Book Review – The Ducktrinors by Papatia Feauxzar

So I am here with my first book review on WordPress.The Ducktrinors book

Recently finished reading the book ‘The Ductrinors ’ from Papatia Feauxzar,  if you remember I did a post about her book launch few weeks back.

Papatia is a published author of many novels, You can also find her on wordpress ( .

Recently she started with her novel series,The Ductrinors ,  Book 1  Hanifa  is the first in this series.

The novel revolved around a  young female protagonist Hanifa, a day dreamer who wants to save the world from evil people. She is strong and determined woman who proves herself a great leader as the novel advances. The opening of the novel was interesting and holds the reader’s curiosity about characters and their history as each of them get introduced slowly in the book. The story is set in future era with use of technology at its maximum, can be perceived as magical for today. The imagination of writer is good and has done quite well in describing the scene for your mind to imagine well. Reading some chapters will remind you of Harry Potter book.

I feel the novel is for teenagers and younger audience but I still loved reading it to the child inside my heart.

I really liked the novel Papatia . Wish you good luck for the success of this novel and entire Ductrinor’s series.

Find it on goodreads (

P.S: Waiting for the next novel :Book 2 Malik


Dialogue Tags, Action Beats, and The Dialogue Comma.

Great advice for all my blogger friends who write regularly fiction or non fiction. This post from Ronovan will help you  think how to maintain the flow in story and avoid the monotony .


As some of you know, I host a Fiction writing challenge on Fridays here on Ronovan Writes. It’s funny how I use Ronovan Writes as if it’s not me. Sometimes I shorten it to RW. That has nothing to do with this article, merely an aside.

Dialogue Tags and More by Ronovan Hester

One of the goals of the Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes is to improve the writing of those who participate. At the moment my goal with the challenge is to encourage the improvement of the basics of writing Fiction. Some problems I see, not just in a few challenge entries, but in books I review, are the use of Dialogue Tags, Action Beats, and Dialogue Punctuation. Also today I’ll introduce some of you to Grammarly.

This piece today is not just for those doing the challenge. This is for anyone who:

  • Writes.
  • Writes short stories
  • Writes novellas, or novels.


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The soul is quiet today

The soul is quiet today and the heart is heavy

A bit  sad ,a bit tired or perhaps both.

My heart’s eye blinks a silent tear,

 Its heaviness weighs me down.

Restlessness has engulfed

my heart from  every corner.

Locked inside the cage of flesh and bones

my soul flutters to break free.

While my body devours

 soft morsels of worldly food.

My soul famished and my heart cringed.

Lost and numb , with a body

weighing so heavy I  stood to pray .

I put my head  on the ground 

in sujood and in submission.

Few moments of quietness and

Restlessness was disarming 

chains were removed.

My heart  felt at peace

and my soul free again.

( Another day when you feel low and only praying/meditation helps( at least for my case)  . I strongly believe that our soul needs to be fed , nourished and  taken care of similarly  like  our bodies.  Good deeds, good thoughts ,remembrance of God ,being grateful and prayers  are its food .

This picture was taken an year before in port of Barcelona with seagulls enjoying the sun )



Its Snowing

Like a child waits for  snow

You also waited for it so

When will it snow ?

enquiring each week passing by

and my  constant reply,

How Do I know ? 


So yesterday you came with a big smile

and twinkle in your eyes 

asking me  you know what?

It has started to snow.

But it’s raining ,

I hope it stays till morning .


Then at  early dawn

with sleepy eyes and a yawn

you went to check

if the snow has stayed.

A white furry carpet on grass

and on rooftops of cars 

delighted your soft heart .


 Don’t you like the snow ?? 

You asked me looking

outside the window.

I like it but I like it more

to watch you love the snow.

(so finally we had our first snow in Belgium though not much  , we will have more over the weekend , feels like winter now. I am loving the chilly air) 




Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Aristotle

I found this quote quite useful and stands true for everyone.


Criticism is another reality of life, something nobody can avoid or escape. Aristotle expressed in best possible words that only solution to it is ‘Do Nothing, Say Nothing and be nothing! ‘Though it will not apply if you have nosy and sneaky neighbours who will then gossip about you

“O My God, he doesn’t do anything? “


“She doesn’t say anything she has no opinion of her own “,


“He is useless”.

There is no end to criticism and there is no way you can avoid it. The only way is to deal with it and live with it. The best or worst everyone had their share. The normal human behaviour against criticism is to criticise back and we just do the same thing and end up complaining about criticizing nature of people.

