End of Project

Hello Everyone ! Yes Don’t be surprised  I am still alive :D, I know I have been off this blog for almost a week but finally my stressful project is over Alhamdolillah.   Like every difficult situation, this project too taught me new things of which  I was scared to do in beginning  but at the end I was enjoying doing them.  There is no doubt that success lies outside our comfort zone, sometimes we need to push ourselves much  which causes us some pain and distress , and we start to think we are pushing  ourselves beyond our limits but it is not true, we actually don’t know our limits , only Allah knows what He has put in us,what we are capable of .He throws us  in a situation just to make us realize of our unrealized capability !

Few things I would like to share with you that helped me during my project :

Planning is very important:  A Good Planning is half done, Break your project into doable tasks and assign a timeline for each .

Putting extra hours in executing : You might have to put extra hours to reach your planned timeline for completing the tasks, since you will stumble upon  unknown problems as you keep moving forward.(Better to add some time in your planning for such unwelcomed guest problems)

Donot be shy and ask Help : If you think you are stuck in a problem too long , ask help from your colleagues or friends, donot waste much time looking for it. May be someone can help you solve it in 5 mins.

Too tired and problem doesn’t get solved : Take a break, go home , if at home go out ,take some fresh air and then analyze problem with fresh mind.

Ideally I should be celebrating it, jumping crazy on my bed and running  round and round in my home since I almost worked day and night to complete this assignment but I am not doing any of it as my husband is away for some work and alone is no fun 😦

I was making plans of how can I keep myself busy with out him , but boredom is so annoying , It doesn’t let you do anything interesting.

While I am going to refill my water bottle, you can enjoy here my first bitstrips that’s  all I did for today,



27 thoughts on “End of Project

  1. Hiba

    Aww, may Allah bless your marriage and always be merciful with the two of you. I pray you both go to paradise hand in hand. Then I’ll meet you there Insha Allah 🙂
    And yup I agree with all those points. All of em.

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    1. Aww Hiba it is so kind of you to give me your duas so generously.Aameen for u and for us.May Allah make us all meet there happily.Thanks it was one of kind project I did after many years that exhausted me and stressed me out completely.

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  2. Loubnanya

    Sister, I hope you’re doing well!
    How is the situation in Brussels right now?
    Anyway, I’m glad to read you, & this comic is so Coooooool’!! I love the idea! Did you draw it yourself? Your character really looks like you! Hahaha
    Love you sister ❤️
    May Allah bless your husband & you.

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    1. Yes My sister I am doing well. Things are getting better here alhamdolillah. How about you? I missed you. Hopy you and your family is doing good.No I used bitstrip website for making it, they give you options for making your own comic strip, try it out when you have time, it is fun.hehehe I think my cartoon character is more cute 😀 .. Love you too!! Waiyaaki ukhti azeeza !

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    1. hahaha, good to know, it served its purpose. Yeah, I prefer to solve the problems myself , gives me a sense of victory 😀 but then stuck on a problem and wasting too much time over it; .is not sensible,better seek help 🙂 yes indeed pushed the big elephant through the needle, only the tail is remaining 😛

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