terrorists and dictatorships and governments throughout the world have been using fear as a means to control and oppress people/opinions/rights. Let’s not give in to it and remain steadily inside ourselves with dignity and strength.

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