Welcome to the Age of Digital Anxieties

Recently read one of the article  from  Brain Pickings  called  We’re Breaking Up by Rebecca Solnit about Modern Non Communication and how it is changing our lives . My mind instantly found words to conform the behaviors  experienced everyday which I was communicating  through words like addictions , dependencies on internet and phone.Undoubtedly internet has changed our lives forever and there is no life imaginable without internet,without our Dear Phones held in our hands constantly .

Being a digital migrant and some of you might  be digital natives as well  there is constant surge of anxieties within us all the time, for example right now I have switched the tabs on my Chrome Window once  every 5 minute to check what’s happening elsewhere. I am always switching between my work laptop and phone. There is a constant anxiety to check Facebook or Whatsapp even if there is nothing really exciting happening .There is always this  feeling of  restlessness  to keep switching from what I am doing currently.  Is it  lack of focus and self control or boredom ?  Or is it FOMO , the fear of missing out on information ? My rate of getting  bored of whatever I am doing  is just ticking high with years passing by, I  always feel an urge to keep switching my focus , my concentration to something else of what I am doing in that moment.This need of doing many things at one time , this lack of interest in one thing as soon as you start it,  this lack of focus and attention of what a particular task deserves , it all annoys me in fact it bothers me. I want to be perfectly engrossed to what I am doing at that moment, that is how I was  but not any more .


So far , I have been consciously minding myself and learning to discard these impulses, constantly reminding myself of how should I behave but the reality is  the anxiety of Digital Age  do exist and the struggle is also real , it is just that nobody is talking about it much until it will be an epidemic.The fact that you cannot be really alone even when you want to is disturbing ,to shut down your brain of everything else except where you want to focus is getting difficult everyday. To introspect, to muse requires lot of self motivation and practice than ever.

I am trying to regulate the behavior by switching off my data for few hours on work , going for a walk without phone, doing something for an hour without technology like reading a book , cooking , they are helping me so far. Do let me know how you deal with this untalked anxiety of our Digital Era would be great to know.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Age of Digital Anxieties

  1. I can so relate! I try giving myself breaks too–sometimes by going to a park, other times by just switching it all off and living. This untalked anxiety is also, in a way, unappreciated. You can’t always tell about it to others and/or expect them to understand as well. But it’s so, so important to stay human amidst the chaos our virtual connections are making. Thank you for the post!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your views and being honest .Staying Human is also a big challenge today, I do the same nowadays, switch off my data for few hours and then do my work peacefully and I can see the difference ! I feel better.


  2. shifafawaz

    Very thought-provoking….
    This sure is a struggle faced by almost everyone in this day and age where media and technology are controlling almost all aspects of our lives…=/

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  3. Bookless dreams

    If you think in a peace for couple of hour , then you will realize the bigger picture and significance of Hijab in every aspect of life . Every anxiety can be cured and calmed by their specific Hijab . There is always a war between insanity and spirituality and every warrior need a armor to protect his soul and power ;even in this war of digital anarchy .

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    1. yes Hijab has much more than physical aspect, and the better Hijabs we have to protect our heart and soul from these invisible anarchists , safer we are.I wish people can see the beauty of implementing Hijab on inner level too, Thank you for your comment, it made me poignant , thoughts over flowing 🙂


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