The Holy Women of Pakistan

Thanks Sadia for throwing light to such illiterate practices in some muslim societies , I have never heard or read about it before where a woman is married to Quran. I am shocked to read it , Reblogging it.

The Human Lens

“But the practice, is frowned upon by almost all religious scholars and much of mainstream Islam, is generally practiced in secret,” says a local cleric. Further he adds, “Islamic rights on women’s share in property are very clear; but reflecting upon the issue of Quran marriages, it is appalling that in the 21st century such out-dated customs still prevail.”

The tradition of “Haq Bakshish” most common in province of Sindh, but also followed in Southern parts of Punjab province, is most often practiced by the feudal families, often `Syeds’. The Syeds consider themselves upper caste Muslims families are often reluctant to allow their women to marry into non-Syed families, in a kind of caste system that sees such families as being lower in status.

These Syeds claim to be the descendents of Muhammad and regard themselves are pure-blooded “Muslims”. That is if any such thing exists. There is…

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Steve Jobs

For Wednesday Ritual of Quotes , I have with me a personal favorite from Steve Jobs .


I find this quote a motivation booster at times of confusion between life choices you are about to make or when  you get too confused with opinion of others or experiencing pressure from people around you.You just need to sit down for few minutes in silence with nobody else but yourself, listen to none but yourself  and let your heart speak out its heart to you.

Always take those seldom chances to do things you always have wanted to do even if it for a short while; It helps you to build  confidence and bring you at peace.I think Steve is so right in saying that you know it already what you truly want to become. We all know what we love , what our passion is . Sometimes is is hard to follow that path or practically not possible due to many factors affecting our life but giving yourself small little chances  to do things you are passionate about also helps a lot. That little inner voice which keeps bugging  you to do something gets satisfied somehow . May be it’s the reason we see people passionately waiting for their holidays to go skiing, hiking or mountaineering ,some learning to  cook or dance or paint. They might be actually living their lives in those  holidays and that feeble inner voice gets drowned for some time 🙂


Reflections of Pain

Pain in the heart 

sits  heavy on chest

Making it difficult,

To take my breath.

The mind gets helpless,

my feelings reason less

stuck in a woe,

 I silently wonder

How much of myself

 I still don’t know.

with time gone by ,

hands enough burnt

and  lessons learnt ,

to adjust my sail.

I  no longer wail

 when it pains.

They say  ,

all which arrives us

is from beyond.

 So is this pain.

A gift ,a cleanser

 to clean my soul.

Like a child,

 I sit and watch ,

like a mother she

 Washes and cleans,

Also rants how dirty

Have I made it again?

It hurts when she rubs

rough and  tightly scrubs.

but when she is gone

i can feel my soul

 like a newly born

smiling and  shining .


( This picture is from last summers from a park in Brussels, the reflections in water represents more our inner state, like a clear water reflects better so does our souls and the two swans represents  inner and outer self  )

Food for thought from Rumi

For this week, I bring you this verse from Rumi’s Masnavi Volume 6 . The chapter is called Peace with in the Heart. Translated from  Persian by Ibrahim Gamard (with gratitude for R. A. Nicholson’s 1934 British translation) .

The original verse in Persian :

az ko-jâ jôy-êm `ilm? az tark-é `ilm
az ko-jâ jôy-êm silm? az tark-é silm

If you read the above lines, the flow in couplet is flawless and rhythm perfect. The original verse didn’t even have the brackets of true and false, they were added while translating for ease of readers to differentiate between the two.

The words of Rumi are always soul deep, playing with few words and putting reader into utter confusion is his best game and he is not even willing to teach you wisdom so easily, Right?  You need to sit back and keep wondering what he meant by his words, like a tricky homework from teacher.

Although one thing is always certain; he definitely meant something beyond our normal routine life offers to teach us.

How can we search true knowledge? :  By abandoning false knowledge!  But what is false knowledge? It could mean different things to different people, in world of information where we live today; we are blasted with data and information every microsecond of every minute of the events happening around the world and now it has become our habit to stay connected and keep checking.

If I talk about updates from Newspapers that I have subscribed to (unfortunately no better options available), some example of News:

A celebrity is getting divorced, or another is caught dating with someone! How a cruel murder was plotted, a minister slammed another minister on twitter? How an ex-wife avenged her ex-husband?

Do we need to know all of it? May be 1 % is the useful information and rest is all just crap.

Knowledge is awareness of facts; or possession of some skill .What could be false awareness and false skills? May be something which is not useful for us or others, abandoning such knowledge would magnify our view on more useful facts and skills that will benefit us and others. Instead of wasting our time on something insignificant, learning or acquiring a useful skill will give us true knowledge.

With the first jargon a bit solved, second one seems easy.

How can we seek true peace? : By abandoning false peace.

Peace is a quiet state or state with no conflicts, or absence of war between any two parties.

Let us take an example: There is a cruel king and his subjects. The subjects never protested to King for his ways of treating them but they are not happy, this is also a state of no conflict, there is no war, the King might think his kingdom is in peace, but we can easily say it is false peace. Both the parties are not happy and there is also a presence of fear in one of them. This could not continue for long, one day they will protest and yearn for true peace.

I feel it similarly, we are all cruel kings that don’t listen to our inner selves, we keep indulging in our desires that give us pleasures but momentarily, we are happy for some time but then unhappiness returns; we then chase for our next desire and so on! The conflict keeps rising until one of the self gives up. Which one gives up depends on what we choose! We become a seeker of true peace or a follower of false peace.

True peace for me is a state of no conflict between my outer and inner self. The moments of quietness of mind, tranquillity in heart and absence of fear from it are the moments of peace for me.

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The winds were  strong ,

sky covered with clouds.

Heavy rain ripped apart

thick blanket of  leaves,

were once  my  shield.

Thunders  shrieked loud

so close to my  face ,

My eyes tight shut

and heart beated fast.

With  wings all drenched

I felt heavy and tired.

All night I   tried hard

to keep clinging on

those rustic branches .

All I could recall

it was an angry storm

which blew away

my nest that day!

(life is a ride of  ups and downs , Gaining and losing. Every difficulty in life teaches us something, we might have lost a lot on the way but we have survived and every survivor has a story , a story to tell  and motivate others. These small birds in the picture above inspired me to write this  poem, they  were swinging happily on the branches yesterday in front of my  window though the picture looks sad , captured on camera  right on time by my husband  )