I see the depart of great souls


I see the depart of great souls

From this world, one after the other.

people bereft , confused and sad

each one more than another.

 Without leaders, without their guides.

Without beckons for the path to abide.

The intelligentsia getting replaced by fools

The just and kind, by the cruel and blinds.

The darkness is following,

 The Candles blowing off quickly.

The sadness is following,

The happiness blowing off quickly.

Behold O dear heart, Beat slowly!

Hold on to the faith and walk steadfastly.

Hold on to the prayer and pray generously.

Hold on to this journey to pass it with ease.

( This poem is dedicated to all the great souls I have seen  leaving us in last few months, especially  the news from yesterday of Maulana Junaid Jamshed’s death has left me sad, May Allah grant him Jannah and his soul rest in Peace . Aameen ) 


26 thoughts on “I see the depart of great souls

  1. I can feel your pain dear…I’m also in same trauma after hearing Maulana Junaid Jamshed’s death.
    His naat still ringing in my ears (“Do alam tumhara hua kambli wale…ki tum ho habibe khuda kambli wale)….his flawless voice alhumdulillah ..:( May Allah grant him highest place in Jannah and give sabr to his family. Ameen

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  2. A writer from the East

    Another sister from other side of border that has extended her tribute to Junaid Jamshed, I knew of him from Vital Sign says Dil Dil Pakistan and saw his path towards tableegh I feel he was much more than these two apparent identities but alas gone at such a young age.
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart, and from Pakistan’s side.

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    1. I think these people do what our politicians can never do ..unite people across the borders..He was great person n his void will remain for a long time. You are welcome my sister , and yes his naats will inspire us for rest of the times.

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