Travel Diaries #Algiers

Recently I have been to this beautiful City of Algiers (Algeria), so a travel blog about the city is a sure thing .You will see more of such travel posts  from my summer break so wait for them . Algeria is a Nordic African Country  ,infact the biggest country in African Continent  by area. Algiers is its capital  city.Being on coastline (west of Bay of Mediterranean Sea )   it has typical mediterranean climate.The city can be said to be built upon rocks as it is on altitude 400 ms above sea level.

The first place I have been to was this Jardin d’essai (gardens of tests ) ,it has beautiful green trees aged more than 100 years .The place has park, zoo,  some ponds, and aninstitute for ecological studies.

The other place I visited was old town or downtown as it downhill alongside the coast. It has old french style architecture.The downtown is busy area with  old white buildings , cafeterias, and shops.

The next thing exciting was the port and beautiful view of city during the day and night.

Algeria has a  rich history starting from Ottoman Empire to French rule and its struggle of Independence from French which ended on July 5 1962, so you can say it is still a new Republic .Below is picture of Maqaam -E -Shaheed which is a  museum of History of Algerian Independence  and an iconic symbol of tribute to its martyrs .

and last and the most important, it has nice clean beaches with fewer people and some good halal food and lot of green mint tea and you can swim there with your burkinis or bikinis ( though not likely to find many ) as you like.

and yes since I was home with my in laws , I ate local home cooked meals that you don’t find in restaurants  for example below is called Shakshoukha. It is steamed fine pasta poured over with red sauce cooked in chicken topped with chickpeas,veggies and eggs in short yummy 😀


Some Algerian cakes that you have with your tea or  coffee.They were close to some Indian baked biscuits called Naan Khatai ( if any of you know ) .


So that was from my pictures, Hope you liked the city tour with me 🙂 More pictures of more places on my next visit .


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