My Yesterday’s True Story

Hi Guys,

My this post is especially  for women  who like to keep their important stuff at one place, very organised in their beloved hand bag everything sorted out, the makeup pouch, the phone, the keys and all their important cards. You name it and here it is, handed out from the well known corner of their bags.


Yesterday I ran into some bad luck , I forgot my bag in the metro and it was gone as soon the doors of metro were closed. With that one second, life changed, I was without my phone , my wallet with all my id cards and bank cards in it, no cash and without keys of my home. I stood there wondering, did it actually happened ?  Is it just a bad dream ?  I pinched myself, no it was real . What should I do …I first ran  to the help desk at metro station, tried to call Metro Emergency Number and  told the drivers of the last metro to check for my abandoned bag, no luck, the drivers didnt find anything. I rushed back home,  with some remaining good luck that day I had my metro card in my pocket, my husband was still home  to open the door  for me, and then I tried calling my number from his phone  but  it was not reachable so you know the rest of the story, Some antisocial element must have picked  up my bag.

First of all I blocked all my cards, then we had to change the locks of the house for the security reasons and thirdly went to police to get the report of loss done, without which I cannot apply for duplicate copy of my id cards .

My Lesson Learnt : Never ever keep all your important things at one place , try to put few in your jacket’s pockets  like metro pass and phone and few in your jeans/pants ‘s pocket  like your id card  or   carry a sling bag ( for all important things)  if you have 2-3 bags to carry everyday like a laptop, lunch bag and your hand bag.

Positive side:

  • I bought a new phone and I was thanking God that I never buy a very expensive phone for the kind of lost person I am, I better know myself.
  • I slept early yesterday owing to the long day  I had.
  • I ate no lunch adding to my diet, didnt feel any hunger.
  • I had a day off though I wouldn’t like to have ones like these.
  • I passed one full day without being online .Can you believe that ?

P.S: For those of you who might be thinking what kind of irresponsible person I am  to forget my bag  , Shit happens !! , I was actually lost in reading a book, almost missed my stop and when I got down , forgot one of the 3 bags I was carrying and Come on peeps!   it is after 10 years I have lost my bag again , actually last time it was stolen in 2007.


28 thoughts on “My Yesterday’s True Story

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope in Sha Allah, your bag gets found and everything works out. Anytime I am traveling, my mum keeps reiterating, “do not keep all your money in one place”, I guess that goes for other things as well.

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    1. Thanks my sister! I have given up hopes to find my bag, I am sure it is picked up by wrong people, but surely it is lesson learnt for life. Indeed your mother is right, the money is now all in cards ,better to split up stuff and keep at 2-3 places, that way we minimize the risks.


      1. When I travel travel, like not on the tube, I always keep my passport and important stuff in a small shoulder bag pouch under my clothes. Then I keep some money in that, some in my rucksack and some in my shoe under the insole (in a little plastic money bag). However, despite all those precautions when I was in India at 18 yrs I managed to leave my plane ticket and passport at a internet cafe in Old Delhi. Didn’t realise until I had arrived in Jaipur, then had to go back to try to find it. Subhana Allah the people in the place had found it and kept it safe for me!!! I will never forget those people who saved me SO MUCH time and hassle and restored my faith in humanity….

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      2. Wow I am glad you got your stuff back in my motherland! You are really lucky to find your lost stuff in India that too in New Delhi that too in old city! This is life 🙂 I hope your lil one is doing fine ! Take Care my Sis ! I would take extra care of my bag for rest of my life .hahaha

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      3. Yes, Al-hamdulilah I was very, very, very blessed that the owner of the cafe found them and made them safe for me. Especially since it took a day each travelling to Jaipur on the train and then realising they were lost, and then another day getting back to old Delhi again on the train. I am since then very, very , very careful with my passport : D. Subhana Allah people can always choose to do right even when their circumstances perhaps push them to wrong.

