Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Steve Jobs

For Wednesday Ritual of Quotes , I have with me a personal favorite from Steve Jobs .


I find this quote a motivation booster at times of confusion between life choices you are about to make or when  you get too confused with opinion of others or experiencing pressure from people around you.You just need to sit down for few minutes in silence with nobody else but yourself, listen to none but yourself  and let your heart speak out its heart to you.

Always take those seldom chances to do things you always have wanted to do even if it for a short while; It helps you to build  confidence and bring you at peace.I think Steve is so right in saying that you know it already what you truly want to become. We all know what we love , what our passion is . Sometimes is is hard to follow that path or practically not possible due to many factors affecting our life but giving yourself small little chances  to do things you are passionate about also helps a lot. That little inner voice which keeps bugging  you to do something gets satisfied somehow . May be it’s the reason we see people passionately waiting for their holidays to go skiing, hiking or mountaineering ,some learning to  cook or dance or paint. They might be actually living their lives in those  holidays and that feeble inner voice gets drowned for some time 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Steve Jobs

  1. Ok, then let me play devil’s advocate 😀
    Why would your inner voice want to listen to Steve Jobs? Make up your own quote 😀

    Just kidding. But you know what? My fundamental teaching has always been – Question everything!! And when I say everything, I do mean it. This quote is just another way of saying that. But I wonder, if people would really listen to that quote and reflect on their own actions, thoughts and existence. Do you? I hope so.

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  2. Shiraz

    So true …I have played cricket since I was 6 and continued till last couple of years.
    However when I get a chance to play and if I actually do, it satiates my heart, has a calming affect and I feel a lot better.

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