#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Mystery”

Mystery always attract our attention and curiosity. We might explore until mars and beyond , there will still be mystery remaining to be solved ,to be explored and being ready to be converted into knowledge.



The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.

By Albert Einstein.

There is small flash fiction here to complete the challenge, do let me know how you find it.

                       Forests of Ratnagiri

The forests of Ratnagiri are well known for their serenity, lush green carpet of shrubs and standing tall Mahogany trees  holding many dark secrets in their hearts. Villagers living in nearby areas forbid going there at night. Many stories of chhalawa float among mouth to mouth broadcast and warnings given to tourists visiting these forests. Jawaz is a logic-reasoning guy and  God fearing  so rest of the fears don’t gather much space in his mind. He doesn’t give a damn about such rumors. He is waiting for the night to walk the famous thandi sadak (cold road) where often this so called ghost appear to people . Sometimes the same incident is encountered by different people. Many questions are revolving in Jawaz’s mind, Are they real?  What are they? Are they dead or something alive? Or is it just imagination of a human mind giving up to their subconscious fears and beliefs. And if by any chance such things exist, he wants to experience it himself!

It was an hour past midnight the weather was cold and dry, Jawaz felt a bit sleepy but he decided to walk the dreary road .He confirmed his checklist of his required stuff .He kept his phone in his jacket,  took torch in  one hand and a stick in another to ward off any small animal if appearing, normally that part of forest does not have wild animals but just in case ! Walking down 200 meters Jawaz felt the footsteps of someone following him. The fear started to surge in, should he look back or not? What if it is a ghost with a scary face? Or just someone on a ghost hunt like him? A chill ran down his spine, his legs a bit shaky, Jawaz closed his eyes, sweat ran down his forehead, He said to himself “You are not scared of anything and anyone except Allah” he turns back quickly. There wasn’t anybody. Jawaz looked around the sides of mud road amidst the forest, no sign of anyone. He kept walking and footsteps kept following, stopping when he stops and moving when he moves. After another 50 meters, he started hearing some chuckles of a girl along with footsteps. The 500 meter long road seemed never ending, every second felt like an hour, his heart pounding faster, throat getting dry and mind losing every sense of logic. He took a deep breath, not letting fear overpower him, there is something not visible to human eye but it is following him. If it wanted to attack him, it would have done it already! Jawaz regaining his thinking process while the fear going down. He decided to talk, “who are you? Why are you following me?’

Few seconds of silence, the laugh got stronger and harder,  echoing through the forest , a female voice replied  ‘ you know who I am,  Villagers have already told you about me then why are you here‘  Jawaz was speechless,  words never reached  his mouth , heart was pumping a mixed strange fear along with blood. He couldn’t still believe what is happening to him, is his mind hallucinating or is it really happening? He looked around there was nobody .

‘I am here up on the tree’. The voice came again.

Jawaz looked at female figure in white sitting atop the tree, he couldn’t see well because of distance in height.

‘leave my forest now!! ‘ , this time voice was with filled anger.

Jawaz couldn’t gather courage to look back at tree or ask any question. His instinct was telling him to leave immediately, He kept walking until the end of the road but this time no footsteps followed him, he had constant feeling of someone watching him until he left the forest.

Even after four years Jawaz couldn’t gather courage to go back to the forests of Ratnagiri and he still has a confusion if he really saw ‘Chhalawa’ that night or was it just his hallucination.The mystery of those forests remains unsolved in his mind.

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#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Laughter”

Keeping up my  tradition of sharing a  weekly quote on my blog  , I am back with my quotes. There has been slight change  in the Weekly Challenge held at Silver Threading  by Colleen in collaboration with  Ronovan , it is now WQWWC ( Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge instead of Writer’s Quote Wednesday) .They both have  decided to push the lazy bloggers like me  out of their comfort zone.There will be prompt word in the challenge and needs to represented  with a Flash fiction , creative writing or Poetry .

The challenge prompt for last week was Laughter .

I  have decided to take up the challenge and push myself a bit off my comfort zone. Creative writing is something that interests me but never thought about writing any fiction , poetry is still a ball in my court but fiction! it is still a distant dream.

Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors and I think every child grow up reading his books.Laughter is the salt of life, life  will be boring without regular  doses of humor and laugh so keep taking yours.