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  2. I gave up my purse 10 years ago. I’ve got it down to a small credit card case/wallet, my phone and my keys. All go in pockets unless I happen to be wearing one of my few outfits without pockets. 🙂 I do miss my bags. I carried them as a fashion statement, but this is much safer, especially for this scatterbrained artist.

    Hope you get everything shut off and replaced with minimum hassle.

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  3. A writer from the East

    I am so sorry to hear of this incident, but its great to see that you kept your wits and wadded through it all. Sana, you must not miss meals because it will greatly and negatively effect your health under Hashimoto. Trust me on this because in start to loose the gained weight I did same and paid many a repercussions. If you don’t feel hungry on meal hours at least take a fruit apple/ pear or cucumber/tomato salad as regular food intake helps to balance the TSH and sugar levels. Sorry to sound like your mom, but just sharing my experienced tips 😉

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    1. Thank you Saadia..things happen ..what can we do except to manage our stress and mood! Thanks again for your concern and advice..I will definitely take care of it more skipping meals! Normally I take small meals during the day..these days I am getting headache soon after eating..a cup of herbal tea helps a it normal these headaches after lunch in thyroid ? I have a friend in french class ..she has no such problem of weight gain ..fatigue..water retention in fingers n feet or headaches with her thyroid like I have ..She just takes her pill every morning n thats it.

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      1. A writer from the East

        Yes we all have to manage our stress and mood as per situation, not easy though! Its a pleasure, I didn’t want to sound too overbearing but since we are in same boat it always helps to have tips. Oh, what time do you take the thyroid pill usually? what is the potency, i mean gram value? And do you eat right away after or wait minimum 40mins? I can totally relate to what you are saying as I know few friends and colleagues and none of them had my issues.. no weight gain after starting pill,no hair loss, water retention or immense fatique like me. I just have to see a cake in some bakery to gain 2 pounds, sighs. Anyways when I started the medication first 3 years were horrible as the doc kept changing my pill values every 6 months, until we could find the right dosage for me that is 75mg daily and on side I studied the sickness and made my personalized ife plan – pill at 630am, breakfast at 715 with fresh fruit or yogurt and herbal tea. Lunch and dinner with fresh salad, cooked or roasted vegetables with one portion of either white or redmeat or fish or like our dals, chaana curry, and fruit for afternoon break. ( I found my experimenting that best fruits for me include apples, pears, guava, kiwi, berries, papaya, banana etc) and best vegetables hat are good for my hashimoto as green and red salad, onions, tomatoes, olives, biangan, kadu, lauki, cauliflower, bhindi etc) I eat rice, macroni, cooked grains, bread as chapati or roti , toast only 3 time a week as I have lost my capacity to digest gluten and flour due to Hashimoto) I also take not more than 2 medium coffees with milk one around 10am at work and other after lunch. In past I used to take one latte coffee or green tea in breakfast but after starting pill I realized that it was adverse to use these two right after pill because they reduce the absorption of the medication leaving me feeling more cranky, tired and need of caffeine or sugary pastries, cookies, etc. I do eat deserts as I got a sweet tooth but I eat them in moderation only and I pay for them in dance, aerobics or running 2-3 times a week. Sorry for the long commentary but who knows these tips can be helpful for you. After all my hard work of past years and this health style I see how much I have improved in my overall health. P.s. And if you do try them out and they work out, I will be very happy for you. Keep me posted and good luck!!!!

