My Comic Life-18

A quick status update for all my blog readers , I will be off for 3 weeks so will not be actively reading your posts and comments. Take Care till then , will be back with lots of stories/anecdotes/pictures to share with you all In sha Allah .

I need to   refill my energy reservoirs, will see my family after two long years ! Eat at my favorite places, and yeah did I tell you I am the sister of to be Groom  😀


22 thoughts on “My Comic Life-18

  1. So you’re in India? Or still in Belgium? I heard about the attack in Belgium, and thought of you. I hope you and your husband are safe and sound. May Allah have mercy upon us all. Please be safe. Lots warm wishes and hugs ✨🌷

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    1. Salaam my sister! so kind of you to think about me, really blessed to have such a sweet sis, I was about to fly back the day after the mishap in Brussels, my flight was cancelled and I could manage to come back yesterday 🙂 Alhamdolillah we are both fine, hope your exams went well?

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