New Year Updates

Hi Everyone , It’s been a while I have been away from my blog , I wonder if any creature has noticed 😀  In any case if you were wondering where was I ! I had been dead  busy with my laziness, lack of motivation, some health issues, french classes and January sales !  I hope you all had nice end of year holidays and a great starting of New Year, by the way  I finished all my holidays during my excessive travelling last year so I was working until the last day of 2016( Poor me! ) I love to self pity myself 😉


My Last year was overall okay . I travelled  to India, Algeria (twice) ,Spain (twice) , Germany and Poland so for my travelling nerve  I am more than satisfied , I have decided to rest a bit this year . I had  read 12 books and completed my GoodRead Challenge for which I am Proud of myself ! Some of my closed ones left us forever but then I had my niece born on 19th Dec alhamdulillah , can’t always keep complaining . I also finished one semester of french language.

I was worried for my growing weight and lethargy  and then in August I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism . It was only a month of taking my medicines for thyroid when I started having bouts of unbearable back pains, and a month later I was diagnosed with degenerating lumbar discs, another feather in my cap.  Being a hopeless optimist , I think  these early diagnosis were blessings , I have started to take more care of my health now, joined the gym  and  eating more healthy. The conditions seems under control as of now .


I have kept few goals for 2017 , Being the lazy person I am !

  • My goodreads challenge of 10 books to read this year.
  • My goal to visit 5 new cities  InshaAllah ! I recently saw a friend putting up her travelling goals in terms of  cities to visit, It is actually so much better, You can even travel near by and still be a  tourist and be able to meet your travel goals.
  •  Writing in Urdu so you will see some blog posts in Urdu.
  • Blogging more regularly.
  • Continue  my french classes .
  • Revive my dead food blog.
  • Reduce my impulsive shopping .
  • Keeping in touch with my friends and family regularly. ( I have already worked on it last year, I am too bad at keeping contacts )


that was all from me for now, See you with next blog !


18 thoughts on “New Year Updates

  1. Sana!
    Oh may Allah always keep you in good health, aameen ❤
    Also, wow, I wish I could travel that much and read so many books. #Goals. *_*
    And I hope we all have a happy 2017 🙂


    1. Hiba ! My Sister how are you ? Thank you so much for your dua! I wish for all of us a happy n healthy 2017, InshaAllah you will also travel to your fav destinations one day! and for books , you are busy with studies, you are reading as of now but syllabus books:P Once you finish your studies InshaAllah then read as much as you like.

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  2. Salaam sissy! The reasons that kept you from blogging are the same as mine 😂😂😂 hope to see more frequent visits from now! And yeah, from next month, my friends and I are shifting to a new place and I’m gonna try your recipes from then. So jaldi revive karo aapki food blog. I’ve also started a food writing blog with a friend, which is a little bit different from usual food blogs. I’m gonna give more time for that this year hopefully. 🙂 welcome back and may Allah bless us all with a wonderful 2017!

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  3. A writer from the East

    Wow, you have had an impressive 2016 with loads going on.
    But am sorry to hear about the hypothyroidism, I too suffer from Hashimoto hypothyroidism but eating healthy, green and physical exercise is the motto. We are truly sisters it seems, looking forward to your Urdu posts and wish you happy 2017.
    Actually I was visiting your site 2-3 times weekly to check new postings until today I see it I see it 🙂 🙂

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  4. Bookless Dreams

    You are one tough meat, my friend. Don’t give up and never surrender to medical scams. Eat natural and think with clear heart. Just a little discipline will cure every ailment and you will be again 32-26-36 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

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