The newspapers few weeks back were flooded with New York Ramp walk pictures and story of Reshma Qureshi ,an acid attack survivor from India .Her journey from an acid attack victim to being a survivor ,an activist and now being model to walk the ramp in New York is inspiring, incredible and heart breaking. Her pictures will make you cry and her smile will bring back your smile. There are thousands of Reshma in India who have undergone such pain and horror in their lives and she is a representation of them all.


Through my blog I want to congratulate Reshma Qureshi for her determination and spirit and as well the the NGO ‘Make love not Scars’ who are helping these wonderful women to create an awareness to ban the unregulated sale of acid and their efforts to integrate the Acid Attack Survivors back in the society .

There are lot of NGOs in India and subcontinent working to help such victims by giving them counselling and medical aid. They are doing commendable jobs to connect these isolated  women  to social media  and normalize their lives. One of the issue they have raised is to regulate the sale of these acids in normal drug stores and grocery stores .The local  people use it as a cheap replacement for toilet cleaners. Although the ban has been announced by Supreme Court of India but still acid is sold publicly in some parts of countries where these incidents are more common.An ongoing activism and regulation is required to bring this law under full implementation. The major cause is average Indian’s ignorance  to root cause of this ban,  they need to be educated about the gravity of acid attacks and one of the reason behind them is its easy and cheap availability . These acts not only ruin somebody’s face but their complete life and lives of people connected with them. A trauma of lifetime can be completely avoided if people will stop buying it  and the illegal sale will eventually decline.

The end of acid sale will meanwhile help to reduce such incidents but real root cause needs to be handled at core level of homeschooling/parenting and moral educating the children. We need to invest more into educating our boys teaching them to respect women and telling them women are not mere objects to be enslaved but an equal to them in creation and they are in no way better than a female except based on their actions . I would count this offence more on terms of gender inequality as a residue of damaged  male ego  going down the level  to disfigure and destroy identity  of opposite sex permanently . The questions :How can you ignore me, How dare you reject me ; perceiving themselves as higher beings  are ending up in crime against women. No doubt such perverts are mentally ill but that the little idea which ended up being a big crime in their minds is given from society. The social values that a male child is favored upon female or male is better and a female should be submissive have added fuel to it, all these have to go and replaced by better values to  respect women and giving them equal status and  freedom to select or reject their partners as men would like to  keep for themselves,  so we no more  have acid attack victims in 21st century.

Looking for a better world and hoping for better future.



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  1. Well written sister! Even the sap of some fruits burns so badly, think about that concentrated acid that too on our face where the skin is more sensitive!! And, a small dust particle can cause such pain in our eye, how painful it would be if even a drop of acid goes into it, let alone a bottle ful!! Allah help those girls!! Once during our talk about girls covering face with shawl to escape from dust and pollution in the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune,etc mom said may be it is also to escape from the bastards there who throw acid at girls! At least they won’t be able to see her face to know how she looks!
    These things happen mostly because of the male dominated mentality. If girl is attacked, people are concerned about her dress, place and time of the thing happened; not about the guy who did it! The guy who does it thinks the girl should do what he wishes, the society thinks the girl should sit at home to avoid things like these!! And no exemplary action was ever taken against the culprits so that they refrain from doing such in future..

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    1. My sister you have penned down the pain in a way my heart is aching, I felt goosebumps imagining it. May Allah heal the pain and soul of these women and indeed it is nothing but male dominion , and we need to raise better brothers ,sons who will respect all women.

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  2. A writer from the East

    Thanks for raising this social issue from sub-continent and India, we too have a huge problem with acid attack victims in Pakistan and what you have written here is like a heart string out for women’s rights and the call for revival of humanity. Saluting women power and congratulations to Reshma Qureshi for her wonderful work, we are standing in solidarity with her and you all.

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    1. Thank you Saadia for your support .Indeed it is a grave problem and not much has been done to punish people doing it.The long lasting solution is revival of humanity that we raise better men for future society and nobody faces such fate in future.I have read about Acid victims in Pakistan as well, standing in solidarity with them too.

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      1. A writer from the East

        Thanks for writing on this and for your solidarity. Its a sub continental issue that we need to stand up against, in Lahore I have done documentaries with an NGO run by well known beautician whose initiative is supporting the free of charge face/body surgeries the vulnerable victims. It was horribly tough experience to see how our society is anti women. Actually there is zero protection in our world for women, men know and get away with all crimes so what can we expect? Police also is currpiott and sides with culprits and acid is openly sold in every nukaar ki dukan without any compulsory receipts where buyer and the purpose is mentioned. For me this means our society condones and accepts this crime as a normalcy. Only younger women cry against this why? I don’t see elders, boy’s parents and generally any male in positions of power be in religious or non religious speaking against it? Meaning again this is quite an acceptable thing to do against women.

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  3. This is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. But heartbreaking part only because there are many more like her and we can only hope for things like these to end for good. And heartwarming for obvious reasons ofcourse. Her resilience and bravery is an inspiration !

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