3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge & WQW

Thank you rāhā§yā ( from  Untold Diaries) for nominating me for  3 Day 3 quotes Challenge which I wholeheartedly accept as I love sharing quotes, for today I will merges it with my Weekly Wednesday Quotes 🙂

Rules of the Challenge :

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate 3 new bloggers each single day of the challenge

My nominees are: Hiba , Elegies And Aches , joyroses13

Here is my short poem for today’s Quote by Bulleh Shah , who was a Sufi Punjabi Poet , a Humanist and Philosopher.He lived in 17th Century and most of his stories comes through legends passed on to people as  verses/couplets.

Born: 1680 Uch, Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

Died: 1757 (aged 77) Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan


“If the divine is found through ablutions
surely frogs and fish would find him first
if the divine is hidden in jungles
the cattle would have discovered him by now
O Bulleh, the divine is found by those
with pure and true heart ”

The words are so simple yet powerful and wise, I think the problems of people since centuries remain the same but the level of  wisdom  is surely on decline.The people are literate but not educated, educated but not wise . Simpler things are being made complicated everyday, debated and fought over while the major problems remain overlooked ,unsought and unresolved.The poor becomes poorer and sad even sadder.Everyone is so focused to see other’s problems and faults. There is fire inside our own home but we are busy watching others burning  , I wish everyone realizes  it and becomes wiser to understand the truth which we have blindfolded ourselves to.

Self knowing and improving the person residing in your body should be the  goal. Educating yourself of your own being is half the battle won against all known and unknown demons.

 The punjabi original version is below in transliteration, I know the original words always have deeper impact :

Jeh Raab milda naatheya dhoteya ta milda dadua machiya
Jeh Raab milda jangal bele ta milda gaua bachiya
Jeh Raab milda vich masiti ta milda cham chidikiya
Bulleya Raab ohna nu milda nitta jena diya sachiya

In response to  my weekly submission on SilverThreading.com



14 thoughts on “3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge & WQW

  1. There is so much depth in this quote. Thank you for sharing this. Bulleh Shah’s words have not found the reverence they deserve in India probably because he wrote in Punjabi. I first came to know about him when I came across the song “Bulla ki jaana main kaun hoon” by Rabbi Shergill.

    This quote also brought a childhood memory. I recall my high school Hindi teacher reciting Kabir’s following lines which are on a similar theme:
    “Moko kahaan dhoonde re bande main toh tere paas mein
    Na main dewal na main masjid na kaabe kailas mein.”

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    1. Thank you Ershad 🙂 I didnt even know after that song as well, actually I liked the song but didn’t got the true meaning until I read about Bulleh Shah and his poems . I was listening to one Song from Abida Perveen which has this verse in Punjabi and it captured my heart 🙂 Yes, even writings of Kabir has similar essence, they all say it many ways and all mean same and they never fail to touch our hearts.

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  2. Hiba

    Hi! Ahem. I mean Salam* :p

    This is such a beautiful quote, and honestly, it took me a little while to grasp it’s meaning. But I got it finally.
    It’s reaches me on a much more spiritual level. We need to spiritually cleanse ourselves from negativity and blind arrogance and ignorance.
    It’s a great quote.
    And just for the record, I’ve already done my quotes challenge. You’ll find it here: https://dreamslikebrokenglass.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/quotes-challenge/

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  3. Hmm never really knew about Bulleh Shah and looking by the comments, it seems I am the only one.Yikkes but thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading the quotes that you share because I fine each to be inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks Sana.

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