13 thoughts on “My Comic Life-16

  1. My husband watches the games in Spanish and it annoyed me for a while because of the shouting and screaming too. It still does at times 😉 because we don’t speak any Latin! So one day I couldn’t take it and I asked why? He said, “Because it’s more thrilling; the commentators are more lively and exciting.” When I pondered on it, he was right. English commentators can be so dull or boring haha!

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    1. hahaha..I agree , the commentary sounds so much better in spanish..My husband is crazy for football, now with champions league started, a month would be like this at home, he screaming yelling alone in living room and me from bed room ..lols

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    2. A writer from the East

      Hahahaha… the Latin language is lively, expressive and exuberant exactly what the doctor ordered for the men and this football craze 😉 And yes english commentators are way too correct, dull and kind of boring, trust me this comes from an Ex British colonized nation, LOL!

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