10 thoughts on “My Comic Life-17

  1. Funny story and LIVE…. my wife just called up… “windows ka kaam khatm ho gaya?” and I am bewildered… “Kya? I am not setting up the system today”….
    (her friend is visiting us in another day, so that is the background…) to her shrieks… “You said you would replace it today… Kya, Kishore???? Kuch bhi karta rehta hai…”… and then it dawns on me… and on her as well….. oh, the bloody carpenters working on actual windows outside.. yes, yes, they are working.. damn, once a geek, always a geek…

    I was just typing out my reply when this call came and I was so caught up in all this… Yes, matching, not matching.. even extreme things like going to someone’s house and finding the clock or the photo-frame tilted or angled.. I am furious.. how can you be so bloody irresponsible etc.. and you know what is the strange thing? I am a weirdo in other ways… if I have clutter in my room, I don’t mind it.. and then the other swing of the pendulum… I don’t like it when someone messes around with my clutter.. it is mine!!! If they even change a thing in that clutter then I can never find it.. ever!!!!!… and Mamta does that all the while… maddening…
    Leave me alone!! If my room is a dump, it is none of your bloody business.. but if she cleans up (hides everything someplace so that it’s not visible) then I never find it in a lifetime.. if I ask her?? “How do I know? I don’t touch your stuff…. ” Ha!! Double Ha!!!… oh so innocent.. idiot.. Yes, OCD in other things.. but mess around with my dumped up garbage, you are in trouble 😀

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    1. hahahaha 🙂 it is same with me once an IT person always an IT person it was funny anecdote , still laughing 😀 I do that cluttering up too, it is my way of seeing things clearly at stretch of my hand,like the bedside table has everything that I might need or not need 😀

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      1. Terrible carpenters… I tell you… simply terrible.. I said the two windows don’t match up evenly and that the top edge of one was slightly angle to the other. So he shaved off one end with a planer.. Turned out to be too much.. now the other side is showing a gap.. and worse, he seems to be drunk.. horrible.. I have told him to stop… but he just won’t… tells me he knows better..
        Well, ok, I am from that era of engineering when we used to have carpentry and metal workshop etc.. so I do know a little, not a complete fart..
        So he went ahead and ruined it.. so I had to step in to tell them what to do next.. now his assistant is plenty impressed.. and he is completely red and furious.. So to mollify him I started talking about routers, planars and milling lathes etc.. he is impressed too, but now he wants me to import one for him!!!!
        It just does not pay to be friendly with the hired hands, I tell you… simply impossible.. the camels entering the tent etc..
        oh… hmm… ok.. a glass pane gone.. wonderful!!! My horrible day just got worse.. see you in a bit…

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