These Syrian Children

As I sit on my couch bored ,  constantly switching between my phone and laptop , clueless of what to do, I looked outside my window , the leafless branches shook aimlessly in the rain. The weather outside was even more boring than my mood  I preferred staring at my screen scrolling down the newsfeed of my facebook in hope of finding something interesting , so now appeared a video from one of the pages , it was in Arabic with french subtitles, my french is not good enough but I gave it a shot. It was short interview of few  syrian children surviving in war torn Syria.I didn’t need the words anymore , their expressions were enough. I have put the link at end .

They talk about death, war, starvation and how they have to get up 6 am in morning to draw water from hand pumps and help their families to lift the water to top floors since the supply of water and electricity is cut by the government .They see bombs dropping in nearby buildings and people dying everyday. One of them with red top  is like their leader, even joking , which translates “Look you want to kill us, We are not dead, hahaha” .  These kids are not kids anymore at 4-5-7 years of their age, they have seen all.

I was numb for few minutes after watching this  and even felt guilty of  being bored, of having the luxury of boredom, How can I ??  I am grateful to Allah for what he has given me but I still feel guilty of closing my eyes to what is happening in rest of the world. I felt guilty of spending money uselessly without sparing a thought that someone might need it.

We being common man cannot control what is happening in Syria , but we can surely lend a helping hand to the people who are suffering there,  who do not have any money  to migrate to other countries. Charity organisations like Syrian Charity  are  collecting funds right now for winter survival of these kids.  Skipping a dinner for a friday night or a movie  and donating that amount for these kids would not affect  much on our monthly statements, but these kids might have some food and blankets for these winters. So please help them by spreading the word for Syrian Charity this Christmas and New Year. Let us end our year by doing something good. May Allah bless us all .

18 thoughts on “These Syrian Children

  1. Seeing the news of the Syrians and Palestinians and all the others is disheartening. I had a photo on my phone before it got spoilt with some Syrian kids trying to warn themselves under the snow, it was reminder to me to be grateful. I tell you sis, Alhamdulillah for all we have.

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  2. This post gave me goosebumps,seriously.
    Thank you for such a powerful and needed reminder.It is surprising that kids who are supposed to be playing football at this age have become knights for their family.True heroes!
    By the way,rain for me in not boring at all. 🙂

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    1. yes they are not kids anymore..they are not scared of death ,nor they fear bombs.. they have even learnt to laugh and make jokes about it.May Allah protect them . yeah rains are not boring if they don’t happen everyday with wind and cold 😉

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  3. Aameen.
    Yes… I had seen a video before of a young Syrian girl probably three years old who fled with her family to Turkey. Now she was selling tissues to the people on the streets of turkey and a good nature Turkish cop just happened to have been passing by and be noticed her. So as he went close to her this girl started screaming and sobbing and ran to woman passing by and held on to her and she kept hiding from this man behind the lady. Apparently the uniform had scared her… She kept sobbing and begging for the man to forgive her. She even stated making a specific gesture with her hands by kissing it and raising it to her forehead which is something that the Syrian kids to in Syria when they make some sort of a mistake and ask for forgiveness…
    So this cop, he was a good guy and he kept trying to hush her and get her to tell him her address so he could drop her home but apparently all she thought was that this was the same man as those back in Syria that abused these kids with the authority of their uniforms… Anyhow he was then forced to call up a few assistants and get her in the car.
    It was only when she reached home that she realized that this cop was actually not “those uniformed men from Syria”.
    Her parents explained to her after that.
    So you see, that speaks volumes about the degree of torture that Syrians have gone through. I mean she’s a child! And she kept screaming and yelling, I swear it broke my heart.
    What hurts is that people still wanna think of Syrians as terrorists when they themselves are the ones that have been terrorized.
    I don’t even have words to explain how horrible that made me feel. And yet there are people who are able to turn their hearts off to such children begging for mercy….
    May He have have Mercy upon us all.
    What disappointed me most was that none on the Muslim nations came forward to help. It’s understandable that the Khaleej is already too highly populated, but they’re also very rich! They have no excuse for not providing any kind of financial aid!
    But instead they’ve got the money to be building malls and complexes and museums for tourists. They’ve got the money for shopping and concerts, but none for the people who need it.
    Remember when the RasulAllah (saw) said that a neighbor’s responsibility is to make sure that their neighbor doesn’t go to sleep on an empty stomach?
    I wonder what happened to that?
    The neighbor’s rights.
    And here we’ve got the khaleej countries treating Islam like a buffet. Take what you like and ignore the rest.
    Let’s bombard Yemen in the name of Islam but also lets ignore Syria and Palestine even though they deserve our aid.
    Humans have a way of terribly disappointing humanity…
    May Allah have Mercy on those children. And let’s pray that people start two wake up to their crime of ignorance.

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    1. Hiba you have well written expressed these feelings , I feel the same. I have seen the video of that small girl and it did made me cry. I saw one post about Saudi planes flying to Jordan everyday to provide food for Syrian Refugees and they are saying we are helping refugees but we are not vocal about it like west.Doesn’t the refugees your brothers and sisters , Should be they treated only with food, and that’s all? It is like ok you are beggar for me I will give you food outside my door and don’t let you in my house.Come on how hard hearted!The best example is Hijra when our prophet migrated to Medina and how people of Medina gave their hearts out in his welcome but what are these Gulf states doing to people of his Umma when they need them the most.

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      1. Exactly… If they really did have a clean heart, they would have let the refugees in… And guests bring the blessings of Allah with them. You think they’ll drain your resources??
        How upsetting…

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  4. A poignant engrossing write-up, one of many on world’s one of the largest mass movements, and civil crisis. The crisis which seems unending, and as you said, children have seen it all. All of the cruel life in a flash.


    P.S. Your charity link doesn’t work for me. Is it the UK organisation? Forex law restricts many such transactions, but surely wish to do my bit.

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  5. very touching and heart wrenching stories. I just saw a video on that facebook link. I literally cried. These people just stood for the corrupt government but faced such a horrible reply. How are we forgetting humanity. May Allah give us the capability and enough of understanding to help each other. Ameen

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  6. Our Syrian brothers, sisters and children are really in serious pain. We, as a Muslim community are not united against the enemy. We let them bomb our fellows and sit here, doing nothing. Our Governments are numb. We are numb. I wish we start feeling the pain they go through everyday…. I wish we understand how can a 6 year old kid become so mature?

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  7. Thank you for this timely reminder, Sana. I won’t even go that far to Syria. Just this summer when there was a big flood in Assam and massive numbers of people were displaced/hungry/suffering from diseases, the rest of us were busy complaining about how the food tasted bad or how there is so much traffic these days. Sometimes we need a bit more perspective in life. And I’m so glad that you wrote this post, because it fulfilled that purpose.

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    1. Thank you Ershad, I actually felt that way of myself, how ungrateful I am to complain about trivial things and close my eyes to people who should actually complain and are still smiling.Your comments are always thoughtful and encouraging.

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