My Comic Life-6



32 thoughts on “My Comic Life-6

  1. Hahaha, this happens to me almost all the while… and then I am cross and I tell her she mumbles everything.. and she harangues in reply “Aur tum kuch suntey hee nahein ho…”
    Ah, never mind… deaf husband and idiot wife πŸ˜€

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      1. Going on, Sana… life has not been a bed of roses lately, but we push onward πŸ™‚ Mostly the ceiling has been my constant companion in the last few weeks.. lying on my back.. but alright, zinda hain to hum hain, zinda hain to leTey nahein rahenge πŸ™‚
        The li’l one is doing really awfully these days. Becoming a brat. Poori Meena Kumari. You just have to say one word to her and she bursts into tears… and then, a new madness… writing letters and notes to mom and dad… in really awful English… y0u are biutiful parents, thank you for caring me… and helping me.. thank you for being there for me..

        Really!!! Nautanki.. poori kee poori… then little sketches with her and family, with more words describing who is who and what is what hahaha… entertainment, for sure.. but nautanki, at that…

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      2. Aww. Will pray for you. I hope you recover soon and stop staring at poor ceiling..Am laughing now reading about your lil one.she is so cute MashaAllah. and such a brat,, kids these days where they learn all these emotional stunts.

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      3. Alhamdulilah…. (And bear in mind, this being an atheist and a kafir, hehe)… for sure… not staring at the ceiling at all.. not all the while.. I hate to do that. I cannot sit still or lie down when I am alive.. I don’t care what happens, but I will live until I die.. if you know what I mean. Nothing should stop me and nothing can keep me low forever. This spine? Bah… I will make it work.. πŸ™‚

        Haan… I know.. I am always amazed.. where do they learn these things? I was talking to my wife’s cousin the other day (Oh never mind.. even my wife is upset that I spend too much time listening to her these days.. such petty jealousy) and my daughter sniffs and tells me.. “Haan, abhi main tumhari friend nahein hoon. ab to Reshma hai sab kuch…. ” what an ass.. it is almost like someone has taught her those lines… Never mind my wife’s jealousy, ab to meri beti bhi????!!!

        Kuch accha nahein ho raha hai, Sana, I promise you.. kids should remain kids.. too much media, too much of the bollywood nonsense.. and the sad part is, they do not remain children forever and that too, these days, they grow up just too soon. She will be six next month and I can only tearfully wish she had stayed 3 or 4… how they grow.. and so sad that they grow into this… zamaana hee kharaab hai.. ghor kaljug hai hahahaha…

        take care… good to hear from you, allah hafiz… (again, atheist calling hehe)…

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      4. hahaha.Thank you for using these wonderful words while conversing with me and your between the brackets liners to remind me πŸ™‚ , I respect every individual for his views and choices. I agree kids grow up so fast ,even for my lil cousins or nieces who grew up ,I wished they could stay 3-4 for few more years, that cuteness and innocence could stay a bit longer πŸ™‚ now they know everything even more than us .hahaha. btw now you have two ladies keeping an eye on you, it is so funny to read her comment of getting jealous,,Take care of yourself and with that spirit I am sure you will recover sooner InshaAllah , like your spirit of Living while Living. .but don’t over exert as well πŸ™‚ My best wishes and prayers for you..and it is always nice to talk to you. πŸ™‚

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  2. *Sigh… a PS:
    aur uparwaale ko jawaab do ki itni hee badtar hai apni zubaan, ke hum kahein aur koi sunaa kare kuch kuch… kat-thi hai to zubaan katey aur kisi kee… hehehe Assadullah khaan saab nahein hai to kya? Hum to hain… hahaha…

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