“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
Robert Frost

Smiles and laughs help you fight all the difficulties in life , they de-stress you and lighten you up.They give you hope that everything will be okay .Though I am always looking for humor in my life to make it easy going, I also check where it is coming from? if  it is not  at cost of belittling someone , ripping somebody’s self respect and confidence or  making fun of others in a way which we couldn’t do in front of them or that person wouldn’t approve of.

There is small flash fiction here to complete the challenge, do let me know how you find it.


Urwa nervously checked the time in her laptop, it was close to 5.35 pm, time to rush and catch her train! She hurried to the train station, the train was still on platform giving her final whistle and preparing to leave. Escaping from the eyes of Train Incharge Urwa slipped in through the narrow gap between the closing automatic doors. Proud of her stunt, she puffed her chest up and raised her loose bent shoulders, ‘It wasn’t that tough’ she thought to herself and started scanning the coach ‘Ah! That’s a nice place’, Urwa quickly placed her bag on the window seat, not many people at this hour on Fridays. She closed her eyes and thought about the day, it was finally over sitting on the same boring seat, and doing the same boring job, thoughts of her weird imaginations during office hours brought her smile back; after all they are her only friends to escape the boredom stability of life brings along. Urwa got nostalgic about her real friends being away and busy in their lives just like her, may be daydreaming too who knows.

An hour in train she normally spends reading, She started to take her book out from the bag but then a quick thought about her morning journey stopped her, ‘I have already earned enough embarrassment wiping off my tears from these big fat cheeks and people giving me such  pitiful gazes as if I had a break up! Wish could tell them it was the protagonist of novel having breakup.’ Her thoughts were interrupted by a message beep; she could take out her phone only after few fretting moments spent in searching it inside her cluttered bag,   150 messages on her WhatsApp! Something has gone crazy in one of her groups. The humour these days is also short lived, instant jokes and forwards are latest thing, if there is some latest gossip or news on TV, and jokes are out on WhatsApp in few hours. Urwa stumbled upon one such joke and chuckled! When she finished reading, her eyes met the angry gaze of old grouchy woman sitting opposite to her with her crooked eyebrows, Urwa looked away outside her window.

While walking back home, she had a gush of old memories  of  her crazy college days and laughing hysterically with her friends. She sent them a quick message on their WhatsApp group.

‘Miss you crazy fellas!! I was caught laughing in train alone because of your stupid jokes’ and a string of replies pour in.

‘Congratulations! You are officially a crazy person now!’

‘I always knew you have it in you!!’

‘Proud of you ’

‘You are still part of the group?’

Urwa kept smiling until she reached home, content in her heart that their friendship is still strong withstanding all the distances in miles and time.

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Memoirs of an Indian Wedding!

There could be a lot of observations from a friend’s or cousin’s wedding but  a family member’s wedding gives you less time to observe and look around. You are busy doing things and attending guests.My goldfish memory throws me back to some incidents from my brother’s wedding , I hope you will enjoy reading some of them.

