#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Laughter”

Keeping up my  tradition of sharing a  weekly quote on my blog  , I am back with my quotes. There has been slight change  in the Weekly Challenge held at Silver Threading  by Colleen in collaboration with  Ronovan , it is now WQWWC ( Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge instead of Writer’s Quote Wednesday) .They both have  decided to push the lazy bloggers like me  out of their comfort zone.There will be prompt word in the challenge and needs to represented  with a Flash fiction , creative writing or Poetry .

The challenge prompt for last week was Laughter .

I  have decided to take up the challenge and push myself a bit off my comfort zone. Creative writing is something that interests me but never thought about writing any fiction , poetry is still a ball in my court but fiction! it is still a distant dream.

Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors and I think every child grow up reading his books.Laughter is the salt of life, life  will be boring without regular  doses of humor and laugh so keep taking yours.



“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
Robert Frost

Smiles and laughs help you fight all the difficulties in life , they de-stress you and lighten you up.They give you hope that everything will be okay .Though I am always looking for humor in my life to make it easy going, I also check where it is coming from? if  it is not  at cost of belittling someone , ripping somebody’s self respect and confidence or  making fun of others in a way which we couldn’t do in front of them or that person wouldn’t approve of.

There is small flash fiction here to complete the challenge, do let me know how you find it.


Urwa nervously checked the time in her laptop, it was close to 5.35 pm, time to rush and catch her train! She hurried to the train station, the train was still on platform giving her final whistle and preparing to leave. Escaping from the eyes of Train Incharge Urwa slipped in through the narrow gap between the closing automatic doors. Proud of her stunt, she puffed her chest up and raised her loose bent shoulders, ‘It wasn’t that tough’ she thought to herself and started scanning the coach ‘Ah! That’s a nice place’, Urwa quickly placed her bag on the window seat, not many people at this hour on Fridays. She closed her eyes and thought about the day, it was finally over sitting on the same boring seat, and doing the same boring job, thoughts of her weird imaginations during office hours brought her smile back; after all they are her only friends to escape the boredom stability of life brings along. Urwa got nostalgic about her real friends being away and busy in their lives just like her, may be daydreaming too who knows.

An hour in train she normally spends reading, She started to take her book out from the bag but then a quick thought about her morning journey stopped her, ‘I have already earned enough embarrassment wiping off my tears from these big fat cheeks and people giving me such  pitiful gazes as if I had a break up! Wish could tell them it was the protagonist of novel having breakup.’ Her thoughts were interrupted by a message beep; she could take out her phone only after few fretting moments spent in searching it inside her cluttered bag,   150 messages on her WhatsApp! Something has gone crazy in one of her groups. The humour these days is also short lived, instant jokes and forwards are latest thing, if there is some latest gossip or news on TV, and jokes are out on WhatsApp in few hours. Urwa stumbled upon one such joke and chuckled! When she finished reading, her eyes met the angry gaze of old grouchy woman sitting opposite to her with her crooked eyebrows, Urwa looked away outside her window.

While walking back home, she had a gush of old memories  of  her crazy college days and laughing hysterically with her friends. She sent them a quick message on their WhatsApp group.

‘Miss you crazy fellas!! I was caught laughing in train alone because of your stupid jokes’ and a string of replies pour in.

‘Congratulations! You are officially a crazy person now!’

‘I always knew you have it in you!!’

‘Proud of you ’

‘You are still part of the group?’

Urwa kept smiling until she reached home, content in her heart that their friendship is still strong withstanding all the distances in miles and time.

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