26 thoughts on “My Comic Life-22

      1. A writer from the East

        LOLOL, your schedule is crushing, how is your back now? Good to see that you are back into the blogging sphere 🙂 All well, with Muharam here am also into introspection. Also had haleem and did niaz yesterday

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      2. lol..My back is a bit better this week, I can walk slowly without limping 😀 ..I so miss Haleem,, I have never cooked it, but yeah will give it try soon. My Grandmother always makes that milk sharbat and firni for Niyaz and keeps them in those small mud pots and plates and we , kids used to queue up and wait for it till the fatiha is over and we can get our shares 😀 those were the days 🙂 Sigh ..

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      3. A writer from the East

        Glad to hear that, your better. I am on sick leave after my horrible dental surgeries 😦 at least no office drama for one day and seems like our grandmothers did similar Niyaz menus… missing mine and those days… 😦

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