For You

When I first met you I wasn’t looking for anyone but a friend. We bonded instantly over the numerous similarities we share with each other. Sometimes my thoughts resonate in your mind and your feelings in my heart. You knew me so well in so less time we have known each other that the barrier of language doesn’t exist and I kept wondering how two people who do not know each other’s language could possible understand better than ones who speak your own language.

I was a strong woman looking for a strong man to share my life with, but over the time period I had given up, I was happy with the way my life was moving , I have accepted to be alone , to  manage my life  and everyday hurdles and then one day you just appeared  proving me all wrong. Allah has His ways of working secretly in people’s hearts; He loves to prove people wrong  about their sureties! When you are so sure about yourself and what you want, He is then there to prove you all wrong! Because there are layers of truths lying beneath your heart which one can never discover and reach until He the Almighty removes those covers of ego, greed and our self-love. You came as a mirror of my own self, sometimes showing me my better side and sometimes ugly side too. Probably I was too tired walking alone and you came as big tree where I can rest. One cannot be strong all the time and by struggling with life every day you keep on losing your energies and strength; you need stronger people in your life that can love you, support you, advise you and nurture you with their kind words and gestures and you just came in the right moment when Allah has planned it for us.


The idea of getting dependent on someone used to scares me. What if that person leaves me and go? Where would I stand then? Will I be able to piece myself up together and walk again? My mind was so not ready to live with anyone, to be prone and expose my inner self and weaknesses. The decision to get married was difficult for my mind and its fears while the heart was at rest saying I knew you before we met on this earth and it trusted you instantly.

While all the time you kept asking me what I liked in you and why I agreed to marry you and I have always answered I do not know 🙂 which has always annoyed you and I love  to see your reactions. Well the answer is probably everything  , it is hard to decide what I don’t like about you. Our relationship is more implicit one where we hardly express and say many things, but for today since it is your birthday I decided to write and I am hoping you might read it too as you always read my blog 😉

Thank you Allah for bringing you in my life and I pray to Allah that He fulfil all your dreams and gladden your heart as you do to the ones around you.

18 thoughts on “For You

  1. This is so beautiful. Would you allow me to reblog this for my feature ‘Couples’? Or would you actually write a separate post for me describing how you actually met each other? You could email it to me (

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  2. What a lovely and heartfelt letter! Masha’Allah, may Allah protect you both from the evil eye and let you grow old together in peace, health, and goodwill. May you always be mubarak for each other, amiin! 🙂 xx dear!

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  3. Bookless dreams

    Dear Sana, I like your words and the sentiments attached , but I think that in the end we always need ourselves more then anything or anyone else as I believe that everyone has their own Allah and that defines their soul and it is who take care of our soul and sanity , so we better nurture our Allah with our pure and graceful thinking , full of love and joy of life and that is how we make a better family , a better society and a better world ( just some stupid words from me )

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    1. Thank You for your message . I liked your thoughts , indeed we need to love ourselves and nurture our souls to make better families and societies and what could be better than loving another person for sake of Allah and finding that someone who brings you closer to your Allah and your own soul and yes your words are not stupid but thoughtful , keep writing them 🙂 Wish you much love and Peace!


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