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      2. Thank you Saadia, for your love and all your advice. I feel a sense of relief to read your response, You should become my official doctor hahaha . I am currently in that phase where my current dosage yet to figure out, I have started from 25 mg and reached until 75 mg, It wasn’t even helping me ,my symptoms were same, tiredness, bloating, swelling on face , water retention, hair fall ! and my Doctor was away on holidays ! so I talked to an Indian Doctor and she advised me for 100 mg, I have been taking it for a month now and I feel better with it. However, I still have to do my pending thyroid tests and check again with my Belgian Doctor too . I normally take my medicines at 7.30 in morning and I eat after an hour almost. Sometimes I take my breakfast in office so that become 9.30 am normally a coffee with a croissant /cookie or brown bread with some spread , lunch I have around 12.30 pm, soup with a bread or some boiled beans salads like black eyed peas or ganbanzo beans. I then have a green tea without sugar after lunch and then at 4 I have a my fruits. Dinner around 7 pm . I am more messing up with my dinners, sometimes eating outside .. Gym I am going 2-3 times a week, walk on weekends .I have sweet tooth too, today I ate 3 pedas a colleague is back from india! I will start some yoga soon, esp breathing exercises, and more cleaner eating , will try to cut out bread from food. Cannot do running /dancing due to disc problem :-/ , I will definitely come to you again ! lets first see how it goes 🙂

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      3. A writer from the East

        You made my day by saying that, another close friend was saying the same and she is now calling me more than her doctor, lol.
        I think you are doing very well in terms of the routine, however pls get your thyroid tests doneasap. The pill potency issue should and does settles down in 6 months to a year maximum with trying out different values as you are doing, secondly you cannot stay hungry for more than 60mins after taking pill (this is the big problem most of us suffer weight gain, fatigue, hair and etc etc issues) because generally we take it and get delayed to eat breakfast, in start I had that habit, but I remedied by keeping pill box on bed side table/ water bottle so I pop it, get out of bed prepare for work and eat breakfast roughly within less than 60mins and run to office. The more the pill stays inside an empty stomach the more it becomes toxic and un absorb-able thereby creating an acidic reaction that manifests in those issues. You try my tip and see it for your self. I like all your meal hours and choices, add more vegetables or salads/tuna or fish in dinners. Since we south asian cannot live without rotis, on my reward days I make besan ki rotis, or makai ki roti (both corn and chickpea are gluten free and less carbs) Awesome that you are being so active even with managing career and yes yoga will be a great help.I am so sorry to hear of your disc issue, pls excuse my ignorance. We will keep talking on this Sana 🙂 have a great weekend! now off to see your latest post !!!

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  4. This is indeed sad! Even if we can get the duplicates for everything, it’s such a hectic and tiresome thing to run behind all that. I hope you get it back somehow. 😦 😦
    This is why I don’t carry a bag (other than my laptop bag if I’m going to office). I have lost purses with cards and money many a time that I decided against carrying them. I stuff them in pockets of my jeans or jacket. Besides it helps me to keep my hands free of things.

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  5. Aww subhanallah, sorry to read that sis. May Allah replace what you lost with more and put barakat in it, ameen. Once I forgot my whole purse in the grocery cart at the store parking lot and once my phone and cards at the mall playground. My mind was amiss during that period lol…Guess what, I found them! Masha’Allah subhanallah. I was so grateful. Much love and duas honey. I pray that this is your luck next time if it ever happens again, ameen.

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    1. Ameen my sister Papatia, jazakallah khairun for your beautiful dua ! I couldn’t find anything back, alhamdulillah life is back on track, arranging stuff slowly. I know Allah has his own ways of replacing things in our lives ,He knows everything better.I am sure it was for something good 🙂

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      1. Ameen, wa iyyakum dear! 🙂 Yea, He is the best of planners. Insha’Allah, there is a silver lining in all this ordeal. Keeping you in my duas for sure and much love to you lovely. Wassalam, xx.

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  6. Haha hiiii again!
    I felt so bad when I read that you lost your bag!It’s funny how i the beginning you mentioned how some ladies have everything organised into one place and then in the end you stated that is not the best idea. XD IT made me feel a little good about myself. 😛
    So glad you mentioned the positive sides as well and not being online is unbelievable these days!
    Did you loose only the phone or you didn’t find your whole bag yet? 😦
    Can I ask what book were you reading? ^_^

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    1. 😀 , I was so proud of myself about my organised bag 😀 until thursday !! Not carrying much stuff with me now, and sadly I couldn’t find back anything . The book I was reading is called “Alchemy of Happiness” by Imam Ghazali.

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