When You Become Sugar

The inspiration for this post is this verse from Rumi’s Masnavi:

When you are sweet because of sugar, it is (possible) that
sometime the sugar may become absent from you.

(But) when you become sugar as a result of being faithful,
then sugar will never be separated from sugar.

The original goes in Farsi (Persian) like this:

chûn tô shîrîn az shakar bâsh-î, bow-ad
k-ân shakar gâhê ze-tô ghâyib shaw-ad

chûn shakar gard-î ze-ta’Sîr-é wafâ
pas shakar kay az shakar bâsh-ad jodâ?

Isn’t it beautiful? The two simple lines speak the behavioural reality of people.

When things in our life are good, we are happy, jolly and sweet but then some sudden unpleasant incidents turn us into a bitter person momentarily or for life long. Our behavioural sweetness depends on our mood and the mood depends on our mental and emotional states. The condition of our lives, what are we going through are shaping the person we are becoming every day. Sometimes we are sad because of our external world and sometimes we are sad because we are not happy with our own self. There is sadness inside our inner world when we are not meeting our own expectations.

Our behaviour is a mirror of our mental state and same is the case with sweetness, we need to check the source of our sweetness where is it coming from? If the supply is external it will surely stop one day and the void of sweetness will be filled by bitterness quickly. A bad traffic, delay of planned or expected events, encounters with rude people just spoils our mood and turns us into a bitter person instantly. Have we thought about it? Yes we do a bit in fact the constant reminder in our minds start beeping “why should you spoil your mood because of somebody else “. Few rants later or exchange of bad words or looks keep us all going and human at same time.

But then there are moments where the voids of soul start screaming loud and you start looking for soul food  to fill it in because our actions and thoughts doesn’t seem enough, we get consumed every day with our daily exposures to life. Our everyday prayers in invisible and spiritual ways help us to refill our reservoirs. Spiritual reflections are another way which helps us to fill this void. Rumi’s suggestion to become sugar is such spiritual reflection. To get the characteristic of sweetness deeply imbibed in our nature that it becomes a part of you so what can separate you from you? (Except Allah swt and normally He  doesn’t stop you from doing good)

It is a big challenge to practice every day, to keep our calm and cool in all circumstances. By accepting the decree of Allah in which ever state He has kept us, we can then only truly embrace life and experience happiness inside our inner realm, the invisible dimension of every human being and then become sweetness or better said as Rumi’s sugar.



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Mawlid : A war of words ? (Edited)

As the day of Mawlid is coming closer the war of words between Islamic scholars is getting heated up, my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with only two types of Posts, One saying celebrating the birth of Prophet is wrong and others justifying it. There are arguments and reasoning from both sides but they are going up to the level of calling each other sinner and many more things and it all breaks my heart to see our Leaders fighting over the birth of their Beloved Prophet. I think the people who chose their sides are still happy in their minds and calling each other with due names but people like me who are weighing arguments from both sides are just left confused and still without a side.

Arguments put up against the celebration:

  • The day of birth is unknown and it is the day of his ‘wafaat’(death) so celebrating this day, doesn’t make any sense!
  • It is an innovation which is termed ‘bidaah’ and is not allowed in Islam.Anyone doing it is a sinner.
  • Celebrating birthdays is a pagan tradition, and is not allowed.
  • Prophet never celebrated his own birthday.

Arguments in favour of the celebration:

  • It is blessed day as our prophet set his foot on earth and he was sent as Mercy and blessing for entire mankind.
  • If being a Muslim you will not celebrate the birth of your prophet, what will you celebrate then?
  • Not happy on the day when your prophet was born on whose Ummah we all belong, which day you will choose to be happy then?
  • In light of Quran the news of arrival of every prophet was referred as good news to the people.

So what should I do, be happy or be sad? Or just let it go like any other day? I sat there juxtaposed. Will my Allah punish his people for celebrating the birth of his last and final messenger, without testifying on whose name along with Allah you cannot even be a Muslim? How can Muslims use such harsh words for their own brothers? The thoughts were becoming too much on my head.

I asked my husband, he was at peace, not disturbed with all these things, he said ‘There are always difference of opinion among people, I would do what my prophet was doing on his birthday”.

“So what was he doing” my quick question.

“He was fasting”, he replied.

To be clear on this, our prophet was fasting on Mondays and Thursdays because of Sunnah so even if  his birthday was falling on Monday or Thursday, he continued his fasts and since this time it is on Thursday my husband is planning to fast like he always do these two days.

Things started to become easy, I can do the same. What is fasting in general ? for me it is a state of purification and getting nearness to your Lord and the doors of mercy are opened upon you. I can fast on this day and pray for peace in our lives and for the peace in the world and thank Allah for sending our prophet ,Muhammad ( peace be upon him)  to us .

So that would be my celebration or non-celebration still finding words to express it. My post was to highlight the point that do we need such a big debate on this?  Muslims around the world can have difference in opinions regarding it, we can agree with or disagree with,  but at the end all our actions will be judged by Allah swt and He knows best,  let us not state judgement on our brothers and pray for the true guidance.

