Home Alone

My home alone day 2 was not as bad as yesterday! Unlike yesterday I had an idea today to continue exploring my comic life through Bitstrips . It brought back a lot of childhood memories of Pinky,  Billu and Chacha Chaudhary , for those  who donot know these names, they are famous Indian comic characters at least in my generation of 90s, I wonder what is latest for kids now or if they read any comics at all !!

My new found fascination of self cartooning and writing strips comes from my  love of cartoons , since I never explored any of these games or sites , never thought about it and my drawing is too pathetic to draw any of my own. Yesterday was an exceptional day of celebrating  boredom and my explorations led me discover some of my lost passions 🙂

Humor is an essential part of our lives and we shouldn’t let it get lost in our day to day struggles with life.  Laugh everyday  and live everyday. I prefer to laugh at myself and my own situations , that is how I thought of  doing  comic posts  ,why not share it with you all, so from now on you will have a frequent walk to my  funny situations in these strips. I plan to keep it under category ‘My Comic Life’, in case somebody doesn’t want to be bothered by them, you can filter by  just seeing the category or name in title or if you like them and  plan to read them later , you know where to find them on my blog. There are some of my blogger friends whose great sense of humor and funny posts helped me a lot while I had  work stress, reading their post and having a laugh just lighten up my mood and I felt re energised to work again.My thanks to all of them .

Let’s kick off our stress with fun and humor .

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do writing them.









48 thoughts on “Home Alone

      1. Ji ha ha…
        Once as part of 8 th class i had draw chacha choudhary and sabu painting, and displayed in our room for quite some times.
        Cartunist “pran” and diamond pocket book publication .
        I could remember.☺☺

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      2. yes , I am 🙂 will start with indian diet ,cutting down my rotis to two in lunch and then 1 for dinner for this week.Next week I will come to an actual diet with one roti in lunch and dinner only daal, salad and raita.

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  1. Hiba

    Wow, Sana, same. :p
    Lol, this happens with me when my mom is not home XD
    But it’s nice to see you making yourself busy. It sucks to be alone once you get used to somebody’s company. Best to be occupied with something. 🙂

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  2. This is a really great initiative Sana. Everyone has a funny bone inside them. People just need to let it out.
    Chacha Chaudhary? Haha. I was more into Raj Comics than Diamond Comics. Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Doga and Parmanu lol. As kids we would wet out hair and try to copy Nagraj’s hairdo.
    Coming to the strip. It’s funny like the last one. For some reason, caricatures tend to amplify humour with their visual appeal. And that keeping the things too high reminded me of how my mother looks for me or my brother when she has to get something that’s kept too high hahaha.

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    1. 🙂 we just have to help them find theirs. I must admit I did read some Nagaraj and Super commando Dhruv while the stock of my favorite ones was over during summer vacations ..I was borrowing from my male Cousins .. and they were happily lending me as I was sharing their likings and we could discuss about all characters later..Caricatures are more expressive than words.I think people can relate more to visuals , and regarding the comic strip ..for the stool part..yeah He is always putting things I need on highest shelf deliberately 😀 😀

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    2. By the way My post was inspired by your blog as well I did mention there but it was not so directly..donot know if you would like the camera on you 😀 😀 haha.. It did help me during busy days.. Thanks and keep writing ! 🙂

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      1. Yay! Haha Thank you so much. That made me smile really wide. Because it is always my intention to make people laugh a bit and leave their worries for a while.
        Thanks again for encouraging. I’m experimenting with some other stuff right now, but humour is where I am most at home 🙂

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