Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Aristotle

I found this quote quite useful and stands true for everyone.


Criticism is another reality of life, something nobody can avoid or escape. Aristotle expressed in best possible words that only solution to it is ‘Do Nothing, Say Nothing and be nothing! ‘Though it will not apply if you have nosy and sneaky neighbours who will then gossip about you

“O My God, he doesn’t do anything? “


“She doesn’t say anything she has no opinion of her own “,


“He is useless”.

There is no end to criticism and there is no way you can avoid it. The only way is to deal with it and live with it. The best or worst everyone had their share. The normal human behaviour against criticism is to criticise back and we just do the same thing and end up complaining about criticizing nature of people.

We are human and mirror images of each other, sometimes the criticism is just out of envy, that we are envious of people’s success or looks or their possessions etc. That is when you feel there was no reason to criticise you for doing something good or harmless to anybody. You can completely ignore such criticism.

There is some reasonable criticism too, and there is where you just can’t go blindfolded and deaf eared, some people criticize you so you can improve. They didn’t see how good you are, they tell you how better you can be. There is term called constructive criticism which is taught in management and practiced in corporates as well. It is used to give you a feedback in best possible way which shouldn’t demoralize you but tell you your best abilities, your weak points and areas of improvement. The words and tones are chosen wisely as not to offend the receiver, and this is what we should do in our daily lives too. We need to choose our words and tone wisely in case we are giving feedback to someone. So if someone is genuinely interested in your betterment he will approach you in a wise and sane manner.

Stay away from hate mails, hate speeches or hate comments from people, they are in no way thinking any good of you  or  to correct you. It is from bunch of people having nothing to do except spreading hatred which will ultimately come back to them. It is a negative energy and don’t let it burn you or weight you down. Ignore it, just think it like a released arrow from a bow, and you have to dodge it. Don’t reply back and don’t even think about it.

Keep doing the good work you are doing, at least you are doing something 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Aristotle

  1. This is so incredibly true. I’ve learned that one way to accept criticism or just be ‘okay’ with it is by realizing that you can never make everyone happy. It’s just never possible, there will always be someone who won’t be happy with you or won’t like you no matter how much you go out of your way to make it better for them. And as long it’s not harming either of you, you should just stop caring rather than letting it eat you up from inside.
    This was a really thought provoking post, great job Sana 🙂

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  3. I like this quote — unless you want to be a rock you can’t avoid criticism. But then your observation then neighbours would criticize you for doing nothing was hilarious. And I like your idea of dodging mean hateful arrows not letting them take up any mind space.

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