24 thoughts on “My Comic Life -19

  1. Every night I decide to restart my Yoga practice which I stopped doing when I got shifted here. Every morning, I postpone it to next day! 😀 and keep whining how I am still only gaining weight and not reducing even a bit.. 😦

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      1. yeah.. 😦 I used to be an early morning person. Nowadays I wake up too late that I hardly get time to prepare breakfast.. And junk foods! Apart from the treks on weekends there is no exercise as well.. Gotta bring everything back in control sooner :/

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      1. A writer from the East

        lol, thanks… no slacking challenge for 45 days – take a picture of you and caption it “DAY 1” and then weekly two 35 minutes sessions of any cardio (aerobics/ zumba/ dancing in your bedroom to Bollywood tunes count/ yoga or pilates), weekly two 20-30 minutes of outdoor exercises – running/ or brisk walking) and once a week 60 minute cardio or outdoor exercises.
        Invest in gel running shoes of the brightest color you like and possible – trust me mine are neon pink and electric blue laces and wear comfortable clothing and last but no least if possible to get a pedometer to help track your activities.
        Get some strict family member to force you off the couch in case the I wanna slack mood gets to you or better make them join you for the activity. Last but not least complete your 45 days challenge and take your photograph and caption is DONE IT.
        And you don’t need me to tell you how much difference you will already note – don’t focus on lost pounds, but see your skin, hair and general well being. This is a fool proof plan to learn the art of loving yourself and enjoying sportive activities for when they become a sort of entertainment they become a part of the life style that is healthier for you and your family.
        This is how I had started off and never stopped.. hope this doesn’t sound like a royal pain and you aren’t regretting to ask tips from me, lol 😀

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      2. woahhh..that already sounds like a plan 😀 I almost fainted reading unto the last 😀 so you want to say that we have sweat ourselves all 7 days a week 😀 😀 .. Joke apart, it is great plan and I will try to follow it. I have started going to gym 3 days a week (1 hour each 30 min cardio and 30 mins weight training) and then I am walking daily for 20 mins.. so halfway to your plan , still need to incorporate the weekly 1 hour outdoor activity ! I have started it a month ago, not much difference on weight though but I feel more energetic and less tired. The idea is to continue doing it and put it in our lives as part of daily routine.

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      3. A writer from the East

        Yes sadly we have to sweat ourselves 7 days a week and this is the reason for the mix of in and outdoor activities thrown in so the body gets used to keeping active and most importantly enjoying the life style of sportive-ness. I completed this and moved to phase two where I work out 6 days a week ( 6 km running ) with one day off (where I do glutes/ squats/ abs 20-30 mins with some music on at home). I already like that you are on cardio and weight training and daily walk. The first month doesn’ bring results as we like it to do so sadly, but if you also focus on more green salads, lentils, chicken/ poultry/ fresh fruits (particularly apples/pears/bananas or berries/ guava) and grains while reducing milk products/ cookies (that’s the hardest for a sweet tooth addict like me trust me, I sometimes dream of deserts and kheer/ zarda chawal in the night) you should start seeing the results after end of second month and will be shedding the maximum pounds in a decent way without having health risks and feeling depressed for missing your fav foods. It times both time and determination but at the end its for our health and seeing the desired result in the mirror!!!

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      4. Thanks a lot Sister 🙂 This was indeed valuable advice. I will try to incorporate in my routine and keep you updated with my gain/loss of weight 😉 , I am addicted to cheese and cakes so I am trying to keep them only for weekends as my free days ;-), Replacing my normal chai with green tea ,white sugar with indian jaggery( gur) ,taking more lean white meat and using olive oil for cooking.


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