It is a come back post

Hi Everyone,

I am back from my much awaited vacations  in India, which got over too soon. I am still having a hangover effect from the holidays, still not back in my routine.I missed you all and reading your blogs. My head  right now is an overstuffed bag , full of stories and anecdotes struggling to come out, which one first ! ( Last in First out or First in First out ) !  I am planning to share them in small posts in coming days .

I actually took a break from technology and all devices, didnt use internet , phone or TV for two complete weeks which actually helped my brain to calm down from unnecessary information I was exposing myself to and getting worried for reasons least important to me, having anxiety and then feeling tired and sad. That didnt mean I had no stress at all, I had some stress during my brother’s wedding lots of work  for lone sister running upside down in heels and gharara (traditional attire) for few days , which  I compensated  well with some travelling done with my husband, it was his first time in India . So after spending few decades on earth I finally managed to see Taj Mahal in real , Thanks to the never giving up , incessant wishing of my husband to see Taj Mahal , it was worth every wishing .

I feel much relaxed after meeting my family , hugging my mother tight and annoying her until she starts yelling .Noticing the changes in her face , few more wrinkles now , newfound behavioral changes in my father, he actually started speaking more ( you can read it as  too much)  and repeating everything he says as if trying to remember things like a small child, he has started sleeping like a cat in every corner of the house for his small nap and don’t you dare tell him that he actually slept while we were talking !

I met my cousins and we had our overnight talks which ended up until 8 am in morning. Kids grown up fast entering their teenage , babies grown up  , now losing their front teeth , some new additions in family crying all night and not letting their parents sleep . My grandparents overjoyed to see us and not letting us go  .

I think it is already long briefing of my vacations, I keep the rest for other posts as well, Hope you had good time as well while I was away  🙂


16 thoughts on “It is a come back post

    1. salaam my Sis! how r u ?? hehe..yes he enjoyed a lot at wedding, was drooling over korma ,biryani and kebabs.. he was theoretically aware of indian culture and now he had his practically training as well..he liked the hospitality and warmth of people and of course food ..he had problems with pollution and allergies with dust..but overall he had a good stay.

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  1. Aww man that’s awesome! I’m glad you had such a great time with your family, and it must’ve been rather of an adventure for your husband! Missed you mate I’m glad youre back 🙂 and yes do tell us about your trip!

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  2. Family reunions are always such exciting affairs, especially if you meet them after a period of time. And weddings are always so exciting. Congrats to your brother.
    And wow! It was your first Taj Mahal visit? Did you guys get pestered by the photographers who loiter just outside the gates?

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  3. Saba

    Aww!!!gud to read ur memoir!!!though we couldn’t meet but I had all the briefing of the happenings and nightlong chats!!!felt as if I was there!loved the parents part!!especially the nap one!

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