Its Snowing

Like a child waits for  snow

You also waited for it so

When will it snow ?

enquiring each week passing by

and my  constant reply,

How Do I know ? 


So yesterday you came with a big smile

and twinkle in your eyes 

asking me  you know what?

It has started to snow.

But it’s raining ,

I hope it stays till morning .


Then at  early dawn

with sleepy eyes and a yawn

you went to check

if the snow has stayed.

A white furry carpet on grass

and on rooftops of cars 

delighted your soft heart .


 Don’t you like the snow ?? 

You asked me looking

outside the window.

I like it but I like it more

to watch you love the snow.

(so finally we had our first snow in Belgium though not much  , we will have more over the weekend , feels like winter now. I am loving the chilly air) 




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