  1. The pet peeve in any Indian wedding are the photographers and videographers following you like Sherlock Holmes, each time you escape them and think of putting something in your mouth ‘ Kaaa-chik ‘ the sound  of camera and a bright flash on you face! They are just paid to capture the worst moments! Thank God they haven’t started saying ‘Dhappi’ (  You say it word when you find the one hiding while playing Indian version of Hide and seek game)
  1. Last week I was checking some 400 pictures that our photographer clicked during the wedding and he gave us to pick our favourite ones to print. It took an hour to find one nice picture of my mother with me, where both of our eyes were not shut; we both were looking at camera and there were no screaming/yelling people behind us or kids on stage pulling down the flowers!
  1. I still couldn’t find one smiling picture of my father from an entire wedding photo mania! Is it possible he didn’t smile all four days? Or he didn’t like the guy clicking him? Or was the guy busy doing something else? My suspicions still on until you read point 5.
  1. You cannot be a bride in India if you haven’t done those silly looking bridal poses starting from displaying your cupped hands full of henna, holding on to your veil and looking down at your dress and then  those cheek to cheek close up poses with mother and mother in laws .
  1. Suddenly a close family friend tells you he has to leave early during wedding, and you are looking for the photographer to get your picture clicked with the leaving guest, much to your amusement you find him busy bird watching near the bunch of beautiful damsels! Once you screech at him to break his daydreaming, He follows you slyly and shyly.
  1. Some people pulling you up onstage to take pictures with them while others pushing you down because you are spoiling their pictures .
  1. Once you are entering the Marriage Venue with your dearest brother and all cameras are focussed on you! Then suddenly you hear a voice of some Uncle ‘ Sana Beta kaisi ho ‘ (How are you Sana). Please Uncle you chose the wrong moment! I just did a quick Salam and kept moving. Once I got free to look around my Wrong Moment Uncle, he has suddenly disappeared; maybe he is new batman and went on his mission to rescue people!
  1. Once you found a place to start eating among back to back packed guests in a wedding hall, You feel a moment of victory ! Then suddenly your father appears and tells you to hurry up and follow him. His best friend wants to see you! Halfway catching up  your father’s quick steps , your mother catches you and  start pulling you her way ,your hand held captive  in her hand,  and complaining ‘where were you ? My best friend wants to see you and she is leaving , hurry! ‘
  1. Everyone busy eating except Dulha (bridegroom) and Dulhan (bride)  , starving at their own wedding!  The showstoppers of the event get to eat the last .
  1. One of your guests complains that an ‘Aunty’ is stealing food from wedding. Every middle aged woman is referred to an Aunty in India either you know her or not or you are not related to her . I was curious to see the thief and catch her red handed! , while ‘Aunty’ keep pretending to serve food to guests and then shoves down the plates full of Kebabs in her big packet! Of course I knew the aunty, a distant relative! What can one say then! Please take more Aunty!! You can feed your neighbours with it because everyone I know in your family until your grandchild is present at the wedding!

It is a come back post

Hi Everyone,

I am back from my much awaited vacations  in India, which got over too soon. I am still having a hangover effect from the holidays, still not back in my routine.I missed you all and reading your blogs. My head  right now is an overstuffed bag , full of stories and anecdotes struggling to come out, which one first ! ( Last in First out or First in First out ) !  I am planning to share them in small posts in coming days .

I actually took a break from technology and all devices, didnt use internet , phone or TV for two complete weeks which actually helped my brain to calm down from unnecessary information I was exposing myself to and getting worried for reasons least important to me, having anxiety and then feeling tired and sad. That didnt mean I had no stress at all, I had some stress during my brother’s wedding lots of work  for lone sister running upside down in heels and gharara (traditional attire) for few days , which  I compensated  well with some travelling done with my husband, it was his first time in India . So after spending few decades on earth I finally managed to see Taj Mahal in real , Thanks to the never giving up , incessant wishing of my husband to see Taj Mahal , it was worth every wishing .

I feel much relaxed after meeting my family , hugging my mother tight and annoying her until she starts yelling .Noticing the changes in her face , few more wrinkles now , newfound behavioral changes in my father, he actually started speaking more ( you can read it as  too much)  and repeating everything he says as if trying to remember things like a small child, he has started sleeping like a cat in every corner of the house for his small nap and don’t you dare tell him that he actually slept while we were talking !

I met my cousins and we had our overnight talks which ended up until 8 am in morning. Kids grown up fast entering their teenage , babies grown up  , now losing their front teeth , some new additions in family crying all night and not letting their parents sleep . My grandparents overjoyed to see us and not letting us go  .

I think it is already long briefing of my vacations, I keep the rest for other posts as well, Hope you had good time as well while I was away  🙂


The Written Stuff vs.The Not Written Stuff: Sex Education From An Islamic Perspective Part I

Well done Sadia for bringing up this topic. It is most hushed hushed thing in muslims. I think it is high time to come out and speak against for what is wrong in our society and rectify it .

The Human Lens

Part I, Written by By Saadia Haq of The Human Lens

This time in our collaboration we are discussing the unspeakable at length – yes the most tabooed subject among present day Muslim communities; sexual health education and rights.

Islamic countries are complicated really, they are. Just imagine being born in a society where women buying sanitary pads or a boy asking his father about the changes he’s experiencing as a teenager is deemed inappropriate and seriously frowned upon. Here being unmarried culturally stops Muslim youth from gaining sex education and young Muslims marrying too have no proper channel to learn the Islamic teachings on sexuality and intimacy between spouses.

Off course a lot of domestic abuse, patriarchal customs including marital rape of women get happily justified by numerous Muslims in the name of Islam. The present day Muslim male fear of ‘uncontrolled women’ has resulted into justification of male guardianship…

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