Latest Travel Diary-Tipaza (Algeria)

During the family time for Eid last week, we managed to steal some time to satisfy our travel buds. The latest travel destination was Tipaza a town mostly known for Ancient Roman  Remains 70 kms  west of  the Capital Algiers. It is also an Archaeological site  under UNESCO world Heritage and  one of very few remains of Roman  and Punic Civilization dated back to 6th Century BC. The historic limestones against the Mediterranean Sea bearing the witness to once thriving port City then called Tipasa .

There were signs and display board citing different buildings  once standing there  and now just the ruins . One of them was a Temple , where one could see an elevated floor with few stones erected . The amphitheatre was much in shape, you can see the rooms from where the gladiators and animals must be coming out .The floors and wall markings showed the living rooms and housing once upon a time. The underground drainage system was one of astonishing things where the big drains were ending into the sea.

You can read more about it  here.



32 thoughts on “Latest Travel Diary-Tipaza (Algeria)

  1. A writer from the East

    Very beautiful. Allah swt has made the world so full of beauty and colors, thanks for sharing these photos with us!! Must has been recuperative to spend it in beloved Algeria 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Star, I wish you too a late Eid Mubarak and a virtual Hug I hope you had a nice Eid with family. Yes and I remembered your post about the stuff your mother in law brought for you last time, I also got some traditional wear from Algeria this time for Eid 🙂


  2. Whoaaaa I loved the pictures! So nice! It must’ve been such a nice trip ma sha Allah! I love how you shared the pictures, lets us have a little glimpse too 🙂
    I’m so gutted I haven’t been reading your posts for a while, but I will catch up when i get the time!

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