Food Challenge

After the Quotes Challenge I am back with a Food Challenge now, Thanks to accidentallyinked who nominated me for this yummy Challenge. She writes great poems and posts great pictures, Do check her blog if you have not done it yet.


  1. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  2. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favourite food(so He/She can also give it a try if they like. 🙂 )
  3. You have to add a picture of the dish.
  4. You have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.

It is difficult for me just to choose one dish as most of you know my love for food. I am feeling like I am doing injustice to other dishes, So for the sake of choosing, there is one dish  I absolutely love and can never say no to it ,unless I am fasting 😀 and it is Biryani .

Biryani is a popular dish originated from Indian  Subcontinent. The word itself has Persian origin . Biryani is basically rice cooked with meat and spices.Different regions has their unique style of preparing it varying from north to south of India and in Pakistan too. It is a delight to cook  as well, it fills your entire house with an aroma of spices that leaves you  hungry long before it is cooked completely  and  served.

I love to eat Biryani with Kebab and Raita.  I have a picture of all of them together from last Eid.


It is also a new favorite of my husband nowadays so every weekend either we are cooking it or gulping it down directly  in Indian Restaurants .

Btw I have a food blog too, if some of you still don’t know , do check it out (https://fromworldskitchen.wordpress.com/) .For the moment , it is becoming more healthy blog based on our diets after all the messing up done this year and last year  😉

My nominations for this challenge :

  1. farheen siddiqui
  2. Hiba
  3. desertchameleonblog
  4. Nisthur Anadi
  5. Serpico
  6. sulphurman
  7. tamtam012013
  8. anyone who wishes to share their favorite food.

and anyone who did it already or do not want to make a post about it, just leave a comment with your favorite food 🙂


Some thoughts from Rumi’s Masnavi

There is no need for me to mention again about the great wisdom hidden in works of Mawlana Rumi  and the purpose is not to bore you  with his  thoughts either,  the purpose is always the same  to share his great ideas so pardon me for choosing his quotes again and again.  Nobody should be deprived of this fountain of knowledge and wisdom. This is from Volume 1 of Masnavi, picked up from lines between ‘1121-1149’ .

There is a theory of opposite that is explained by Rumi , it is called ‘Things are revealed by their opposite’ and the way he explained why we do not see God is worth reading.

There isn’t light (at) night, and (so) you don’t see
colors; therefore (light) is made evident by the opposite of

(First) is the seeing of light, then the sight of color.
And you know this instantly by (awareness of) the contrary
of light.

God created pain and (yearning) sorrow for this sake:
so that happiness may occur by (means of) this opposite.

Thus, hidden things are revealed by (their) opposites.
(And) since God has no opposite, He is hidden.

How do we know that the moment we are living now is better than the moments we have lived , we do it by a simple comparison since future is uncertain the only possibility of assessment  is with evidence of opposites. How do we know  we are feeling sad, we know it because it doesn’t feel the same when we are happy ,  we can distinguish between different feelings. Imagine if there was just one feeling , could we even define then what a feeling is ? We never notice the presence of oxygen around us because we have always lived with it but the lack of oxygen is surely felt . The presence of opposites do help us to define things, feel things,  see things and sometimes value them as well.


(As an entry for quotes for weekly Writer’s Quote Wednesday held on  Silver Threading)

These Syrian Children

As I sit on my couch bored ,  constantly switching between my phone and laptop , clueless of what to do, I looked outside my window , the leafless branches shook aimlessly in the rain. The weather outside was even more boring than my mood  I preferred staring at my screen scrolling down the newsfeed of my facebook in hope of finding something interesting , so now appeared a video from one of the pages , it was in Arabic with french subtitles, my french is not good enough but I gave it a shot. It was short interview of few  syrian children surviving in war torn Syria.I didn’t need the words anymore , their expressions were enough. I have put the link at end .

They talk about death, war, starvation and how they have to get up 6 am in morning to draw water from hand pumps and help their families to lift the water to top floors since the supply of water and electricity is cut by the government .They see bombs dropping in nearby buildings and people dying everyday. One of them with red top  is like their leader, even joking , which translates “Look you want to kill us, We are not dead, hahaha” .  These kids are not kids anymore at 4-5-7 years of their age, they have seen all.

I was numb for few minutes after watching this  and even felt guilty of  being bored, of having the luxury of boredom, How can I ??  I am grateful to Allah for what he has given me but I still feel guilty of closing my eyes to what is happening in rest of the world. I felt guilty of spending money uselessly without sparing a thought that someone might need it.

We being common man cannot control what is happening in Syria , but we can surely lend a helping hand to the people who are suffering there,  who do not have any money  to migrate to other countries. Charity organisations like Syrian Charity  are  collecting funds right now for winter survival of these kids.  Skipping a dinner for a friday night or a movie  and donating that amount for these kids would not affect  much on our monthly statements, but these kids might have some food and blankets for these winters. So please help them by spreading the word for Syrian Charity this Christmas and New Year. Let us end our year by doing something good. May Allah bless us all .