Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi


From the wisdom of Rumi , I bring you another Jewel . It is from Masnavi Book 1 and Chapter name is  “In Things Spiritual There Is No Division”. I held my breath for few seconds after I read this verse, so powerful and so deep ! Indeed when we imagine ourselves as spiritual beings all notions of division disappear from the mind be it of man or woman, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly , young or old , black or white. We are just spirits or souls. And as we imagine  ourselves as mere soul, everyone else becomes our equal  immediately. We then assume ourselves as same matter and feel the urging sense of belongingness to another world that conforms to our origination from a single source.There is a peace observed in spirituality because all the desires are dropped for the moment, the mind which teaches division,  shuts down to listen to all  the beautiful cosmic silences . The eyes close then themselves because vision is hindrance to concentration pouring in and there is energy flowing in and around you. Meditation is a beautiful way to spiritual experience and knowing yourself .Few minutes of silence in meditation daily are enough to satiate your soul .


9 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Rumi

  1. I read a quote about Rumi that amused me recently. Someone on twitter was ranting about how couples these days use Rumi’s words to romance each other when they were spefically intended to describe his relationship with God. I found the rant so funny! Rumi’s words are magic though subhanAllah.

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    1. Allah had definitely gifted Rumi with amazing writing talent, his words always strike a chord . Which quote was it that amused you , do you remember something , the rant sounds funny , people use the quotes as they like we cannot stop anyone 😀 but we can definitely rant about it.. Are you back from holidays ?

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      1. I am indeed back. It wasn’t a quote sorry it was a comment that said “I wish people would stop using Rumi quotes to describe their relationships with their bf/gf! He was talking about God!!!”

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