And the Debate about Burkini Ban continues #burkiniban

I am waking up everyday to see my newsfeed full of articles and news about the French Burkini Ban. No wonder any news get amplified ample times by our Social Media before it reaching us as a breaking news. The ban was initially in Nice and now it has spread to  15 french cities .France is a big country and for now it is only 15 cities who banned it but this ban is expected to follow in further cities too and which is alarming.

Is Burkini really that important to be banned? At the end it is just a costume that some women chose to wear while they go swimming.Neither the number of those women is high nor is their anything  in that attire that a part of population should feel threatened from it.Burkini looks similar to a wetsuit that a surfer wears but a wetsuit is not problem but Burkini is. May be because it is majorly worn by Muslim women who thinks covering up is part of their religious obligation which could be an issue for the French Government to digest on scales of their version of secularity .


The above picture is depiction of recent stripping of Burkini Clad woman on a Nice beach versus the police in a Gulf country asking a woman to cover up. Aren’t they both the same in a way that you force a woman to cover or uncover ? Stripping a woman on a beach because her full covering is not acceptable to the people around , is ridiculous and shameful. You could just ask her to leave instead of asking her to take off  her clothes ?  Does it anyway sound like freedom or advocacy of women’s rights ? Is a woman not free to choose her clothes?  Should the government  tell their women what to wear?

The Burkini Ban is nothing but a policy to further divide people on basis of their choice  to wear clothes , another try to make a us vs them social divide. In a time where terrorism has struck high and governments of all countries should work to combat  terrorism  and Islamophobia , you are adding fuel to the fire with this Burkini Ban, you are justifying a part of population obsessed with Islamophobia that yes, you are right ! You need to be scared of women wearing a Burkini on a beach or swimming pool. In the name of secularism ,it is just oppression and curbing of basic human rights. I am sure there must be women out there who are not muslim and they do not like to show their skin too, covering up  is not only just muslim thing or cultural thing it is about individual rights and choices, how is anyone to decide if his/her choice is better than mine or vice versa.To each one his life, his choices. Let others live how they want to , not how you want them to,  based on your idea of living life .

Why it is alright to accept some old age clothing in name of fashion for example those gladiator shoes but if you see a woman wearing an abaya or head scarf, she looks to you from caves ? Because this is what Media has always portrayed , A woman letting go of her scarf as a sign of freedom ? I personally feel wearing a scarf was a sign of freedom for me, I chose to free myself from others  idea of how should I look, from those pressure of looking beautiful and acceptance in society and that competition of looking most beautiful in a party , I have broken free  from all such pressures and anxieties. Isn’t that freedom ? Yes , it is for me and it might not be for you, so please  everyone whenever the judgemental thoughts come to your mind , stop it right there and then , don’t let them play in your mind and disturb your inner peace.

Wish you all much Peace !



29 thoughts on “And the Debate about Burkini Ban continues #burkiniban

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  2. This topic drives me nuts. I really really really don’t get what the problem is. Even a close friend of mine started to say the most ridiculous things about the burkinis. Let women wear what they want. For God’s sake. If this is a burkini: nice! If not: nice! As long as you respect her decision. I love the illustration it really shows the hypocrisy in all of that.

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  3. Bookless dreams

    Rule is very simple my friend ……….
    Grow hatred is directly proportional to growth of terrorist and that is proportional to growth of top business houses like arm dealers , pharma, oil , construction . So , this is the whole story of every developed country aka right alliance group .
    I’m a common person and I’m disappointed too , but I urge to my fellow Muslim community to always believe in the teachings of Qu’ran and try to forgive them ; and remember that only Allah can see your naked soul , no one else .

    Be strong , but be humble 🙂

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    1. Yes indeed, there is much more to it than than Burkini, the underlying hatred for terrorists is borne by common muslims. women specially comes under the hot grill because of their visible appearances.We need to be patient but we need to raise over concerns in rightful manner too over the unjust bans or else it will become the habit.

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  4. Bookless dreams

    You used exact word , i.e. Rightful Manner . I remember the days when there was no any fuss about all this bull$%^#. Everyone was human then and that was a one hell of community where we keep our religion and sentiments in our mind , not in our heart . I miss those old days …. 😦

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  5. It’s the oldest trick in Europe’s book; divide and conquer. That’s how they made colonies all around the world. But the good part about the ban is, common people actually stood against the ban, putting aside the differences in belief.
    About Arab countries: when prophet ruled, there was Christians and Jews living with Muslims, and I don’t remember reading anywhere about him imposing Islamic dressing rules upon them. They were asked to pay Jizya(Tax), but they were not forbidden from practising their beliefs or customs. Then came the khilafat, which was the most practical implementation of democracy, who also protected all the citizens despite their beliefs.
    I totally agree with that cartoon!

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  8. I can never possibly understand why is the type of clothes a women wears, such a big problem for everyone that government is involved in that. I can never understand the mindset behind it. In such a world of freedom of speech and free thinking and what not, a woman can not even chose how to dress? May be we are not developing at all. May be we are going towards the dark ages again.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Much Love xx

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  9. A writer from the East

    Here we have the whole damn world telling us, Muslim women what to do and what not to, what to wear and what not to? Am I the only one sick of this nonsense? How dare the Mullah/ fanatic parties go on forcing hijab on women and French so called seculars demand Muslim women to uncover by removing the burkini. Are Muslim women without minds, can we not think for ourselves? How dare this world treat us like dolls and toddlers?
    All this is au nom de la liberté, voir le hypocrisie. Did France forget its own ideals of Liberté, égalité, fraternité?

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    1. Indeed you spoke my heart, for how long the world will keep telling muslim women what to wear, why not let us on our choice. Some are forcing in name of religion and some do in name of liberation. I wonder what is true democracy and true liberty?

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      1. A writer from the East

        Exactly I agree with you on these points, am sure other Muslimahs are also feeling same. I wrote very specifically on this issue if you like to browse my older posts or better this one if you wish too that is
        Both democracy and true liberty have diverse and different definitions, for east and west but repetitively west wants to push its definition on Muslim world and hence in name of liberty but notions of racism they went on Burkini Ban.
        Muslim women get the brunt of it all, here or in west and we cannot tolerate others deciding for us, we have working brains, ya ya!

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