35 thoughts on “Some pictures of Brussels

  1. Oooh, Christmas decorations?
    (*Silently whispers* : they’re insulting Allah! Allah refers to this as the biggest injustice and swear towards Him in the quran!)
    God I’m sorry. I just heard a lecture yesterday about how Christmas is becoming popular even among Muslim countries like Kuwait and how it’s a tragedy that Muslims feel happy at this time instead of feeling insulted… I mean no one’s telling you to insult Christians… Just… you know… don’t feel happy and don’t congratulate them for having insulted Allah… .-.
    Any how, these kind of decorations take place in Kuwait during Hala Feb for the eid ul watani celebrations… Kuwaiti National day and all.
    They celebrate the whole of January and February for that. 😛

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    1. I think they combine Christmas and new year both. I like their decoration and the city looks beautiful anywhere you go but that doesn’t mean I am celebrating it 🙂 I saw people cheerful after a month of fear and sadness, they are out ,shopping ,celebrating and I am happy things are getting back to normal. and moreover Allah sees my Niyah .Allah is too majestic and great that nobody dead or alive can insult Allah ,human being is too small a creature ,he could disobey or disbelieve or say lies about Him, but he has no power to insult Allah swt, that is what I believe in , oops got carried away.. I respect your concern for me as a Sister but Allah knows my intention 🙂

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  2. A writer from the East

    Lovely photos Sana, too bad I never knew of you otherwise we could have met on my last visit to Brussels and maybe I could ask you to give me some tourist tips 🙂
    P.s: do you take photographs for a hobby or professionally? They are really very very nice 🙂

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