What if this existence is not real?

Often a thought

passes my mind

What if this existence

is not real?

This body, this breath

and touch  is nothing

but what I see in a dream.

And I will wake up

Somewhere as oblivious

as I am now of

where  I am sleeping.

A rich man waking up poor

And the poor will be rich.

Some will thank for

The dream is over

While others will cry

for their dream is wasted

in chasing a mirage.

Inspired by Rumi’s Masnawi , was reading his famous quote  while this poem happened in my mind .

This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.


17 thoughts on “What if this existence is not real?

      1. Nisthur Anadi

        You’re are awesome writer and peace loving soul. All the very best to you as blogger and life ahead.

        Keep sharing. Keep writing.

        Happy blogging. Yes we all wanted to be expressed, heard and understood.

        Appreciation and acknowledgement really a reward for us.


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  1. Sanaaa! 😀
    I’m reading your blog after so long!
    Also wow… I never read that quote before, but it’s quite a beautiful one… And so’s your poem… I’d almost forgotten that you had started doing poetry as well….
    I hope you still do your comics… 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hibaaa..how r u ? Missed u girl..thanks a lot ! Ys I do poetry sometimes 😉 .. my bitstrips characters are gone n my account history too.bitstrips is no longer accessible through fb n they changed their properties. 😩😩..have to find something else now..

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      1. I’m amazing!
        In fact there’s this one thing I’m really looking forward to but it’s not done yet… I’m mostly in the excitedly anticipating and praying phase of it. Lol, I’ll tell you once it’s done…
        I’ve been good though. Alhamdulillah.
        And oh, well the bitstrips not being available and having changed is sad… I don’t know much about such apps, but I hope you find another one soon 🙂
        How’re you though??


  2. Bookless dreams

    Frozen bodies,countless fragments.

    But I want Whole.

    Spirit…… stone and flesh,

    Throb and quiet saving.

    Can be and can not be.

    Can they be or may be


    You can be


    Hierarchical games

    on mats or on shoulders…

    Marble block white with reliefs;

    Latent that close or explodes

    and exalts always.

    Search continues form,

    Understanding rapport between full and empty.


    What is the limit

    in which “YOU” tend to “I”nfinity?

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    1. Beautiful poem it is !! says a lot ! we can only wonder how infinite can be that infinity and when you can you be complete ; we can be empty yet full ,a full but empty . there are much more than one dimension to inner realms of human being .


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