We are human and mirror images of each other, sometimes the criticism is just out of envy, that we are envious of people’s success or looks or their possessions etc. That is when you feel there was no reason to criticise you for doing something good or harmless to anybody. You can completely ignore such criticism.

There is some reasonable criticism too, and there is where you just can’t go blindfolded and deaf eared, some people criticize you so you can improve. They didn’t see how good you are, they tell you how better you can be. There is term called constructive criticism which is taught in management and practiced in corporates as well. It is used to give you a feedback in best possible way which shouldn’t demoralize you but tell you your best abilities, your weak points and areas of improvement. The words and tones are chosen wisely as not to offend the receiver, and this is what we should do in our daily lives too. We need to choose our words and tone wisely in case we are giving feedback to someone. So if someone is genuinely interested in your betterment he will approach you in a wise and sane manner.

Stay away from hate mails, hate speeches or hate comments from people, they are in no way thinking any good of you  or  to correct you. It is from bunch of people having nothing to do except spreading hatred which will ultimately come back to them. It is a negative energy and don’t let it burn you or weight you down. Ignore it, just think it like a released arrow from a bow, and you have to dodge it. Don’t reply back and don’t even think about it.

Keep doing the good work you are doing, at least you are doing something 🙂



Sunsets always make me nostalgic and pensive as I look at the magnificent sky and its mesmerising colours. I haven’t written a poem for almost 5 years now, I was never a regular writer but every now and then I would pick a pen and paper and write a poem since my childhood. Later when I grew up and read them, they seemed so childish and foolish. There were some nice poems too of my teenage years and early twenties but one thing was common, they were all sad. Reading them was revisiting my past and return of pain as well. Slowly I stopped reading my poems later any poem and eventually gave up writing too. Since then five years have already passed.

Last year I created my blog without having any slightest intention of coming back to poetry; it was to express my thoughts on so many social issues and stereotypes. I started following so many of you who write exceptionally good poetry. Reading their work has reignited the old dead flames. The words started talking to me and my hands were seeking paper and pen. I kept resisting but you see here I am 🙂

My first one after the long break,

I watched the shades on canvas

As the painter paints His sky.

Here goes the giant brush

To paint all blue,

 Then a wave of red

With some yellow strokes

and voila,

 It looks redder today!

Soon the black curtain

of night is pulled over

And the magic ends.

Only to wait for next painting

Until the next sunset.




Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Ralph Waldo Emerson



“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I dedicate the above quote to my pensive mood today , as you already know I am a self-obsessed person, why to be so harsh on self-judgment? Because I write everything related to the inner self, heart, soul and self-journey 🙂

Jokes apart I do admit sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts so much to the limit that another person might feel ignored or not cared. I am still learning to balance this Selfishness of mine.

Love this quote from Emerson. It is a great accomplishment indeed to be ‘Yourself’, but what is it, being myself ? , I am already adjusted twisted adapted so much, I hardly have any thought of being myself. Life is changing me everyday and I am constantly learning  but what is it that resonates from inside with this quote? Perhaps I would see it as not giving in to the peer or social pressures to anything which doesn’t abide with my morals and principles.

If everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean  you have to do it too or it is good for you as well, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, that’s it .You just to need to say it. It all makes things so much easy instead of giving in to pressure of people and then regretting it from inside.

It is also a cultural issue in India where saying NO is almost a sin thus makes life more difficult, I am always struggling to find a way to politely refuse the answers of personal questions so normally asked or the favours asked which doesn’t fit into apt category or invitation for things I am not interested in or the talks that are of my least interest. I always try my best not to offend the other party  but on other hand I see people doing all sort of weird stuff , also being rude to others and then  labelling it with  ‘Be Yourself ‘ and quoting with it such great quotes. I wonder what would be the reaction of   Emersion to such misuse of his quote 🙂 or it might be other way round too if my interpretation is totally wrong! 😛

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#GirlLove Tag

Hello Everyone, I am back with this #Girllove Tag Post  and I have been tagged by two lovely girls Hiba (In The Bliss Of Broken Dreamsand moonymadness07 (PSYCHEDELIC MELISMAS) .

Thank you so much my dear girls for nominating me for this cause and liking my blog. This post has led to think about inspiring women in my life and also the ones I discovered on wordpress, Something I didn’t do for long . Excusez moi for the long post but I think they all deserve atleast few lines from me, Although I can write a post about each of them 😉 Let’s keep this idea for some other time .

so What is this #GirlLove Tag:

It is in response to Lilly Singh’s video on youtube ,you can watch it at end of this post . The money collected by her will go to Malala fund where they will use it for Syrian Girl’s Education so each view matters.The video is about promoting  Girls love and combatting jealousy among women.The amount of energy women spent in putting other women down can be used to  lift each other up. I recommend you to watch it ,it is a great video.

Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove:

  1. Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis. 
  2. Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  3. Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!

If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other!


So here I go with my inputs for this challenge:

  1. for point 1 , to name one famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on daily basis, I thought about for almost 15 minutes but nobody actually came to my mind apart from few who are now dead. I am not into watching much TV and  neither am I a die hard fan of some celebrity so please consider my apologies 🙂  , I do like to read from history and books,  So based on what I read so far I am inspired by Khadija R.A wife of prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H . She was a strong woman, who ran her business , took care of household of her husband and raised the children of prophet . She also donated her wealth for the needy. She was the first person who believed in the prophet and stood by him in all difficult times.  Other women from history I admire are Rabia Basri , Mother Teresa , Helen Keller , Indira Gandhi , Rani Laxmi Bai , Kiran Bedi .
  2. Now point 2 is getting me emotional, There is just not one woman who inspires me  but I am lucky to be around many strong woman in my life. I owe to my mother for what I am today, She had put the idea of being  independent in my head while I was a child , She always says  “A strong woman is one who is independant, who can take her own decisions .”   Another influential woman in my life is my aunt Nadira My father’s sister , She is a loving teacher , a doting mother , a caring aunt for all the nieces and  nephews she has. She loves people unconditionally and doing things for them makes her happy.

My best friend Sonali , who has become a sister over all these years and sometimes acts like my mother too, She is a homemaker , a loving mum ,a dear wife and an irreplaceable daughter. A strong headed woman who knows what is need of hour and switches her function instantly, having her around keeps me charged with strength. My friend Shivika, who is a rare combination of such emotional and mental strength that has left me  with love and admiration for her. We only need few cups of coffee together to recharge us back for our daily struggles.

My friend Marina who I met not long ago but the bonding was an instant one, She is a young , strong , independent and inspiring woman who wants to change the world with  idea of sustainable living and yet she is so soft in her heart. Her warm smile made  way in my heart instantly. My cousin Shazli , who vowed to stick by me in my thick and thin days during our childhood and she still means it. We had our  fun and adventure sprees during summer holidays and  we were a perfect crime partner for each other . Her beauty is remarkable which  hardly goes unnoticed but her glowing heart  is even more beautiful  and is seen by only few and I am one such lucky person to know her inside out. She is criminal lawyer by profession and currently a new mum to her second child.

3. There are so many of you whom I love following and reading your blogs even to choose a few  would be difficult, I still have to make my choice and my favorite and inspiring women bloggers are :

Hiba (In The BlissOfBrokenDreams)  writes lovely poetry , She is sensitive  and a loving person which you can sense reading her poetry and interacting with her.She always appreciates the work of others and motivates people.

 moonymadness07 (PSYCHEDELIC MELISMAS)  writes her mind and heart. She is one such authentic blogger I love following . She loves being who she is and I love her for being true and real.

Ameena k.g (Randoms by a Random) writes beautiful poetry. She can easily express into words even very difficult emotions. I admire her for raising awareness for Mental Illness on her blog. Please keep doing it girl.

Janice (Ontheland) writes poetry , I love her Haiku . She also shares beautiful quotes on her blog but what interests me most is She  raises awareness about protecting our environment and earth . Her posts are full of informative content about nature. She also shares message of harmony and world peace.

Papatia (Between Sisters, SVP!)  is published author. She has written many novels and also write article for Haiti Magazine.She has recently launched her new book ‘ The Ductrinors’ which I am also reading currently and is great so far. She is an inspiration for young muslim female writers .

accidentallyinked is a poet at heart. She is keen observer and it is beautifully reflected in all her poems. She uses poetry to inspire people that directly creates an impact .She loves photography too so I am  waiting for her picture posts 😉 

revels1 is another blogger whose posts are so authentic and touching . I can relate well to her posts and she is the one whom I started following since my early days on wordpress. She writes about divinity, Islamic issues and anything on her mind .

farheen siddiqui is a charmer. She will charm you with her romantic poetry , She writes in urdu with English Translit, and for me her poems are no less than Bollywood songs. A sensitive , soft hearted person but a determined one as I know her through her posts and interaction on wordpress,  You do inspire me Farheen 🙂